Spinners, The - There's No One Like You Lyrics

I don't mind
Steering up a cloudy day
When love is on it's way

Now I have
Dreams of you and yesterday
And how we're going to stay
In love

Like clinging vines
We'll stand in stormy weather
I see the sun
We'll always be together
I just can't help this feeling
Your love just keeps me willing
To climb the highest mountain for you

There's no one like you
No baby, no girl
There's no one like you
You the sun in my tomorrow
There's no one like you
Whow, yeah yeah

I don't mind
Riding on a shooting star
The dream is not too far

If by chance
You should fall and need someone
You know just where to come
For love

And when we reach
The other side of heaven
We'll build a home
For maybe six or seven
The only song I'm singing
It's love that keeps me ringing
In my heart
There's no one like you

There's no one like you
No baby, no girl
Say you brighten my world
There's no one like you
Ain't nobody like you, baby no no
There's no one like you
Whow, whow whow whow

And we reach
The other side of heaven
We'll build a home
For maybe six or seven
The only song I'm singing
Love, love that keeps on ringing
In my heart
Ain't nobody but you
Ain't nobody but you

There's no one like you
Can't love nobody else, no no no no
There's no one like you
No baby, no girl
There's no one like you
I've been trying for a long long time, hey baby
There's no one like you
Just can't get you off my mind
There's no one like you
I wanna build a home for you, well well well
There's no one like you
Do all the things that we'd say we'd do
There's no one like you
You like the flowers in the spring
Such a pretty little thing

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Spinners, The There's No One Like You Comments
  1. DeCarlo Turner

    In 2020...Still a smooth Chi-Town Steppers Cut!

  2. masande tshabalala

    You like flowers in spring...you such a pretty little thing!!

  3. Willie Downing

    This is the Bomb, man this song is great, the Spinners are the best believe that 😀

  4. Geraldo Barbosa


  5. Melchizedek W. ARKTUKUS the Kristopherian

    Magic takes place

  6. Sharon Edwards


  7. Cynthia Ward

    I have been in the mood to hear Phillippe Wynn, for last 24 hours. I’m going back to years as a kids when the grown people would play the Spinners and Al Green. Beautiful time and now I understand the music.

  8. Regina Daniels

    I li love my daddy

  9. mj artist


  10. Kay Money

    Jus a BEAUTIFUL song🙏👍✌👏

  11. Linda Jackson

    Hi edagdwg love this song God at work 🙏 I'm so proud of myself for learning only God can give you real true love peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯 peace ❤️🙏 ❤️❤️💯 💯

  12. Linda Jackson

    Gm edagdwg love this song God at work when God is in your life he makes it easier for you faith is a real tool use it I do all the time Linda j ☮️❤️ ❤️💯 💯💯 💯

  13. David A. Walker

    Still listening in 2019! Classic Soul...Good Stuff! #TheSpinners

    Glen Smith

    You have class listening to this

    Doreen Newman

    try 2020 !!

  14. Leon Guisburg

    Philly magic---Fambrough, Smith & Wynne---THREE lead vocalists---in one tune!!! Where is that gonna happen again?!

  15. Cedric Edwards

    No one like you.

  16. chocolate smile

    What an incredibly beautiful song. By a phenomenal group like the Spinners. My generation was very blessed to have such great music! Nothing like it!

  17. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's R&B 🎸 💘 Enjoy 1970.

    Mikki H

    I believe they were inducted in 2017...

  18. selflessman

    I don't remember this cut, but it sounds better and better just like most of The Spinners songs.

  19. Cas82958

    So beautifully sung...all 3 lead singers on this one.

  20. Cynthia Ward

    What’s funny this love that this song is about, comes once in a lifetime, you know right away that you found it, and yes you can’t love nobody else.

    Willie Downing

    So true

  21. Ruth Melendez

    Such a good song ❤️

  22. Raresouldisease

    For my Mrs x

  23. dimpleddiva1

    This definitely describes the relationship that I now have with my first love! After going down different paths....divorces, death of my spouse, and now we are finally back together after about 40 years! IT'S FOR FOREVER THIS TIME!!!

    Sharon Johnson

    Wow. 40 years later. Congratulations

  24. abdispruce almighty


  25. Loretta De Herrera

    This is special 💘 💘

  26. Ez Johnson


  27. Ronnie Shepherd

    How is the Spinners are not in the in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Call me Mr. Ronnie Shepherd in L.A. Ca 323-531-8874

  28. Frank Civitak

    Spinners hall of fame singers

  29. Christian Boyd

    This is so smooth... love the spinners.

  30. Bruce A. Hawes

    BMI Work #: 1490694 ISWC: T-700.071.489-8
    Date Registered: 08/30/1974 Registration Origin: Works Registration

    Songwriter/Composer Current Affiliation Shares IP #
    HAWES BRUCE BMI 50.00% 00066133686
    SIMMONS CHARLES B BMI 50.00% 00072475764

    Publisher Current Affiliation Shares IP #

    Daniel Brown

    Thanks Bruce for your work I was 19 and in college when these great songs came out. Oh yeah and in Love.


    Can you see them turning to the side and clapping

    smooth persuader


    Mikki H

    Got me smiling over here😁🎵🎼🎤

  32. Freddie Wilkerson

    Ripped the draws off of this ur boy Freddie dice Frankford


    Vintage Spinners. Always a tough job, figuring out where Bobby goes out and phillipe comes in. Their voices, so intertwined, but that's what made the Spinners, " one of a kind."

    Darryl Pope

    GARFIELD MALONEY Bobby stops after the word “is”.

  34. Freddie Wilkerson

    Beautiful well written them boy's were rough dice Frankford

    smooth persuader

    Freddie Wilkerson they sure were

  35. Quincy Higgins

    old school in the 70s..on the Radio [email protected]

  36. Jeffery Mizell

    Back In the day (late 70's), this album by the Spinners had about every song on it a hit. Then again I am a great fan of The Spinners (especially Phillipe Wynn).

  37. Pamela White

    Missing my steppin man mr.calhoun :-(

    Juanita Gardenhire

    Pamela White that's exactly what this song is!!!!

  38. Gregory Gordon

    Love this song.

  39. Cedric Edwards

    simply Marvelous.

  40. Major Benifield


  41. Cold Lo #BEATS

    Made a banging beat from this sample: "Strength" https://youtu.be/-Xb2b-VvsQ8 Check it out.

  42. Ruby Harrington

    so mellow!

  43. darrylhaynes

    this song makes me think back to 1974 when I let a special young lady Walk Right Out of My Life

    Normand Deschênes

    Darryl, me too! She was my first girlfriend! Wow, but what a classic by the Fabulous Soinners!

  44. kevin lane

    ilikethissongthere s noonelikeyou by the spinnersin1974 andfromthealbumnewandimprovedin1974 signkevinlane

  45. Frank Basile

    Who could possibly be behind the 1 thumb down?...Such a beautiful composition,arrangement and performance.Thanks for posting.

  46. Defonzo Arnett

    One of the most beautiful songs by the Mighty Spinners.

    Patrita Blackston

    Yes it is.!!!!!

  47. Mary Taylor

    Good morning everyone may God bless you all keep enjoying the music and different stuff on you tube okay smile...

  48. Frank Civitak

    great hall of fame song

  49. glenn logan

    All egos set aside, a complete Spinner collaboration. Beautiful!

    Danny Friendly

    Yes sir!

    Danny Friendly

    I love the vocal interaction!