Spose - Fearless! (Interlude) Lyrics

I know how it is, everything's going great, and then you hit that wall, and you get that 4PM worried feeling!
You start looking around, hearts racing, hands shaking, minds racing
Happens to the best of us. After all, there's a lot to be worried about these days
Earthquakes, tsunamis, Russians, ISIS, North Korea, ebola, riots, cops, black people, white people, Mexicans, communists, gays, Jews, not having enough followers, not having enough likes, not having enough stuff
But if fear's not you down, I've got just the thing for you:


A new anxiety drink from the people who brought you You're Not Fat protein shake and 46 Hour Energy!
This mix of scrumptious natural flavors and biochemically engineered muscle relaxers is sure to get you over that 4PM wall and walking with the swagger of the chic zombie we all know you are!
You know what everyone's saying, "If you don't wanna fear, get Fearless!"
Get some before it's BANNED!
Available wherever gas masks are s– (static)

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