Spose - Mountaintop Lyrics

[Dave Gutter & Anna Lombard:]
Maybe I'll never reach to that mountaintop
Maybe I'll, maybe I'll never reach to the mountaintop
But I'll be damned if I don't try

Dreams of the apex, the panorama I'm talking
Schemes from the paychecks, empty Montana my pockets
I had that big Nissan van
Envy at the baller's money taller than Joel Embiid
But I can't do shit with that, no
Jealousy never swole no fella salary bro
So I'm just inspired by seeing higher highs
I've seen lower lows
Not quite low as Lamar Odom go
But I've engaged in conversation with the dirt by the earth of the totem pole
The worst is over though
The demons in my mind I will overthrow
I know the world cold as North Dakota go
My streams big enough to row the boat
Till my chauffeur park the Lincoln like Mike Shinoda
Till I pop like soda in Minnesota
Till the minuses vanish
Till my height is risen
Till people flockin' like Tyson's pigeons
I'll stop when I die or when I reach the mountaintop

[Dave Gutter & Anna Lombard:]
Maybe I'll never reach to that mountaintop
Maybe I'll, maybe I'll never reach to the mountaintop
But I'll be damned if I don't try

[Spose (Cam Groves):]
This a power ballad for sour Alex
Who glower from the town up at the tower palace, I feel you
This is for the peasantries with no pleasantries
Hope the future includes us in yachts upon the seven seas, let's ride
Let's climb fences up a craggy ledge
We're climbing up a jagged edge to get to where the party at
Go grab your hardy hat
Bro, increase your cardiac
Till you collapse upon a crevasse with a heart attack
We were born into the game where the rules are not the rules
They're trick instructions meant to keep the peasants from the jewels
The odds are stacked against the players like (lots of money)
Wouldn't that piss you off?
Wouldn't that make you wanna ascend to a distant fog
And kidnap the dog of the dicks who raped this shit
And all their kids and all?
Sorry, I get carried away like, bodies
Cause making it from a trailer to wearing suits that are tailored is my only hobby
Besides watching the Celtics
I'll drop or I'll make it to the mountaintop

[Dave Gutter & Anna Lombard:]
Maybe I'll never reach to that mountaintop
Maybe I'll, maybe I'll never reach to the mountaintop
But I'll be damned if I don't try

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Spose Mountaintop Comments
  1. Onion Knight

    i needed this song after today.

  2. steven ray

    I know you have a song togrther already, but this gave me Watsky vibes

  3. Greg Charles


  4. Ray Dillon

    Man, I missed this upload. Just seeing it now. Excellent video, man. Loved the different threads of stories.

  5. makayla bernardini

    One of my FAVORITE songs❤❤🙏👍 great job

  6. linkz longshot

    Hey just wanted to say we back is fire man can't wait to see more.

  7. bananabread tan

    His flow on this song is spoken-word ish... like f*ck man that's soooo dooope!

    & the message... man the evolution/growth of Spose has been awesome to see through all these years!!

    can't get there from where?

  8. Devin Barcelona

    This is one of my favorite songs of all time by spose or anybody else.

  9. Zombie Gaming

    can you fck wit my gram i´m going to post raps its np.meer

  10. John CenaVevo?

    Sposes new album has a huge message.

  11. Thomas Green

    this song is great

  12. Curtis Kalk

    Spose harrassed me, if yall want proof I have some ss

  13. Glok 713

    Where u at homie

  14. I has a cat i'm aubrey

    spose is to underrated i was shown to him by my dad and I love the songs solid music

  15. Shelby Bayard

    I love you spose ❤️

  16. Thomas Green

    keep it up don't let the haters get u down u make really good music i really love this song and all the other ones you made don't ever give up.

  17. Rudi Wildfoot

    Amazing. Just absolutely amazing.

  18. Chinmay

    I'm awesome

  19. Slappy McSalmon

    Such a good damn song, I can't believe it only has 8,000 veiws

  20. Brina Sheppard

    Who tf thinks it is okay to give this a thumbs down?

  21. mehmeh

    "till I pop like soda in Minnesota" is deep!

  22. Nick

    Spose literally puts out nothing but heat *emoji with the flames*

  23. Consume the Coffee

    I honestly couldn't love this song enough! SO good!

  24. Frazzer Gaming

    Pot songs on Spotify

  25. Senpai Drawz

    Hmm just saw this....... What… do I think about it?.. …….......... I LOVE IT KEEP GOING SPIZZY SPOSE

  26. Drew80a

    Awesome, I love that the painting is the art style that comes to mind for Your Twenties

  27. Taicho Buggy

    Park the Lincoln(linkin) like Mike shinoda yoooo

  28. Ep!c of PovCiti

    I'm glad to see you finding your own way to adapt to the new climate of the rap game!💯🔥🎧

  29. Master Broshi

    Starring Hailey Mathers. With Doug Benson on the guitar 😂😂

  30. Alec Little

    Dude.. you're awesome NO LIE

  31. Awesome Dude

    Spose makes great music. I love it when u just go to town on a dope ass beat

  32. The D3aL

    Pretty. And impressive. The adaptation of Spose cadence, and lyricism to this soulful jam is just straight KY. Smooth. Sexy. Flow. It’s definitely evolution of music. Thanks man, for an amazing track!

    bananabread tan

    The flow on this track is unreaaal

  33. Jose Jose

    3:58 Hey thats the name of the song.

  34. Andrew Diaz

    This fucking guy just keeps getting better. Spose, Watsky, Prof, Oddissee, Merkules. These guys make you excited for the future, man.

  35. Jayne Cobb

    Oh man some new Spose. Pefect timing for this jam. I needed this. Thanks SPOSE

  36. CJZup16

    As it nears 12:30 am, and a work commute is less than 8 hours away, I just finished working towards my mountaintop for the day. Another day tomorrow to keep climbing. Now it's time to relax with some Pdank glad I came to youtube to find this video first though. Thanks, again, Spose!

  37. Cosmix

    Succ nasty

  38. Charles MacLellan

    Good shiz. Good album.

    Hey look it's JSpin he needs to up his Spotify track numbers!

  39. Beyond AD

    Thanks for the power ballot, Spose

    -An aspiring artist named Alex

  40. can you stop

    Love your flow

  41. ford ash


  42. R3dD3adRockstar

    I wanna know who the one dislike is.

  43. Josh Helms

    DOPE!!😎😎😎👍👍👍💯💯💯 A fan since 2002!!!! Love y'all
    P DANK !!!!

  44. Maddy Vlogs


  45. Mr. President

    The evolution of Peter Sparker has been one of the most beautiful things to watch happen organically.

  46. Rusty Mac's

    One person definitely isn’t from round here! 🙄

    Brina Sheppard

    They're just hoping Santa and the Easter Bunny will show up.

  47. Brendan McGinley

    Spose just keeps on climbing and growing.

    Brina Sheppard

    Pete was relentless, he just kept going!

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    Great song

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    Lets get it bro!!

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    Don't be like TJ. Don't quit.

  51. heyopc

    this is my favorite spose song shoutout to maine god bless

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    Different, I like it

  53. The Film Cactus

    This is like a new facet of Spose, and I'm living for it.

  54. Glok 713

    Preposterously dank is a album that i love as much as the slim shady lp, the offspring smash, radiohead ok computer. Classic. I know this isnt that album. But i had to throw u love

    Glok 713

    Video was amazing by the way love everything u do

    Brina Sheppard

    Except PD blows all that crap out of the water.

    Glok 713

    Right. Thats what im sayin. I try to tell these kids. Listen to some spose. They wont listen. Then all i hear is dense ass verses... And he sounds like coolio?!

    Brina Sheppard

    @Glok 713 Yes!! Teach sheep to rap 'til the sleepers believe it.

  55. josh pean

    Damn Spose, this is some good shit!

  56. Thomas Green

    I loved it your the best spose 💕💕😎

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    Been waiting for this video for a lifetime ❤

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    Love it!

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    love Spose- probably harder then anyone in this comment section. That said... this fucking song sucks.

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    this video dropped while I was at the gym! Perfect timing for a drop.
    Thanks for the extra motivation today dude!

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    Get it Mr.Sparker. We gone get to that mountain top one day sir!

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    Nice, man. Chill. Soulful.

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    Too many feels

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    Pretty workout girl

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    Been waiting for this one!

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    Spose killing it as usual!

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    killing it

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    Love the video, great music, great lyrics

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    Really love your music. True heart and real meaning. We need more music like yours!!!

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    Haven't watched the video yet, but I know its gonna be awesome, spose! lol

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