Spinners, The - Smile, We Have Each Other Lyrics

Just say that I'm the one who
You will live and breathe for
And tiny buds will bloom, then
We would grow to love those

Sometimes our troubled world will
Come tumbling down
I still have you
We're going through

When all the winds have blown
You’ll never feel a thing 'cause
Love has no special way of
Making bells to ring, so

Let's just move on to love and
We'll make up our minds
We're going through
There's me and you

Smile, we have each other
Sometimes I don't know where you go
But love has made us one
Come on smile, we have each other
If you're for me, we'll never be alone

Although no wealth is ours
We never feel so bad 'cause
We only miss the things that
Gave us what we have, so
If there is anything I can do for you
The way is made, the price is paid

Smile, we have each other
Sometimes I don't know where you go
But love has made us one
Come on smile, we have each other
If you're for me, we'll never be alone
Come on smile we’ll have each other
Sometimes I don’t know where you go
But love has made us one
Come on smile we’ll have each other
If you’re for me in love will be
‘Cause love has made us one
Come on smile we’ll have each other
Sometimes I don’t know where you go
But love has made us one
Come on smile we’ll have each other
If you’re for me in love we’ll be
‘Cause love has made us one
Come on smile we’ll have each other
Smile we have each other


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Spinners, The Smile, We Have Each Other Comments
  1. arjenn pascual

    I will not get tired of listening to good music like this one,I love 70's era,classic & timeless.

  2. Kevin Powell

    This is what I always say to my wife of 41 years that is the bond that kept us together all these years.

  3. Olatunji Mwamba

    Definitely one of my favorites by them. Real smooth.



  5. john pcikens

    This song is so beautiful, I had sex with myself, I'm not lying. And, I don't care who hate me for doing it. Don't blame me. Blame Thom Bell.

  6. abe finklestein

    I knew it! I knew there was another lead singer besides Philippe Wynn.

  7. Don't Care

    I just discovered them right now and im so proud of myself

  8. Izzy_Is_Oran9e YT

    Izzy love's R&B 🎸 💘 Enjoy

  9. Samuel Mahmud

    Love the way this song starts off just say that I'm the one you would live and breathe for what a Beautiful Love Song Smile we have each other they don't make music like this anymore I miss the 70s

  10. Kasim 0wens

    There's nothing like the old school music melody meaning love feeling yes and I'm listening to this song December 2nd 2018 represent old school to the fullest and I'm 46 years old and I never been on parole and I got to have mine purple on the regular if it's God's will I will bring this music back with my singing ability in me don't have to have some Hennessy just need some purple and my lady with me smoking purple all day everyday what SEPTA Katt Williams Rodney Perry Pooh man delinquents my brother grasshopper Abdul Rahim rest in peace to my sister Camille and grandmothers and Uncle Leo I know that you all made it to heaven and my brother from another mother Tupac Shakur yeah brother you made they haven't met we was kicking it smoking that good but you know I owe him Earth that's what God made here for us to smoke but don't abuse it

  11. NostalgicB

    Sabotage - Canão

  12. Todd Mitchell

    The strings are nasty

  13. Denisha Leonard

    Real music is when you can feel the music I feel this!

  14. Dwight James

    Nothing's better than black music..Facts.

  15. MarcLloydz

    he met ice poseidon on sidewalk Cx

  16. john clark

    Here here

  17. jay

    love this song.

  18. gfine2000

    This song brings back such wonderful memories of my family being together living in Harlem in Drew Hamilton Projects. It's been so long. I've lost two sisters, my mother and a woman that love can't begin to describe. I miss them all oh so much but you can't take away those oh, so wonderful warm memories. Mommy, Margaret, Darlene and my love of a lifetime, Myra. You've all taken a little piece of me when you left but my love for you all has not faded in the least. In fact, it has only gotten stronger.

  19. Ju S

    What an amazingly adorable song ❤

  20. Carmen Ocampo

    Love this song❤

  21. Mike Smith

    I saw them live in DC and they were nasty

  22. Gonzino Mobbin


  23. Ruby Harrington

    With Hawes, and Co. combined ,and mixed like a great Cake. it came to perfection.

  24. Mikail Malik

    Vintage Spinners... Henry Fambourgh on lead vocals...

  25. Karen Jackson

    What can I say, another masterpiece from the Spinners!

  26. Bruce A. Hawes

    +rwise50 - Thank you for sharing this song from +The Spinners music collection written by: me, +Bruce Hawes and my longtime songwriting partner: +Charles Simmons. #BH
    Google Licensing Department: BMI Work #: 1358961 ISWC: T-071.217.238-7

    Todd Mitchell


  27. Tina Dilworth

    I'm smiling :)

  28. Bruce A. Hawes

    Thank you +ricardo montagnoli, for your wonderful comments. I am working on a new solo album entitled: "BRUCE HAWES - CLASSIC". I was one of the vocalist that sang for many of the #FAMOUS #Philadelphia Recording Stars including +The Stylistics' greatest hit song: "You Make Me Feel Brand New." Your English is good for me +ricardo montagnoli. If you are Italian I can reply to you in Italian. Let me know what is your preferred language. Thank you. #BH

  29. Remedy Paulin


  30. D Me

    We had it like this in the '70's. They'll never understand. They can listen, but you had to be there.

  31. SherylAnnann Pughpugh

    noting to smile about & I Don't have nobody

    Bruce A. Hawes

    You should always give it some time when you meet new people. That way you can be sure if you like someone, and that they truly like you +SherylAnnann Pughpugh. #REAL friendships are not based on money or material posessions. #BH

    SherylAnnann Pughpugh

    @Bruce A. Hawes Good for You Missunderstand What I Meant is People Hide Behind mask Pretend Under False Pretense To Say They're Your Freind Unfortunately For Some of Us Best To Avoid Listening to All People who Say One Thing but Are Deceitful Who They say they are Then its Disproved by Their actions For for Some Of Us Didn't have to be Married To Figure That out Good Day

    Bruce A. Hawes

    I suggest that you avoid that type in the future +SherylAnnann Pughpugh. I am happily single because I found peace & happiness within myself. I'm at peace. Be happy! #BH

    kevin James

    If you gave up on trust, then don't blame hobbies. For some hobbies help some to rediscover themselves. Even if it is for the first time. Many people are fake and some find a challenge in seeing people for who they are. They are not the issue. Getting past the hurt and challenges of life to get to wisdom may be a question. We all may choose to face it or not. Life still gives all of us time to try again and again.

    Bruce A. Hawes

    You expressed my exact sentiment +kevin James. Well said. #BH

  32. Tkelston Harmon

    still jammin

  33. John Campbell

    saw them twice in the seventies they were brilliant

  34. whistle bomber

    really cool spinners

  35. kevin James

    Love it!

  36. Reinaldo Green


    Samuel Mahmud

    Reinaldo Green I couldn't agree with you more


    this song is dangerous. I would have to concur 150%. You hit the nail on the head.

    Paterno Taboada

    Be, smile for the facismile


    @Clarence Wrightas far as ALBUMS, remember BEFORE 1976 Gold sales÷÷====1 million records sold.

    The new certification added platinum.

    The change meant: Gold lps = 500,000 units sold

    Platinum lps =1,000,000 units sold

    Be Cool

    Mr. Ultrafino

    Agreed 100%.

  37. Jeff Huggins

    high school live forever pj

  38. Bruce A. Hawes

    Thank you, +rwise50, for sharing the "Jefferson - Hawes & Simmons" songwriting team's music legacy song: (Smile We Have Each Other), created specifically for the #GREAT and Legendary Singing Group, +The Spinners.

    james hayden

    No Disrespect To Michael Zager...But, When The Transition Of Producers And Lead Singers Shifted. I've Lost Total Interest  In The Group And Sound (After The Spinners 8 Album) Again, You And Your Partners Had That Touch And Reach For True Honest Love....My Favorite Verse For Smile Is.." If There Is Anything I Can Do For You... The Way Is Made, The Price Is Paid"...And Thom Bell Put Some Soulful Stank Conducting Those Strings Plus I Love How You Ended The Song...Smilllllllllllllllllle/cut........Mr. Hawes Take A Bow Sir. You're Timeless.

    Bruce A. Hawes

    HI +James Hayden, and +Michael Zager, it's been a long time since we have seen each other. The perfect-musical-storm that creates memorable music is a combination of songs, the artists performing those songs and the interpretation of the songs by the producer. +Thom Bell. +Linda Creed, +Joe Jefferson, Charles Simmons, Sherman Marshall, +Vinnie Barrett, +Theodore Life, +Talmadge Conway, +Phil Hurtt, +Steals Bros., +Bunny Sigler, were and are a musical family. That was the difference between Michael Zager's and his parters run with +The Spinners, and 5 years of success with this classic singing group. It takes a team to create magical music. Thank you for commenting.

    ricardo montagnoli

    Dear brother Bruce, I follow your work a much time with Spinners and others group of black music (Philadelfia record, Atlantic, and others).
    Your song atack our heart with love, happiness and peace. I like this music stile (R&B, soul, quiet stormy).Please, I'm sorry my english.Make more love music for us because have more friends here like your music too. I live in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. God bless you my brother and your partners. My e-mail is: [email protected]

  39. 58soulboy

    Top Top Tune

  40. 58soulboy

    Top Top Tune

    Neicy Williams

    This is a jam

  41. david harris

    love...spinners....understanding the 70's and 80's ooohhh

  42. Sherri Pratcher

    Such a beautiful love song! They don't make music like this anymore.


    Sherri Pratcher Nice taste Sherri Pratcher

    John Campbell

    they were unbelievable live

    Bruce A. Hawes

    I still write very relatable songs now, like I did then +Sherri Pratcher. I am still young! #BH

  43. Angelo Teague

    come on smile we have each other, sometimes I don't know where you go,but love has made us one.we have each other

    Paterno Taboada

    Hahaha wait sa good, we will do the boogie woogie

  44. Angelo Teague

    I play this song over and over ,and over .just can't get enough of hearing it.

    Samuel Mahmud

    Angelo Teague I thought I was the only one that felt that way

    Alonzo Holder

    I agree

  45. Angelo Teague

    this is one of my favorite songs by the spinners. this takes me back to some great times. it makes me smile for real

  46. iceberg slim11

    Henry Fambrough,Philippe Wynne

  47. NicolasCieri

    tortuzl respeto & amor

  48. Mario Serna

    el final es aposteotico, es una sublime maravilla

    Paterno Taboada

    D I bac ten +1

  49. Curtis Gilbert

    Just say that I'm the one who, you and breathe for and tiny buds would bloom then, we grow to LOVE though.......beautiful, just beautiful,come on Smile, we have each other.

    Saundra Brown

    I love the way you think my brother.

  50. ChinaDoll25空


  51. kevin lane

    ilikethissong smilewehaveeachotherbythespinnersin1974signkevinlane

  52. Sam Bivens

    A True Love Story, something so Simple ' Smile, We have each Other" That's what True Love will do. It's a Beautiful Feeling. Songs that opened the Soul & made Communication so clear with Truth, Trust, Loyalty, Respect & Love. Smile! Classic Black Gold.

    Mario Serna

    Sam Bivens you're right

  53. spectre56j

    Love this!

  54. Annmarie Spence


  55. Monette Rose

    Just reminds me of my teen years .......

  56. FlipStar26

    Do they even make songs like these anymore? Sounds that communicates directly with the soul

  57. G. Hedge

    I Can't help but invite you all, my fb followers, to the very best,so for all you couples out there,I just felt it approipate, to hit you all, with a joint that speaks about the going through so much, holding on, til you make it work. It's never easy , but worth it!! Enjoy this with a Smile. PEACE OUT!!!

  58. jo22338601

    Strings reach my heart, a real love ballard..awesome group very underrated. Unsung.

    Todd Mitchell

    The strings are killer

  59. LeCarlos Lewis

    The Spinners blend of voices were a masterpiece of art.  Their ballads as well as their up tempo songs just picked you up and made you feel better.  Classic music.

  60. barbara johnson

    As long as we have love...OMG...

  61. izzey miyaki

    Cuz love made us one..yahooooo!!!!!!💋💋💋💋💞💞💞

  62. lloyd johnson


  63. Andy Fern

    I just love this song....Henry Fambrough's voice was sooooo cool!

  64. Virginia Cortez

    Crazy, I have never heard this song until today when my husband dedicated this song to me on a letter he sent me.  :) 


    sikat ito nung elementary ako dekada 70 

  66. michael blackston


  67. Atomank68

    After the last comment, I couldn't resist adding another spinners track to my playlist.  They had so many hits (a phenomenon common to the majority of R&B\Soul artists in the 60s and 70s) that some of their competive tracks-like this one, among nearly copious others-never got much air time in the crowed shedulding.  Interesting, that anyone who wanted to get into radio in the 60s and 70s, could have taliored their own music programming and slecection themes from anyone of the many sub-generes of "Black Music", and gotten rich off it.  But then, the real "tricky" part is finding a talented dico-jockey who could "present"  these compositions to the public.  That rare talent was more like an seasoned "educator" than a record-spinner!!!

  68. Leroy Jackson-Burgess

    The beautiful composition.. the brilliantly mellow arrangement... the perfectly executed vocals... and the immaculate production of THOM BELL, combine to make this an awesome piece of music... and recalls the days when wonderful music such as this was the RULE, rather than the EXCEPTION. Amazing post. 

    James Sullivan

    Bruce A. Hawes i stll have my copy of this. and may u live 110 years. hope i go into Gods kingdom when i die. still sad over brenda jones

    Bruce A. Hawes

    WE are all sad about +Brenda Jones of +The Jones Girls, #TSOP, James. Thank you for commenting here. #BH

    James Sullivan

    Bruce A. Hawes you are very welcome. i am in ocala florida now and have no access to facebook but at least i can still get you tube on this phone. was in Greensboro NC for a few days hoping to spend time with the one i love in my heart but so far no luck. i hope to meet you one day before God calls me home

    Bruce A. Hawes

    One day James. Take care. #BH

    Melvin Pruitt

    Well said!

  69. bubbajackification

    This is one of Thom Bell's most beautiful arraingments of all times, if it wasn't for brother Thom Bell the spinners would still be hitless.

  70. john p

    Sweet good memories

  71. Sonny Pacaldo

    Yeah this really brings back a lot of memories ..high school days.
    Thanks for Sharing. Love it

  72. C Ber

    Great song
    Quas also did well with it

  73. michael knowles

    The best group with style

  74. George Arroyo

    song so beautiful. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Thank you sharing!

  75. wayzkie rulez

    this song is so beautiful :) i like it so much

  76. Troy Heyward


  77. bunnyoneful

    Girl, me too (smile) Now I have to keep a watch on my CD's when they are missing I have to go to each one (3 girls/women) and ask who has my CD.

  78. Harold Stewart

    Solid Tune!!

  79. genelle rivers

    this song spotlights The Spinners' Henry Fambrough and Philliipe Wynne such a cool and laid-back song to just chill to. Still miss you Bobbie Smith...

  80. MsIamWoman

    Thank God for "old school lovers".... I raised my own (grown) children on the classics....tried to "raise 'em right"!!!.....(smile)

  81. whatthehell


  82. rhino

    found this randomly and recognized it from cyne's evolution fight

  83. klomb4

    My daddy would blast all these songs when I was growning up, who would have thought 30 years later I would love them all. Thanks Daddy for showing me what good music is.

    Todd Mitchell

    Same here I grew up on this

  84. Bebot*1943


    The Soul R & B

  85. EAR ART

    good stuff

  86. fred lingell

    this is real music. relaxing.

  87. frankie hunter

    Brilliant in every way.

  88. Ronald Harris

    Amazing how the music of The Spinners can help define you as a loving person. This helped us through the dark years of apartheid. Thanks for posting a classic.

  89. LeCarlos Lewis

    Love The Spinners. One of the best R&B groups of our time. Classic love music. RIP, Philippe' Wynne, Pervis Jackson and Billy Henderson.

  90. Keith Twyman


  91. gogriz32

    good music lives on

  92. Donkey Man

    nice listening classic!

  93. daryl hunt

    This is a classic! Love this album!