Spose - I Can't Get Mad Lyrics

Yo, I like that

My first album, two thousand and eight
I thought, damn, I'm the first one, man, I'm an ape
To rap about the life of people listening to rap
Never lived in Bed-Stuy or sold crack in the trap
Then I got a MySpace link on my Macintosh
Like, "Bro, you gotta hear this mixtape by Asher Roth"
Then his single's popping while I'm back at the pad
Like, "Fuck, man, I beat him to that," but
I can't get mad
Look, I'm no stranger to anger, but that's a slippery slope
Like stepping on soap, walking 'round in a mope
So I rewrote We Smoked and I came back iller
Then I got outshined by Mac Miller
I saw his videos, knife twist like Oliver
He got way more views and way more followers
And every college chick in Hollister hollerin'
While my card declined at the mall again, but
I can't get mad
'Cause what's that gonna do for me?
Jealousy, well that's nothing new for me
So I reform me, I bounce back quicker
I sharpen my weapons while my skin gets thicker
I write more songs, better songs, more letters
One day my mic like two, three, forever
There's no use getting stressed by other's success
So I don't get mad no more, no
I just get better
My confidence an all-time high
The days on the calendar, they all fly by
So I never let one go without my rhymes
Someone give me a sign, okay, I guess I'll make my own sign
'Cause no labels on my phone line
From immature to spit it pure with a grown mind
My wily endeavors provide me the cheddar
From my scriptures until I'm richer than Kylie the Jenner
I just get better
I just get better
I can't get mad

[Cam Groves:]
I'm getting wiser, you can hear the time talkin'
Back in the day, man, I didn't rhyme often
I wrote a few verses but never an "I'm Awesome"
Dropped a mixtape with Spose then he got signed off it
I was happy but I felt a little left out
But motivation took it better is the best route
I'll collect the rainfall until the next drought
Worked a little harder, now your boy's cashing checks now
I'm going hard every number on my tracklist
Now these kids like to mumble on some trap shit
Got my whole world spinning off axis
Turned my madness to something fantastic
I can't get mad
I never listen what they telling me
Fuck jealousy, turn that into melodies
And you can tell by my penmanship
That I'm feeling real splendid, not envious, yo
I just get better

I never listen what they telling me
Fuck jealousy, turn that into melodies
Turn that into celery
I can't get mad
No, I can't get mad
Ah, yeah
Ah, no
Forty thousand in cash
That's how much I spent on the app (What up, Kristina?)
May've set me back
Kristina, why you gotta laugh?
I just get better
Risking money, never heavy stressin'
'Cause either way, I evolve, every loss a lesson
I can't get mad, I can't get mad
I can't get mad, I can't get mad
I can't get mad
I just get better
This one goes out to all my humans
Ooh, they told me I could never do it
Ooh, this one goes out to my, my humans
Who told me that I couldn't do it
So I don't get mad, I just get better
I don't get mad, I just get better
I don't get mad, I just get better forever
Man, shout out to Ron
My fan who almost died at my show in Los Angeles
Ron, I swear you were dead, bro
But we back!
Shout out to the Spose Army, man
Shout out to everybody who made this shit possible
Shout out to my man, Cam Groves
Jon Roods on the bass
Dan Boyden in ya face
Ay, with the rhythm ace
Ooh, we come in first place

Nobody's successful on accident
Stressing over that, you oughtta go and snort an aspirin
I dropped an album and an app, about to be up
I will finally get my moment, nope, they all like Russ
Or Logic or G-Eazy, or Joey Bada$$
Animosity, don't have that
I fantasized 'bout this while eating Snack Raps
'Til I blow up like George Bush, Baghdad
I can't get mad
I'll just work all day
'Til my jeans got green like Vermont plates
I'm always at the drawing board, I know I could make a sale
If not, I'll grow like growl after taking an L
'Til they freak out like I tossed a bunch of centipedes
I'll just try to write some better melodies
I can't get bad, I just get better
I can't get mad, I can't get mad

[Kristina Kentigian:]
I can't get mad, I can't get mad
I can't get mad, I can't get mad
I can't get mad, I can't get mad
I just get better
That was very cracky
[Spose:] It felt real, though! It was good!
[Kristina Kentigian:] Let's see if I can do it again

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Spose I Can't Get Mad Comments
  1. Magazine Kirby

    This song is so helpful right now.

  2. andrew beane

    Good job spizzy

  3. Jason Dunn

    Parallel to Cant get there from here

  4. KleyJensen

    Maaaan I like the beat!!! And I can’t get mad ;D

  5. fluffeh fox

    spose ever gunna do sumthin with aesop or doom?

  6. Robert

    This is one of Spose's best songs

  7. Josh Steeves

    This is your greatest song ever and I’m someone who can say that. Shout out to cam for bouncing back.

  8. Nathan Sirois

    Damn spose cam and all others in their group are simply the best

  9. Nick Krantz

    I'm digging the overall vibe of this whole album!

  10. Ziaka Z

    I like it.

  11. joe durran

    Spose best rapper alive

  12. Clark Henkel

    This albums actually lit af 😂

  13. M3II0

    Yeah I like this 😂