Spock's Beard - The Ballet Of The Impact Lyrics

The windshield explodes
Like a bomb packed with diamonds
There's a deafening silence
Time flows to a crawl
As the ballet of the impact
Spreads out across the blacktop
Angels dancing down like raindrops
In the air as they fall

So this is how it goes
So this is how it ends
A flatbed runs a red light
No time to comprehend
As a blizzard of my memories
Lights up like fireflies
In the sliver of an instant
In a flash before my eyes...

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Spock's Beard The Ballet Of The Impact Comments
  1. Gibson45

    Love the mellotron sounds. Assume they are samples, but i don't care. Great song John.

  2. Master Of Puppets

    sappy and crappy

  3. saityavuz76

    Mumkey stop...

  4. Jessica Campbell

    *i can’t remember where I heard this song but I quoted lyrics from this song on my Facebook years ago. Cool song*

  5. RockProgresivo

    Fantastic song! One of my bearded faves!

  6. James Rozoff

    John, are you the guy who wrote the lyrics for this? Very good stuff, something I noticed almost immediately. I've been playing this song cycle a lot lately (CD's in my car right now) as I'm going through one of those times in my life where I'm thinking about "all the things we leave behind, all the work we leave undone..."

  7. Carolyn Booth

    Fantastic album

  8. Maciej Kowalczyk

    Chasing innocent men. Escaping in his car, very nervous, straight into a crash.

    That's what I see when I'm listening to this song.