Spose - Shame On You Lyrics

Yo, B, you go first
[B. Aull:]
I'm on it
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Shame on ya

Man, this life is priceless
Eventually, I'll see the shine working the night shift
Man, I hate when people hype shit
You ain't really kill it but want credit, bitch, you Isis
No bullshiting getting by me, I'm a spike trip
Some say I'm the nicest they ever seen speak
But boy, I got a mean streak that you ain't seen leak
If I gotta, be the bearer of bad news, so be it
Dudes be Yung Jocin', what's poppin'? Just know I see it
And I know you see it too, but I be speaking on it
Ayo, what you put up in this would've got me tweaking on this?
Making yayo, I'm whipping up miracles like it's mayo
I've been fresh to death since a day old
No, I'm never fronting, always coming back like the past
Think I'm cheating, but that's just an assumption
That's what happens when year after year, you on top
Non-stop, we turn nothin' into somethin', what's up, boy?

You don't know my name
You should be ashamed
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you

Made an album in a day, man, I'm so crazy
It's almost 4: 44, somebody call Jay Z
Just to add another wrinkle like an old lady
It takes you forever 'cause you're all lazy
You look blue and faded, you're like Old Navy
I'm thankful for this shit, it's so gravy
You got one fan, that's your mom, maybe
Call my phone, hear five rings, that's Tom Brady
Gems, I hide these in my bars
Like girls with huge titties who always wear scarves
Most of y'all gon' play it again, GOAT's what I majored in
Halo what I made it in, your skin is paper thin
Flow hot Arabian, my home's all Acadian
Nose all Canadian
Bro, shame on you, I put the blame on you
I might unplug the microphone and sick Shane on you (P. Dank)

You don't know my name
You should be ashamed
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you
Shame on you

[Ian Stuart (Jon Roods):]
And uh, can you introduce yourself to, uh, Spose's fans?
(I'm Jon Roods, hi)
Say hi to Jon, everybody
Um, and who else is, uh, in your session right now, in your studio?
(Uh, Gutter, over there, that's Gutter)
(He's getting interviewed by Jay)
Jay Brown over there
(Yep, and Tyler was in there, and Dan Boyden)
Nice, nice, so you guys were - it sounded like you guys were crushing it in there
(Yeah, thank you)
Yeah, awesome, yeah, awesome, absolutely
(I feel like this is sports)
(This is like the interview after I just played)
Yeah, yeah, exactly, exactly
This is the colorful - I'll have some color commentary later
(I did the best I could for the team and we're gonna go the finals)
Ah ha ha ha ha, you heard it here first, guys
Alright, back inside the studio
Um, you guys haven't seen yet, we do have a bunch of rules here
Um, I will show those to you right now
[Spose:] Good vibes only!
[Ian Stuart:] Hey Spose, anything to say to the fans?
Uh yeah, man, we're going, we're going
I appreciate - I actually saw a bunch of cool ideas in here
We'll try to pull something out, um
Yeah, this is the album in a day, zar oaks
Uh, thank you guys for tuning in
We're, we're gonna have an album by 10 AM tomorrow
This is the best I'm gonna look, so it's all downhill from here
[Ian Stuart:] He's gonna look very disheveled like, in an hour
[Spose:] I'm gonna look terrible

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Spose Shame On You Comments
  1. Daniel Petty


  2. Rob Deleon

    i guess you are getting poped in the ass too huh spose?

  3. Rob Deleon

    "its all GRAVY" huh?

  4. Karson Erp

    Sposeeeee I remember listening to gee willikers in 7th grade

  5. fallout.man76

    I'm awsome no ur not dude don't lie

  6. Nickolas Romine

    My best friend raps and I wish his equipment was half as good as what you got. You have a old school style and I love it and so does he. I remember hearing your song on the radio 8 years ago and it was my favorite song for how relatable it was and how comical it was.

  7. Cody Shields

    Cant stop watching this. Spose has got me thru some shit.

  8. HalifaxStudios

    Corny hook but damn spose gotta love your bars.

  9. Phanetic Danny

    b e a u t i f u l

  10. *rippin. loser*

    This is my fav song rn!! Writing a song for ya spizzy

  11. fluffeh fox

    so long until he come to ohio again T-T

  12. TheNanoCubes

    Anyone, guess what my Instagram is...

  13. Catsonmylap

    Proof of a true artist

  14. Mishelle yamata

    This was great! Amazing song!

  15. POJK

    why so much autotune? :(

  16. Liam McNamara

    Not what I expected but it was dope anyway! Nice work!

  17. Erik Latimer

    That was so sick!

  18. Mikołaj Mendys

    great song, shame youre not so popular

  19. adventure failure

    I wish Spode would get the popularity he deserves

    Ben Chandler

    adventure failure he did and after said fuck that And made p dank :)

  20. Raw Blue

    Man I love spose but I wish he hadn't fucked up that record deal, the whole country could be hearing this song instead of like 20,000 people

    Next-Gen Outdoors

    Raw Blue he’d be rapping about bottles and hookers if he sold out lol I think we’re good

    Raw Blue

    Next-Gen Outdoors fair enough I don't want that haha. I just think he should be more recognized

  21. DJ Quicksilver

    A’Yup! Spose drops another 🔥 track and video.

  22. Mg3

    Lit 🔥🔥🔥 I saw this in concert to bro keep killing it 🙌🙌

  23. Myles Bullen

    dave gutter so good he "created" it twice ;)

  24. Anthony Noonan

    Miracle whip is not mayo... Like the flow though

  25. chedar munkey

    bumpin af.

  26. Lucille White

    Yo I saw him last night at a seadogs game. he was right behind mee

  27. Sparky TheFallen

    I've been to 2 Spose shows. The first was in 2013 at Harvestfest at Harry's Hill. Which was also my very first live music venue ever! The second was in the upstairs of a storefront in Bangor in 2016. Best experiences ever!


    i went to pdank xmas 3 in 2016, and ive been to plenty of shows in my day but Spose just has this awesome energy about him, and it was my favourite concert by far! props to the King of Maine from CT!

  28. SMTV Show

    It's a little weird to ear spose with a flow like kid cudi but I can't say "it's not pretty cool"

  29. Hollowedghoul Gaming

    Spose look like every Fortnite streamer

  30. Miguel Monarrez

    Who here's watching in 2006? Cause Spose is so ahead of his time.


    Miguel Monarrez they'll prolly still be witchin this shit in 2600

  31. Kahoobb

    awesome rap spose

  32. GrApHite03

    Old Orchard?

  33. Matthew Shar

    Jazzy 💛

  34. J. S.

    Motherfucker this is awesome

  35. 2ez2killu

    Thank you Spose. Very cool!

  36. Jack Lion

    Who waving fingers

  37. B. Aull


    SMTV Show

    B. Aull you're welcome

    Andrew Allen

    B. Aull needs a P Dank album!


    Keepin that Maine flow strong

    look under your bed

    How was it doing a collab with spose

    Pyper Smoak

    B. Aull, man I'm sitting here listening to all these diss tracks and said fuck it. Where's the real music. Thank you, man. My life is at peace now.

  38. kain firechain

    Anything better than a new spose video and a bowl of fruity pebbles?

    Chris Briggs

    Talus Reber no

  39. Cody Mooney

    I would love a video for Get to You where it’s just Spose driving frantically and running around just to reveal at the end he needed a blunt

  40. patsfan7688

    Can't wait to see you in July man... I'm fucking psyched

  41. Corey Thur

    I've known your name for years bud. I listen to your music to motivate me in my journey and I appreciate the work you put in your lyrics. You don't go for the easy club banging music that might make you more money. You put meaning in your songs and I hope you continue making music for years to come. Thanks bro 😄

  42. juggleboy720

    Great to see a clip for this track and happy to hear that there are plans for more videos from Humans. If you're into Spose, highly recommend the Spose podcast, lots of insights into what he's working on and Maine music in general as well as some killer guests. Keep up the great work Spiz.

  43. Kris Smith

    Big fan so happy your back

  44. Mississippian by birth. Texan by choice.

    God damn. Spose back at it again. Love the music bro! Keep it bimpin. Been here since 2010 baby.

  45. Kyle Schuster

    Perfect way to wake up, with some new P-dank filling me with them good vibes 🤘

  46. Nick L

    *Enters area where I can get cell service gets notification clicks vid*

  47. ajmtchll

    Ayyyy, more Spose!

  48. winter Stone


  49. Random Teen

    If you plan to do a mv for Andrew Jackson, I think it would look great as a kinda stop motion thing

  50. Kevin

    Hell ya

  51. Phillip McCune

    Haven't watched. Already know I love it.

  52. David Glover

    🔥 as always

  53. CincoJayMaio

    You’re the greatest shit ever

    Shadowen Cook

    CincoJayMaio I keep telling people I was in a rap video, and the damn thing never comes out. Make it happen King of Maine!!!

  54. CatPun

    early bird gets the worm fuck yeah

  55. $uper Cash


  56. Jay Lewis

    Love this but I was hoping for a video for Humans. And hopefully a video for Mr.Mail Man happens


    stay tuned man! also want videos for those two songs

    Rhian Lewis

    Jay Lewis Mr. Mailman video is seconded by an actual mail carrier lol

    Jay Lewis

    Thanks for responding dude, and please come back to NYC whenever you decide to do full touring again. Ill smoke you out on good ganja and I do want to hear some of the newer songs live.

    The Koolest Kid

    spizzyspose you’re my favorite rapper man keep up the great work.

  57. Caleb Goodlett

    Im a simple man, i see a spose notification and i click

    Devin Barcelona

    That's a big statement buddy ✌️

  58. Bianca Juarez

    Love it already ❤️❤️