Spose - Phones Ringing Lyrics

It was 10 am when he got to his house
Heard the door open mid waffle in his kid's mouth
Then his family's at the table gathered in a group hug
His wife's crying as she held them tightly with a true love
He shook his head a couple times with his mouth tight
Thinking 'bout the worst thing he'd ever seen, it's not right
Seem like yesterday was forever ago, them sirens singing
He'll always remember when those phones were ringing

Broken glass everywhere
Gun powder in the nightclub air
Glass shattered like hopes and dreams
As the disco ball spun a shard with gleam
Blood thick like mud
Metallic copper how the smell tasted
Body after body and the congregations of shell casings
Pine glass fresh drinks all shattered on the floor
A bunch of lasers hit his uniform as he stepped through the door
But the sound, the sound was the worst
It wasn't silent like one might have expected at first
Nobody was talking, speakers buzzing, electronic whispers
All he heard were phones ringing, frightened sisters
Fathers, mothers, brothers, lovers, significant others
Brains on the dance floor, the tiles all covered
But the cell phones glowing and the pockets still calling
Seen so many crime scenes, but this one was appalling
The horrid smell hit his throat, it made him nearly vomit
The moment that he saw it, wished that he had never saw it
The TV still was on
Years later, he'd still remember how that TV still was on
The ringtone cacophony, the requiem, the love song
Boot prints in the blood swamp
These memories still do linger
As he reached down with two fingers to check a pulse
And right as his fingers touched her neck, the phone went off

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Spose Phones Ringing Comments
  1. Reagan Acampora

    omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg love it

  2. Jenna J

    Fuck. Me. Up.
    Images of Orlando flashing through my mind as I hear this. Spose.... dude... good fucking job.