Spose - At The Motherf*&^ing Halo Lyrics

[DJ Rew:]
Once upon a time, not long ago
We made some dope records at The motherfucking Halo
I'm old school so I get to the point quicker
You past your prime like an overweight stripper
My time to fuck around, right around zero
You ask me twenty times, Warren Buffett's still my hero
I'm out here chasing dinero like Bobby De Niro
I'ma buy a neighborhood and be somebody hero
Always hang with weirdos, my homies is my kinfolk
We dick your girlie real slow, old school medicine shelf
Make 'em see a rainbows like shooting free throws
Chasing checks is all we know, there they go at the do'
I'm always blessed, not stressed, it could be armed incest
I don't just try fly-ness, I'm like a litmus test
You must be confused, you think you wanna diss this
That's like an atheist that's celebrating Christmas

Liar is your element like Lithium and Argon
I'm here to prove it, you losing gives me a hard on
Got bars long, from married moms selling Arbonne
The Stella Artois coaster poster with the hard gloss
I'm from Maine where I don't gotta keep my car locked
M's on my mind like I'm playing for Jim Harbaugh
I'm not restricted to conventional thought
I risk it all, got balls like intentional walks
You make me wanna tee-hee like Rob Gronk
'Cause life's a bitch like it was your dog's mom
You think your circle's dope but P. Dank know it isn't, though
You're all a bunch of squares like some sticky notes
I'm a nice guy, but my jaw is mean
Your rhymes weaker than the hand on the claw machine
So fuck your concert, bro, I'm mad I came to it
I had a better time getting robbed in St. Louis

[Mike Be:]
They tried to doubt me from the first verse that I laid the tape
But I practiced up, went and made mistakes
Never slept much, while the rest was, keep my reps up
Gotta get a step up so I stayed awake
Nodoz in my bars, no Xanny
Flows more like nose candy, no Mars
Still my whole family's large
And we gracin' stages
Amazin' pace that we lace the page with
Some folks'll fake it 'til they come face to face with the greatness
You lazy faded suckers who fuck up a beat, I duff and repeat
Meet four knuckles that will touch you and fuck up your week
Told dudes I showed to prove
Reps dope, cold aloof
I wreck flows from the shows and booth
You can check Snopes so you know the truch
We move swiftly, the crew's with me, the mood uplift me
Shoot the harpoon from the calypso to skew the fishy
Your view is iffy, your image is weak
Over before you started, you artists too timid to speak
The meek shall inherit the shit that I choose to leave without
Please believe me, it's Mike Beasley, the beast
Peace, I'm out

[Jay Caron:]
I backslap rappers physically and vocally, I'm the one y'all hope to be
A motherfucking giant, it's impossible not to notice me
I'll Sean Carter roundhouse, that's the shit that I'm about
I don't need no topic, I just say some shit and sound it out
A motivated man, with a master plan
Dropping verses over bangers thanks to God.Damn.Chan
I turn Gold River stone killer, jealous fucking spade bitter
While I'm steady laughin', I'm 'bout to make this happen
Y'all some sing-along silly fucks, talk slick but really suck
Tell your moms to call me, I got ways for her to make a buck
I don't need no luck, I got the gift, fuck a "what if"
I'm what is that dopeness, y'all motherfuckers hopeless
I spaz out and start slapping up people
I'm a beast with an attitude, I'm oh so evil
This is part one of one, ain't gon' be no sequel
And as far as rapping go, I've never met my equal, one

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Spose At The Motherf*&^ing Halo Comments
  1. andrew beane


  2. TheCrampus

    Very much dank.

    Christian Millsaps

    akumasdisciple preposterously so

  3. Calvin Barr

    Jay Caron!!!!

  4. Flirty Wingman

    This is probably my favorite off the album so far

  5. Spencer Daugherty

    Love this shit!