Springfield, Dusty - Wherever Would I Be? Lyrics

When my world is turning
When it's turning upside down
When all I see is rain
When I think the night won't end
I just think of you
And I can see the sun again

Wherever would I be without you?
If I didn't have you, if I didn't have you
Whatever would I do now, baby?
Wherever would I be without you?
I'd be nowhere, nowhere, I'd be nowhere, nowhere

When the dreams I dream all seem a million miles away
When I'm sure I'll never win
When it's looking like I've lost my faith
I just look at you baby, baby
And I got a reason to believe again, oh, oh

Wherever would I be without you?
If I didn't have you, ooh
Whatever would I do now, baby?
Wherever would I be without you?
I'd be nowhere, I'd be nowhere, I'd be nowhere

Without you to love me
Just be wasting time
Going out of my mind

Wherever would I be without you?
If I didn't have you, if I didn't have you
Whatever would I do now baby?
Wherever would I be?
I'd be nowhere, nowhere, I'd be nowhere, nowhere, oh, oh
Wherever would I be? Wherever would I be?
If I didn't have you, if I didn't, if I didn't, if I didn't have you, ah, ah
I'd be nowhere, I'd be nowhere
Without you, oh, oh

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Springfield, Dusty Wherever Would I Be? Comments
  1. Angelvette Music

    2 of my favourite singers together on this great song and yes the world does need u DUSTY !! Diane Warren at her songwriting best here!!

  2. Hendry Leonard S

    Great song...

  3. UK Guy7

    One of the best songs of all time!

  4. Ibnu Junianto Prabowo

    So elegant...the song...the music...the lyric...the singers...🎸🎹🥁

  5. Cronus Clock

    Omg this version is amazing !!! But my preferred is Rock version !!! Great singers !

  6. Phabio Cord

    Love this song forever!

    Cronus Clock

    Phabio Cord i Love too!!

  7. Ekatat Prompunya

    January 2019 still listening.

    UK Guy7

    Ekatat Prompunya underrated classic!!!

  8. carey gustafson

    from "while you were sleepin" sandra bullock and bill pulman

  9. Jeremias Flores

    Both Cheap Trick and This version are wonderful

  10. Jürgen S

    In compare with Jazz I know I would like this song in the first few seconds I heard it. Good Song!

  11. George Burrell

    Lovely duet, great blend. Not to mention lead guitar solo!

  12. Samantha Stanton

    He risked everything for the love of his life

  13. UK Guy7

    2:40 is the best part - who agrees??? 😇

  14. Jeff Ferguson

    First Time I Heard Was Today And I'm The World's Biggest Daryl Hall Fan. Neat Like A Very Cool Present!!

  15. Samantha Stanton

    This video is BY FAR my favorite of hers!!!

  16. tony silver

    Dusty thank you for that smoky soul voice you are irreplaceable

  17. Tania Anastasia

    While you were sleeping brought me here and i love this 😯

  18. Ricardo Ang

    This song was played during the end credits for the 1995 movie "While You Were Sleeping" - starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman

  19. jimmy howard

    Rip R. I.M.M.

  20. Ali

    Love this song beautiful ,I love Daryl's voice always have ,xxxx

  21. Shawn Jones

    I love Dusty and Daryl

  22. Paul Lai

    Both Dusty and Daryl are treasures to their countries, and to all of humanity

  23. Hasib Mamun

    Just watched " While you were sleeping " and now i am in love with this song.

    Francis Bauzon

    Same here... 😊

    divine providence

    I've just finished watching it before! It's a great feel good film.

    clem's S

    Me too guess I m part of the team now 😁


    Love the song! Hate the Video!


    is this the real video of this song?


    CRISTINA QUINTANA of course 😂

  26. Boyke Pandelaki

    Great song, Rest in Peace Dusty Springfield 😪

  27. Vivien1

    This was my wedding's main theme! Love the song - a true diamond.

  28. KUG

    Best Song of ALL TIMES!!

  29. Joyce Elliott

    Great song. Dusty Springfield had a beautiful and distinctive voice.

  30. Adam

    Man she was the best

  31. Boyke Pandelaki

    Great song, #loved it....awesome

  32. Nicky Depaola

    This is just a FANTASTIC version of the Cheap Trick classic!!

  33. Nicky Depaola


  34. Dee H

    The note said 'next time take the stairs or the lift like a normal person, douchebag'.......

  35. L.A. Marcum

    one of the best duets ever!

  36. Edy Poyon

    O.S.T From While You Where Sleeping


    that movie ♥

    Diane G

    My fav movie

    Paul Foo

    I'm still watching that movie, the last time I watched it was 2 minutes ago
    I really miss the way they used to make movies.
    The simple simple things, background doesn't matter, the colors produced by the older filming cameras, the lack of resolution, to me, is an art.

    The simplicity in movies from those days.. I miss them.

    Bruno Cavalcante

    Edy Poyon brought me here

  37. Lori Romano

    NIce song and Dusty and Daryl harmonize great together.  But could have done without all the climbing!  MTV times.

  38. tamarindtrick

    now I love cheap even more

  39. Luiz Henrick

    That's a great interpretation of a CHEAP TRICK song!...

  40. homer151

    soul in her voice we miss you Dusty godbless x

  41. Immortalfire

    RIP Dusty

  42. Hampsonful

    What a perfect Match Dusty and Daryl. 

    Nicky Depaola


  43. catdustycat

    I  bought  her  album  on  a  cassette  a  several  years  ago  jut  to  play  in  my  car. Dusty  was  a  great  singer...Love  the  album ..  great  song.. Tom B..  NY + Delaware

  44. Luyi K

    Great song By Dusty Springfied and Daryl Hall... RIP Dusty..

  45. Disney65Fan

    While You Were Sleeping brought me here.

    Zeinab QUEEN

    aren't we all #90saddicted

    Noe Palomino

    Disney65Fan same here

    Francis Bauzon

    Same here 😊

  46. ramblin man

    Yes Valerie, its a great song with fantastic vocals by Dusty & Daryl.. Ive had it since I bought Dustys` 1995 album "A Very Fine Love"..

  47. Torontogal 1961

    love this song. its been on my ipod for along time. :)

  48. Jamie Louise

    Love this song, a real lost treasure :)

  49. Thomas Sperduti

    great video and who is the hottie model in it?

  50. roberto giugni

    Diane Warren song....so beautiful....

  51. bgfd1

    Love this but prefer her singing this solo version I think, just for me means more.
    I don't tend to like anthem type songs but this is really great. Just feel myself swaying to this because it's so good as is Dusty Springfield.

  52. TheSoundgod59

    The king and queen of Blue Eyed Soul! We miss you so Dusty, the world needs you.......

  53. Halliwellsson

    R.I.P Dusty!

  54. Robert Michael

    great duet by two music legends:):)

  55. roberto giugni

    what have you done for love=====

  56. shopgirl77

    love this song! thanks for the video! i first heard this after the movie while you were sleeping :)

  57. weirdalfan1980

    I have this album, a must have.

  58. Gail J.

    Love this song.