Spock's Beard - From The Darkness Lyrics

[I. The Darkness]

It's everywhere that I go
It's everything that I see
And I don't know how to fight it

What was down is now up
And what was up has gone down
This scene has lost all its spirit

If you're not going
Every minute of every day
You'll end up somewhere behind it

Back in the day things were hard
But so much simpler in ways
You didn't know when to quit

Outshined by everyone around
Feeling lost and never found
Trying hard to fight the good fight
Out of the darkness and into the light

Strange things always come
When your mind is not clear
And there's no understanding

Thrown right under the bus
Throwing up all your guts
To get back to beginnings

Habits carved into stone
That you do all alone
When nobody is watching

Trying not to get caught
Fear is what you have sought
And it's much too demanding

Outshined by everyone around
Feeling lost and never found
Trying hard to fight the good fight
Out of the darkness and into the light

[II. Chance Meeting]

I saw you sitting with your friends that day
I tried to keep myself from staring
I found the courage but I had nothing to say
My tongue was tied and I was daring

How lucky the sun came shining

You told me I was out of my mind
I said you were crazy
But it was me who was crazy
Drunk on the wine in your eyes

Our story is written across the sky
Words to last forever
And the meaning just gets clearer every day

I hope you know we share one soul
Never let go

[III. On My Own]

Can you tell me?
Can you help me?
I am feeling down
Situation overload
Our ship has run aground

Waiting for the lightning strike
To come and bring me down
I talk but you don't hear a sound

It's got me so frustrated
The words have been debated
Can you give me any reason at all?

I want to know
I want to know

I'm on my own
I'm on my own

[IV. Start Over Again]

How you doin' my man?
You got anything to say?
Tell us everything
Everything you learned along the way

The crowd they love you today

Tell us everything
How you did it
How you made your way

Start over again
Feel alive come on and take it
Start over again
Feel alive come on and make it

Start over again
Come on and take it
Start over again
Come on let's make it

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Spock's Beard From The Darkness Comments
  1. Nobody Nobody

    What are you doing in my room

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    13:34 is what you're looking for

  3. Parahax

    What happened to you mumkey?


    life hits like a truck

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    9:24 best part

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    Mumkey jones

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    mumkeys new video space http://mumkeyjones.tv

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    Neal Morse 2

  10. Ricardo Ramos

    Amazing bass !

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    mumkey brought me here

  12. Respawn Master

    Mumkey Jones is amazing

  13. Anervaria

    Thanks mumkey

  14. Meepo

    Who would know that 90% of these comments are about Jumkey

  15. erpsims

    I'm so glad Mumkey used this song in his video. Now I have a new amazing band to listen to.


    rip mumkeys channel

  16. Quest for greatness

    Guys I uploaded the part of the song that mumkey used on my channel, feel free to watch and download it.

  17. Quest for greatness

    poor guys won't even know what these sudden influx of comments mean

  18. Green Fish

    "but- but maybe i dont have to kill him... maybe i really can save everyone..."


    rip the channel

  19. Cthulu's Cousin

    Dammit jumkey

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    Start over again hits me hard

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    I really want the last segment as it’s own song can anybody help?

    Quest for greatness

    JackBlackfan420 yeah I'm looking for it too. if I can find it I'll help you.

    Quest for greatness

    JackBlackfan420 I uploaded it on my channel. just youtube to mp3 it

  22. Jared Stratton

    Looks like Mumkey helped me find a new band to listen to

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    2b2t hell yeah dude

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    What are you doing in my room!!

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    I wish Start Over Again was on it's own

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    Damnit jumkey he was finally about to do it and you blew it

  27. yiusa


    Ayla Is Very Cool

    it's at 13:34 xd

    Christopher Clark

    Almost had me in tears

  28. Mister CyberBully

    "what are you doing in my room"

    Mister CyberBully

    yeah. it was a nice touch but I called it before mumkey returned to his older self. you can hear jumkey say "what" just before young mumkey passes out.

    Pergo Rofa

    On The Spectrum yeah, I heard him say ‘what’ to. The actual fucking quality of the ending was amazing and way better than what I thought mumkey was capable of.

    Sam Labbato

    honestly such a good ending. you knew it was going to end that way, but then he picks up the noose and doubt yourself for a minute, and then the music changes and you hear jumkey. so fucking good


    ikr, fucking love that shit, made me have the most dumb smile ever

    Luke V

    I mean to be fair, The Triflers is apparently really good so that and the guilt and regret survival guide are proof that Mumkey can write some pretty good serious stories.

  29. Dark Fact

    9:35 I'm listening to a Street Fighter soundtrack. :D

  30. Timmy Vermeersch

    this whole album is damn good !!!

  31. Chris Archevald

    yeah. thats unfortunate.

  32. Chris Archevald

    What a band! its too bad Nick is no longer there. I prefer his vocals to Neal's. But not by too much.


    Chris Archevald have you heard that now jimmy keegan is leaving the band too? So now SB is in search of a new drummer. Jimmy did a great job on drums and backing vocals for these last two albums they've put out.

    Brian Gonzalez

    Ted's brilliant, but too polished to get that organic greatness that Nick has.

  33. Nesheny _

    Live version is so much better.

  34. Aeonic Impulse

    one of my favorite songs they've ever written =)

  35. Tom Wimsatt

    My music catalog just keeps growing! I hear a Spock's Beard tune on YT and then just hafta buy the album.

    Joe Guerra

    Tom Wimsatt I can agree! I just mustered up some band names and they came out,loved the thumbnail,and so I was indulged the whole way

  36. Brayden

    I really don't like the first 4 minutes of this song but after that happens to be one of the best Spock's Beard songsong ever made!

  37. Zoot Cat

    09:20 !!!
    15:15 !!!

  38. Chris Check

    It's all good. Both are great tunes, and everyone reading this should also check out Jaws of Heaven, and then buy X.

  39. Rollo Inferior

    Damn. Going on two years and i never noticed my mistake. Thanks man. i don't know what i was smoking that day. haha.

    adolf hitler

    cremesupreme what mistake


    @adolf hitler he put the wrong songs movements in the description originally

  40. Chris Check

    Just to point out to the person who posted this video: the movements you list in the description are the parts of Jaws of Heaven.

    This song's movements are
    I: Darkness
    II: Chance Meeting
    III: On My Own
    IV: Start Over Again

  41. Teven Coronal

    The whole album is like that. Really seemed like SB had finally found their footing after Neal's departure... and then Nick had to leave. Sucked to see him departing after they finally seemed to have found the right formular. But yeah, this song is great.

  42. rcrocket13

    its ridiculous that this only has around 4,000 views, it should be in the millions if the majority of the people on this planet were smart.

  43. ognibandyrrah

    At last, something that retains the "feel" of the original Beard, dont get me wrong, average Beard is far superior to plenty of music out there at the moment, but surely most would agree the NM period was the neo prog equivalent to PG era Genesis...From this track alone, it feels right, it has the scope that for me at least has been lacking (i respect others may not share my opinion) NDV has the vocal chop here and @ last the band seems to have stepped out of NM's shadow..Great post, thanks OP.

  44. Clifford Jones

    As much as I love Neal Morse, and I freaking LOVE Neal Morse, this guy's voice fits SB way better.

  45. w.j. R.

    Easily one of my favourite tracks off of "X."

  46. oOweirdoOo

    I like to jam along with the ending with my keyboard even though I know nothing of how to play the piano :)

  47. Ignacio Donoso Lopez

    awesome tema la cago

  48. 2K's

    @cremesupreme oh no...tui don't really do that...perhaps you're thinking of crows! Anyway, I quite like this tune! Very good tune! Thanks for the different sounds!

  49. Rollo Inferior

    @0marigolds Interesting indeed. Glad you liked ,0. your quick analysis of the tune is spot on. No Zout required. thanks for listening to the ROCK.

  50. Rollo Inferior

    @KARENK72886 haha! well thanks Deuter for giving it a spin. prog ain't for everyone. i found out the hard way that tui's aren't so kind in nightmares.

  51. 2K's

    clicked like for the name Spock, Trekkie 4lyf! Agggghhh...I'm scared...the music's giving me the chills...might have nightmares...hehee!!!! Thanks Horsto!