Spose - Word Guitar Solo Lyrics

I'm all over the fretboard
Do it next door, flowing fluent since F4
Slamming whammy bars on amateurs, [?] Pamela's
Sub-par perimeters, pleasing cheesin for cameras
The summit ain't far, they're flummoxed how I done it
Eating hummus, Sammy Hagar, [?] spray bars
I complete each speech I start
I keep trucking like Dysart's, till I get my piece of the pie chart
I jest, bidest, ingest that I'm the best
Fingerpickin' on fiction it's picturesque
I hope you brought some film, Peter's hot as pottery
Just busted out the kiln from Wells town
Fell down but held down like barre chords
I need oxygen, they boxed me in the cardboard
Steadily cramped like refugee camps in Darfur
Blurred, spittin' word, flippin' parkour
Cold cuts, scissors in the blizzard with the art form
You bet your Cinnamon Toast Crunch
I saw you backstabbers, gentlemen, I don't front
I know I'm better than the veterans embedded in your settlements
The way I said it should've turned a Evan to a Evelyn
And when it comes to rhymes they'll find us
In the starting line up, I don't need a supper till the time's up
Word guitar solos, duo or dolo
Judo or jiu jitsu, two pit bulls in a dojo
And we don't need no Clicquot to reload for each show
In beast mode, they'll stand there watchin', gawkin' like a free throw
What you mad at me fo'? I can't help it
Making Celtics green, melted cheese, I'm just me

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Spose Word Guitar Solo Comments
  1. Tyler Rob

    fucking kook get outta cleveland

  2. wayne emery

    this beat is hard as fuck

  3. kickflip sexchange

    spose and watsky are definitely the only rappers I can fully support

  4. chuck barry

    bippity boppity bimpin

  5. Connor Staufenbiel

    Thank you for keeping it real #hiphopjunkie #PdANK

  6. Torin's garden


  7. Emiloo Rex

    You bet your cinnamon toast crunch XD

  8. R3K

    Fuck yeah Utah Here to rep for spose keep doing what you do brother you'll be even bigger one day

  9. Chris Molenda

    So dope I thought that you were becoming shit because of some of your new shit but this is great

  10. Mr Stan The Man

    Spose you kill it bro keep it up

  11. chdreturns

    Much love from Henrico (Richmond) Va... My 60 year old mother loves some of your songs too.

    Edwin Gonzalez

    you have a dope ass mom

  12. swatreddot

    Spose can we get that "I'm Awesome" beat remix?

  13. Dillon Coleman

    yo spose this shits dope I'm reppin Maine as far away as I can I'm the biggest fan currently deployed in Japan where can I get a pdank hat I need one

  14. Zach Doherty

    I had no idea you were still making music

  15. Phuc Dat Bich

    Aye man good shit my dude really diggin the shit you've bee putting out latly. But anyways I think it'd be really cool if you took Nick Cannons 100k rap battle call out. He wants to battle any rapper out there for 100k and I thought you could slaughter the dude. The shit that you spit would give Nick Cannon a run for his money. Plus if you were to win or even impress a shit ton of people on it it would be hella publicity for the fans that haven't found you yet. I don't know it was just something that I thoght would be really cool to see happen. Think about it man. You'd win anyways


    Oddly enough some rhymes I wrote over a decade ago are in this..... :S


    That Portland Pirate's shirt tho............ need that!

  18. Orionfire

    Spose is literally illmattic.

  19. M.W. Vaughn

    What song is the beat in the beginning from?

    Okamifan1 Productions

    that beat is from I'm Awesome... That song is probably his most known as it charted on the top 40 and went gold but it is not his best song.. Still everything Spose puts out is gold.

  20. SlyTido

    Spose is so non-shit-giving! He'll always be in my tops favorites.

  21. SteelerGuy43

    Can I download this somewhere?

  22. mercanerie98

    This is hot!!!

  23. Ben Driscoll

    Just nutted in my pants!!!

  24. mexojay

    Rad Bissell Brothers hat. Props to The Substance.

  25. Sean

    This shit is mad good dude! I hope more people recognize you for the artist you are.

  26. Brett Sarrazin


  27. Nick Johnson

    COME TO NORCAL you are smashin it bro


    damn spose u da man

  29. William Bailey

    I found myself in the crowd twice. Once at 1:08 and once at 2:05!


    that is amazing.. big fan of Spose from NYC here

  30. Roxx The '96er

    'Mike "Yung Mike" Rodway'

    Knew I couldn't be the only one to call him that

  31. Taylorspliff

    Damn ghost got 3 YouTube accounts ?

  32. Boot Strahps

    I really love this song.

  33. jaydogg408

    Just picked up "Why am I so Happy?" after streaming it a ton. I bet my neighbors HATE YOU because I play that shit a hundred times a day at full volume. The intro to Greatest Shit Ever kills me.

  34. prankmasters_ 69

    Let's gooo

  35. Cade L

    inb4 Spose blows up

  36. Poptart


  37. Keenan doesn't exist

    Holy crap, this is fire, we need more shit like this.

  38. Swaggle Stacker

    like #200!!!!

  39. ChrisYT

    nice dysarts reference

  40. setyourgoals55

    *Huge fart noise*

  41. Peanut Butter Caramel Sin

    Please come near NorCal Spose. I'll buy you some beer and some good weed

  42. Redneckdreadhead

    Yall ninjas up north wear some funny lookin shoes.

  43. Broke Anarchist

    Wish I had the a capella version.. I could make a better beat. Great rhymes, horrible, HORRIBLE production

  44. Luis Oyola

    good one spose

  45. The Boss

    I like the new song but I think the beat is too loud compared to your voice. This could be just me though so don't take it to critically. Can't wait to hear more of your work.

    Steven Sosa

    Listen to it in headphones sounds perfect

    Casey Maki

    +The Boss Nah...not at all. Listen to some 90s hip hop. This shit is very well balanced imo. Not like everything today completely punched through the roof!

    Jazmine Angel

    Yah I couldn't really hear what he was saying either

  46. Tiasha B

    Yes man!!

  47. Ps3_Prodigy

    yo spose i hope u blow up this year man we need stuff like this back let go 2016!!!!

  48. Nick Reinmann

    First decent track in awhile. Happy to hear you're dope again

  49. Chicken Scratch Travels

    Gotta love those Cleveland shots!

  50. Toolin on em

    Spose Climbin' to the top. Keep Going!!!!!!!!1

  51. Anyun Chatterjee

    ayyy when was spose in cleveland??

    Cody Shields

    when he toured, he played the agora on 4/20


    +Cody Shields Damn Wish I had known

    Cody Shields

    +RikuInuyasha Yeah. I wanted to go but didn't want to go alone lol

  52. michael roy

    love it! spizzyspose killin the game. I'm hoping for a new album this year! that would be dope.

  53. control

    New album when?

  54. St0pSTALKinme

    Definitely preposterous, keep it up man!

  55. Rhian Lewis

    Sending love from South Louisiana! Maybe hit up New Orleans on your next mini tour? Consider it please :)

    Maxcan Gaming

    Same exact thing man


    Not to be offensive but I'm wondering how do u feel about black people

    Rhian Lewis

    +Sbaby Vs God If you're asking whether I'm liberal or not, I am very liberal. I think that is an offensive question to ask anyone. Just because I am from the South that doesn't automatically mean I am closed minded. All of my friends and nearly all of my family are liberally minded people.

    Rhian Lewis

    +Sbaby Vs God There are backwards people everywhere.


    @Rhian Lewis
    sorry i just was wondering

  56. Jigramunt

    thank god for snapchat updates


    What's his Snapchat?


    +Dylan Clemens therealspose

    Rhian Lewis

    He's my favorite person to follow on snapchat!

  57. Robert

    New album??? Maybe 2016 won't be a sleeper year after all

  58. Hoodedini

    I love waking up to new spose in study hall.

  59. Stephen Knight

    This goes hard as fuck

  60. Nicholas Klingler

    You and chan make an amazing team. His beats are perfect for your vibe.

  61. Aditya Narayan

    Man... Spose I could really use some lyrics for your songs.

    Duncan Wright

    Do you use rap genius?

    Aditya Narayan

    @Duncan Wright No, is that an app?

    Robert Torres

    +Aditya Narayan yep

  62. Michael Mccready

    amazing man, keeping doing what you do

  63. WaffleStomp

    Keep it coming Spose!

  64. Culture Vultures

    Yea shunnnn

  65. james pond

    spizzy spose!!

  66. ChillyBurgah

    I'm genuinely surprised that only one of your songs went viral. You rock man!


    +Mr Random talking about the song "I'm awesome" it was a few years ago thou...it became a hit, then he went to a brand name record label and they tried to change him and his music, he wrote a song about it called "pop star"

    Mr Random

    Of all the songs it was that one...


    +Mr Random yes, just that one


    Gee Willikers went pretty big too.


    +Penguin321 Yeah but not as big as I'm Awesome.