Spock's Beard - All Is Vanity Lyrics

And when we touch the future dies
I see the face of my demise
I'm all alone without a friend
I see my fate, my bitter end

Thought I was the bigger man
But all I've done is a grain of sand
Thought I gave the best of me
But all it was was vanity

All is vanity
All is vanity

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Spock's Beard All Is Vanity Comments
  1. B-Pup

    So close to 10,000 views....

  2. Vuizendrecht

    The culmination of every good moment on this album.

  3. MrTwig1986

    The chords at 4:19 and onward are very typical of Spock's Beard. Sounds really great!

  4. moonlighter11 _


  5. Alucard

    Best keyboard solo ever.

  6. Eirik Morken

    Listen to Ryo ripping that Hammond Organ apart! YEEEEAH!

  7. dreamtheater186

    realllllll great prog rock..... SB is AWSM .... yeahhhhhh epic song..

  8. Ianuarius

    Oh yeah, the instrumental is awwsum!

  9. davetschopp

    This is probably my favourite tune of this album. Spock's at their peak...Of course you need the context of the concept, to entirely grasp this epic moment....thx 4 posting it..