Spose - Who Dat Lyrics

Pretty good with these raps here
See I was waiting tables here late last year
And now they want my autograph and I'm like "that's weird"
Because I still rock cotton, no cashmere
Suicide bombers out in pakistan, rapist in the congo
Meanwhile I watch Paul Pierce pass to Rondo
Schnoz like Gonzo, hurts self-confidence
But dudes can't see me like they only got consonants
Get it? like they got no "I"s
I say audacious shit, it's greeted with "oh my"s
Oh geez, yeah, you guessed it
Got a sack of rhymes fatter than that girl from precious
Moving on up so I got new stresses
New bills put in my name like two S's (Spizzy Spose)
Sat at my desk wrote raps and passed tests
My turn to school 'em now on who's the bestest
Eyes on the prize, hands on the guest list
Crossing names out so that I can keep my checks big
Like fake breasts and they think I'm just reckless
And staying lit like the fucking sign for the exit

Who dat? Who dat?
Spose, Maine
Who dat? Who dat?
Spose, Maine, insane in the brain

Look, we didn't have money at the start (fucking broke!)
My circle was at the bottom like a question mark
It was back when we would park outside of Xtra-Mart
And beg dudes to buy us beer while we waited in the car
Break out the flashlight, I'll tell a couple stories
Of some good time shit and stuff that's abhorrent
I don't give a fuck, download it from a torrent
And then play that shit back to me when I become boring
Like who dat, who dat, Spose, Peter Sparker
I heard you do work while I do work harder
They want my trade secrets, but I do not barter
These guys are Devry online and I'm Harvard
I watch them fading while they're hating Spose
Cause I got it all, like a trading post
Regular clothes, but stick out like a boner
When I put lines on paper like I'm running out of toner
Dough like Homer, so I'm feeling really grand
Yeah, it's real again, your shit is really bland
And I need not conceal my plans
Cause sunburns couldn't make you appealing, man

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Spose Who Dat Comments
  1. Walt T

    spppppppppose love you

  2. v Blendy GT

    And now the only reason there is dislikes on this video was from you. :) Fuckin' right Spose.

  3. Jassie411

    YouTube needs a repeat button.

  4. Scott Woomer

    same here 41 year old die hard metalhead !! I just cant stop listening to spose !!

  5. Bruser801

    Q: who dat
    A: spose (you fucking dumb shit)

  6. Billy Chapman

    best celtics reference ever!!!

  7. 350grizzly

    @MetalMooseIIX actually this is sposes channel

  8. Judah Roorda

    @themasspikeFYI you know ur not talking to him right

  9. 3y3sho7

    cos sunburns couldnt make you appealing man <- Legend

  10. mrtreize013

    nice intro

  11. AND1Z24

    ooooooooooooo Spose said the "R" word lol

  12. MaineTelevision


  13. Stella Weaver

    Dude! are you gonna be a speaker at Graduation sometime?

  14. ville valo


  15. Scoj V

    Shit man, this is awesome.