Spock's Beard - I'm The Guy Lyrics

[The ego:]
I'm the guy who lurks
In the heart of every man
I'm the creepy jerk
Dressed up like your dearest friend

I am Jonah's whale flying friendly sail
I'm the mind you're living in
I.. I'm the guy

I'm the guy who thinks
Of the press and interviews
Like to walk a mile
In God's favorite running shoes

If you specify who has made you cry
Who can give the suicidal blues
I.. I'm the guy

I'm the one you can't get free
I will always be
Like a wolf that's at your door
What your women wants is me
I'm the one she's waited for
She's waited for

I'm the one eyed jack
I'm the one you can't ignore
Just give me somethin' better than that
I'm the guy who wants more and more
And more and more and more

And then when I'm through
You'll be turned into
An emotional vegetable
'Cause I.. I'm the guy

I'll tell you how great you are
You're the best by far
You're a drop dead centerfold
That girl ain't nothin', you're the star
And your life will be controlled
It'll be controlled by me

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Spock's Beard I'm The Guy Comments
  1. Cory Octavious Shreksworth

    Who's here because of RavenCyarm?

  2. Venus

    Roman Reigns' theme song.

    Anthony Stevenson

    Corona fuck yes look up his new mashup it came out today be raven something

    CCL on Youtube


    Anthony Stevenson

    CCL on Youtube there you go

  3. Ricardo Lassala

    Great song, stands out on its own!
    Can't help to think about (and yes, this is a guilty pleasure) Cheap Trick on a Prog trip sometimes when I hear it...
    Would you like to Heaven tonight? We're gonna raise Hell!


    Great !!!

  4. DesertEagle97531

    What a sinister song. Love it.

  5. driverofsound

    I'm the guy! And I lurk! But not the creepy jerk who resides in your mind. Just trolling for undesirables to harass. Want sum?

  6. Wilq59r

    one of my favorite SB tunes.