Spiritualized - Smiles Lyrics

And when you shine
You know you take
A massive part out of me
And when you smile
You know you blind me
To all the horrors I see

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Spiritualized Smiles Comments
  1. P.... S....

    With love from Canada.

  2. s.... k....

    Six lines says it all..
    Such a Beauty..

  3. s.... ....

    Beautiful melancholy music from a good soul.

  4. B.... M....

    hi guys, I'm a young music producer and i would be so thankful if you can take a minute to check out my latest beat and give this a thumbs up so other good people can see this 🙌

  5. C.... ....

    Getting depressed in a cold morning in France and writing down my thoughts... This song came at that perfect moment to draw a smile on my face. Love to you Jason.