Spose - Greatest Shit Ever Lyrics

This is the greatest shit ever
You get shit from me like

Last night I got so drunk, the homies came over
And I woke up and I didn't have a hangover
Everything was all good, man, I checked my vital signs
I checked my bank account and that shit didn't have a minus sign
Bro, you won't believe this shit
My check engine light was off up in the whip
And I turned on the TV and I caught a sound bite
It's good news, Ray Rice and Chris Brown died
The sun shining got me warm like a lap dance
Started making music, four track TASCAM
My neighbor told me my shit turned him to a rap fan
And that fucking raccoon isn't in my trash can
Usually the lines a hundred and eight
But we went out to breakfast and there wasn't a wait
It got me feeling like today, it couldn't go better
I'm back, can't front, this the greatest shit ever

See, I'm usually broke but today, man, I just got paid
You couldn't kill my vibe if you tried, man, there ain't no way
I got some beers in the fridge plus a little money in my jeans
I got a call from Rihanna and she told me that she wants my D

No red lights as I'm whipping down to Walgreens
Kinda like the nuggets in my satchel, they were all green (green light)
Got me feeling like I could go do a backflip
Plus I saw a white cop just hugged a black kid
Windows rolled down, radio the sound on
Heard my song get played like plaid pronounced wrong
Check my mailbox, flip through the envelopes
And then there was no bills, like it's bye week in Buffalo
I could get to know this life
Dropped my new video and it got no dislikes
And nobody called anyone a faggot in the commentary
Complaints, I got none, like I'm a monastery
Feeling like it's DYD, I might just let my nuts hang
Got my trash out right before the truck came
No mosquitoes when I'm sitting on the lawn
Avery Bradley getting winner on LeBron

See, I'm usually broke but today, man, I just got paid (it's the greatest shit)
You couldn't kill my vibe if you tried, bitch, there ain't no way (it's the greatest shit ever)
I got some beers in the fridge plus a little money in my jeans (it's the greatest shit)
I got a call from your mom and she told me that she wish she had me (it's the greatest shit ever)

It's the greatest shit ever
It's the greatest shit ever
I'm the shit, shit, shit ever
I'm the greatest shit ever

Today it's like seventy and yesterday was cold out
My Gmail said tomorrow's show sold out
I called my girl told her I'll be late getting back
She told me keep killing it she wasn't mad
But real, you won't believe this now
See, I went to Dunkin Donuts, got the me discount
I didn't have to even use a Abe Lincoln at the interchange
She told me, "Nah, that shit's free for the King of Maine"
I got to back to where I habitate
She was sipping on a cabernet
She removed her sweater, but wait, it gets better
It's the greatest shit ever

See, I'm usually broke but today, man, I just got paid (it's the greatest shit)
You couldn't kill my vibe if you tried, man, there ain't no way (it's the greatest shit ever)
I got some beers in the fridge plus a little money in my jeans (it's the greatest shit)
Republic Records called, they're sending me that gold plaque those bitches owed me (it's the greatest shit ever)

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Spose Greatest Shit Ever Comments
  1. Jeff Hewitt

    Fuckin blastin this in my earbuds. Trump impeached, still got hot coffee in my travel mug, all morning work routines done, and I got the last spot in the "good" parking lot. Greatest. Shit. Ever.

  2. Mike Stengel

    I am almost afraid to compliment Spose since he didn't want to be a sellout or popular. Sorry Spose, your songs are catchy.

  3. Bethany Ray

    This song is a mood and I’m fine with that

  4. Captain's Crew

    Beyond relatable.

  5. EmperorTokugawa

    This is rap music for white people and people who dont know shit about rap music.

  6. John Witte

    Greatest greatest GREATEST SHIT EVER!!!!!!

  7. SomeGuyWithAChannel

    This song is the greatest shit ever

  8. Floyd Baker

    Got my 40 year old parents beat boxxin. :T killinit

    Mentok 302

    Making me feel old man! I'm 39 and seen this dude live 7 times

  9. The Flick

    Faggot... (u get it?)

  10. Kris N

    Hell yeah on Chris Brown dead!!!

  11. A beginner artist In pain

    Any body still listening to this in 2019?? Just reply

  12. Corey Hanson

    If I ever get a bullshit best ever. Guess what. I'ma take a video of me pissing a shitwards life shit when bitches suck this dick. As I nut I'ma 💩 like shit on her chin. Her bitch as friends and they Tittie's. And then fuck them shitty bitches shitty tittes. Make um lik in clean. Donald Bumps is fuckin real,😊

  13. Issei R'ian

    2019 and still the shit

  14. Ron Matson

    Ray rice AND Chris brown died XD

  15. Jeremiah Smith

    I love that Spose is a huge Trump supporter!

  16. crissy curry

    It's the greatest shit... ever

  17. AvaDeilaC

    My friend meant the greates showman but I thought it was the greatest shit 😂

  18. Gabe W

    If you don’t like this song you don’t know true happiness

  19. Tory Havoc

    Love you spose

  20. djhams

    I’m just here as I thought I heard a Buffalo reference, and I did! :D

  21. Dexter David

    when I hear this song it always put a smile on my face.

  22. james parmar

    2018 still the greatest shit ever

    Brandon Chase

    2019 and still the greatest shit ever

  23. HentaiLover365

    And that fucking BEEVECOON isn’t in my trash can!

  24. Robert Siegwarth

    This is official: this truly *is* the greatest shit ever



  25. Phillip Williams

    This song is IMPOSSIBLE to find when it's stuck in your head...


    and it is impossibly talking about this shit done today!! the birth of the death of time. 🖖🙂🙃🖕fuck everyone that made me gp through them and all those who helped them keep me down. to everyone else, welcome to your brand new life.

    Z Cha

    i just searched "the greatest shit"


    @Z Cha https://youtu.be/IxGSO7IdUP8

    Dazz442 The bearded one

    Spotify premium just type is spose

  26. Stanley Taylor

    There's no way Spose didn't make this song baked af

  27. Cesar Magaña Flores

    This the rap innocent white people listen too lmao shits garbage af

  28. Dee Cosmey

    The beginning though

  29. Tim Liebrock

    Ya'll are faggots

  30. Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter

    "I'm on the lawn!"

  31. Noctaraus T. Minimus

    That next day after an epic party that resulted in 0 hangovers and 0 arrests

  32. Marie Mangus

    Dude this comment section is the greatest shit ever.

  33. The Elite Noob

    This is Saturday morning song holding a Bloody Mary

  34. Denice Larson

    My favorite Every day song.

  35. Colton B

    Having a great day, got approved for my new dirtbike and this is the song that pops into my head. Pay day, new bike, beer in the fridge, seems like nothing can ruin this day!!

  36. Chad Bruh

    I love almost all your songs man

  37. Vanillastump

    I hadn't heard this in months, but it was suggested after ALL Rs. The day in mid-February it was almost 80. In Ohio. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt all day.

  38. mooshi moo

    :D this is the greatest shit!

  39. ToxicAlien 18

    I usually dont listen to rap but I love E-Dubble and Spose.

  40. troy zane

    Awsome 1000 of these are just from me lol

  41. Salomon


  42. Chad

    the description of a perfect day

  43. ezrin1352

    This is the greatest shit ever!

  44. JoeNoIce

    awesome fucking song. heard it on pandora so i had to find it.

    troy zane

    JoeNoIce same I heard on there and was like hell yea

    Jeff Hewitt

    Same! Now it's my new morning jam.

  45. Noah Spear


  46. Shadowen Cook

    This should have a video!!! This is badass

  47. Cherry Peartree Music

    This song is the def the greatest shit evah! On my tube every day son!

  48. Brandon Liddick

    This song is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Devin Warren

    I never comment on YouTube I just gotta say great this song makes me feel.

  50. Christopher Paraski

    the greatest shit ever...

  51. Kevin

    Was gonna dislike it solely because there are 68 of them. Then saw there are 1,668 likes...

  52. TheFella

    how do i do the piano part

  53. oddlydestined

    makes me have a good day even when its rough. just good jams

  54. Tharrett


  55. Jessica Ratay

    yo this is marcus I've been a hip-hop head since 1980 and spose is a rightous rapper my 21 yr old son plugged me in got to say my son knows his rap u can thank his oldman we all can thank spose 1love


    If your giving Spose props, you can't forget the other's who never sold out the plan to see "immediate" results, however some flipflops were essential, and speaking of which the in laws will stay where they are until they can move their own god damn selves. my "friends" are dead to me, handing me over to the devil at the precipice of the universal ignition.

  56. Michael Wall

    Greatest shit ever

  57. Samuel Simancas

    this cd it's the greatest shit ever

  58. Jamey P

    Who Tf unliked this!

  59. Monolito Cruz

    Lmfao! Like a bye-week in buffalo! I'm from b-lo and that shit cracked me up

  60. Kalie Johnson

    <3 this song

  61. JJames88

    34 people have seemingly never had a great day. I actually feel kind of bad for them. :P

    Non-Stop Films

    JJames88 208 now

    Lucifer in a Dress

    249 now

  62. LittleRed

    I live in the same state as him

  63. Marshall Nelson

    No bills, like it's bye week in Buffalo. Love it.

  64. Zecans CheckingItOut

    I hope they make a video of this one someday

    Matthew Meower

    Zecans CheckingItOut FOR. REAL.

    John Galt

    This is youtube not theytube I bet spose wouldn't mind if you made a video!

  65. Trenton Green

    Greatest. Shit. Ever.

  66. Billy Joe

    dude this is the greatest shit ever I'm in love

  67. Austin Kreidler

    this song is the

  68. spencer craig craig

    I watch this t least once everyday.

    Beanie miller

    spencer craig craig well six months later Spencer....are you still doing this?

    spencer craig craig

    No but I listen to it on Spotify most days

    Alexander Adams

    its been a year hows it going


    @spencer craig craig going on 3 years hope you're having a day like its the greatest shit ever

    Shane Forsythe

    Not really much to watch

  69. Tennessee_ 200

    I hate rap but spose is in my top five favorite artist


    Tennessee_ 200 I like rap but yeah, Spose is awesome!


    BladeMaster719 ooooof I don’t know, I LOVE THEM equally for different reasons... they have different styles so I cannot make a decision. That’s a different one for me.

    Laser Melons

    Tennessee_ 200 same

    Jackson B. Valentine

    BladeMasta ヅ meh. Watsky is more poetry in motion not what I’d call rap

    Mike Morrison

    @SoldierOfSteel rip to the man

  70. Squeek

    Someone pls link the instrumental

  71. Dr. Dale

    This sounds like me skippin ihop at 4am hammered


    Chris Kestner *5am

  72. Jaden Allen

    I got a call from ur mom and she said she want my d

    Brett Shelly

    *I got a call from your mom and she told me she wishes she had me

  73. Jill Fitz

    This song deserves more recognition tbh

    Aaron Burr Atwood.

    Jillian Fitzgerald
    "You're Damn Right Son!!!" You said it all without saying a word...

    Tyler Mada

    Way way more,

    John Galt

    It really is the greatest shit ever. This is how you know the music industry is trash. Secret fact: It's on purpose.

  74. I’m Sleep


  75. Sir William

    What four fuckers disliked this the song is so lit

    Kenneth Krisak

    now 29 rip

    Rose Breindl

    About 10,000 of these views are me lol

    take my money just please dont beat me up

    Sir William 42 now...

    troy zane

    Sir William fucken bullshit this song is the greatest shit ever lol

  76. TwoBitBro kotarek

    definitely dosent get the recognition he deserves


    TwoBitBro kotarek Spose doesn't get enough recognition in general... honestly..

  77. Tropical Beat

    This happened to me last week XD well the beginning did

  78. TheHonestOwl

    These beatsies be bumpin

  79. RLSD420 Gamechat

    best payday song

    Brett Shelly

    Heard it the first time the day I got my tax return (5 months late). Had me bumping around like I was a king. :D


    Its up there with NSYNC just got paid.

    Trey Hansen

    Have you heard 03 Altima?

    Shannon Demarest

    @Trey Hansen word. My 1st thought

  80. Andy Ross

    This tune is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo addictive, nice work Spose :-)

    Andy Ross

    +Andy Ross a grower not a shower lol !

  81. Elias Barnes

    omg greatest $!#@ ever



  82. Danny


    SearchforSanity Yup

    +theonlysuckishgamer Why the fuck does this only have 15k views?


    +Trevor Taylor it should have 1 million +

    SearchforSanity Yup

    +theonlysuckishgamer Agreed.

  83. Lily Dauer

    i love him love you daddy

    Michael Northm

    +Azaree Lady someone had a lot of time on their hands

    Michael Northm

    @Azaree Lady still went through app that trouble.

    Soraya Faye

    Yup haha

    Cayden Johns

    He ain't ur fad

  84. awesome sauce

    dude if it's so bad then why u listening to it

    Dylan Drouin

    aw fuck u

    The Gray Beatle

    I got a call from your mom said she wish she had me

    Megan Bell

    awesome sauce

    Josh Kunze

    awesome sauce

    Undead Bacon

    You must be a spoiled bitch if you cant relate

  85. Orichishu

    OFFICIAL VERSION ok got it? this is the official not that shit on spizzyspose channel ok?

    Retarded Individual

    Azaree Lady *faget

    Retarded Individual

    Erik Yanez its a spose joke, its at the beggining of "gee willikers", basically a hater typed "SPOSE IS A FAGET!!!!!!!!!!!"

    Erik Yanez

    Mega Boss I get the joke but clear the air here you're intentionally trying to correct faggot with faget I may be being a grammar Nazi but..... you were trying to do the same to people already spelling FAGGOT correctly with your 3rd grade equivalent *Faget* try to keep up with the argument homie

    Retarded Individual

    Erik Yanez k

    Zeroevo Soulz

    Erik Yanez totally blew his candle out gee Willikers, just say fuck it mega boss I'm awesome

  86. JuLes

    new favorite song


    +Azaree Lady <3 :(

  87. Alex Alcazar

    I wish i could diss like this twice

    Khoury Nassef

    y? this is the greatest shit ever

    Khoury Nassef

    y? this is the greatest ever

    Khoury Nassef

    y ? this is the greatest shot ever


    +Pitbull Nation Can't most people? I mean, most guys won't turn down a bj.

  88. noahcomply

    this is the shit!