Spinners, The - Love Don't Love Nobody Lyrics

Sometimes a girl
Will come and go
You reach for love
But life wont let ya know
That in the end
You'll still be lovin her
But then shes gone
You're all alone

Sign of pain
Is on my face, well
My heartbeat stops
But I wont take the blame, no no
I gave her all the love I had within
My love was strong
Somethin went wrong, no! no!

It takes a fool to learn
Yes sir
That love don't love nobody
Love love love love love love
It takes a fool to learn
Yes it does, girl
That love don't love no one
That love don't love no one
It takes a fool to learn
Stop to think about it, well
That love don't love nobody
Oh! Oh no!
It takes a fool to learn
When you're down and out, shout about it
That love don't love no more
Tell the world, oooh babe
No more...
Ohhhhhh, babe
It takes a fool to learn
Gotta be more careful about myself
That love don't love nobody
It takes a fool to learn
Woah baby, took me a long time to learn, to learn, well

That love don't love no one
It takes a fool to learn
I was a fool, you were a fool
That love don't love nobody
Now we got love, we need love
It takes a fool to learn

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Spinners, The Love Don't Love Nobody Comments
  1. Geraldine Brown

    All these old people in the comments lol🤣😂!

  2. Golden Blue

    One of my all time favorites ♥️💫♥️So proud and blessed to be part of this era ♥️🏆🌹🙏🏽👏😍♥️

  3. Vanessa Sance

    This OG shit if you don’t like it
    You have to live the life

  4. RichmondRaider

    turning pain into a joyful experience ...that's why old school is forever

  5. l lewis

    phillip wynne was good but it was all behind tom bell the writer

  6. Jade Jade

    I am 33 my old man is 56 enough said. Who can understand me 🤗🙂😎😋😚😘😅🥰

  7. Adam Parker

    My kind of music from beginning to end ❤.

  8. Cami BluTube

    Love the song! Hey, was orchestra playing this song?!

  9. Hugh Williams


  10. Everton Herbert

    Nothing beats a great story of life when as time goes by that that story sang like this relevant to this day.

  11. Nick Morrow

    Song is right

  12. Greg Williams

    Sing it Filipe, Thom Bell could write his ass off...such a true song 4 those of us that give & have given all of our heart soul spirit mind & body... " it take a fool 2 learn that luv don't luv nobody" ...

  13. Wadjet

    *my Mom used to listen to this song and shake her head...rest in love Mom🥀*

  14. Nekeda Smith

    Everyone says i have and old soul🤷🤷🤷i love the oldies,this is real music❤❤

  15. HammitCreates

    He should have sung all gospel songs

  16. Charles Gold

    The Spinners’ “Love Don’t Love Nobody” was one of the finest soul records of the 1970s, and still sounds to me like one of the greatest deep-soul ballads of all time. It was written by Charles Simmons and Joseph Jefferson, whose credits appeared on many Philadephia records of the era; the arrangement and production came from the extremely great Thom Bell, who moulded the hits of the Delfonics and the Stylistics as well those of the Spinners. It also has a lead vocal that shows what was lost to the art of soul singing when Philippé Wynne died in 1984 at the age of 43, after suffering a heart attack on stage in Oakland, Calfornia.

    Wynne could decorate a song with wonderfully inventive ornamentation which, by contrast with the work of the narcissists of today’s so-called R&B, never called undue attention to itself but was always in the service of the song, the arrangement, and the production. In that respect he was the peer of Ronald Isley and Teddy Pendergrass. And he was at his exalted best on “Love Don’t Love Nobody”: seven minutes and 13 seconds of soul heaven.

    The record begins with Bell’s piano, discreetly shadowed by a bass guitar and vibes, quietly commanding attention. There’s gospel in the cadences, but also a grave delicacy in Bell’s keyboard voicings and a pensive elegance in his touch. It’s the sound of introspection, even the sound of sadness itself, setting Wynne up for his entrance with that heart-rending opening verse: “Sometimes a girl will come and go / You reach for love, but life won’t let you know / That in the end you’ll still be loving her / But then she’s gone, you’re all alone…”

    As the track builds, Wynne adds his characteristic inventions to the song but firmly resists the temptation to overdo it. He’s listening to Bell’s arrangement, so spare, so subtly sophisticated as it adds strings and backing voices, and he’s making himself a part of it, even when he jams over the long fade.

    One other thing. I was doing some remixing at Sigma Sound in 1974 when I fell into conversation with an engineer, and asked him about Thom Bell. When I told him how much I admired “Love Don’t Love Nobody”, he said that he’d worked on that session a year or so earlier. He told me that the rhythm track had been done in a single take, and that Bell had finished it in tears. That knowledge doesn’t make me listen to it in a different way, but perhaps it does help to explain the very deep connection that it can make.

    Richard Williams

  17. Tanya Davis

    Then words that he's saying come straight from the heart and I'll break you down cuz Love don't love nobody people say they love you but people play games with love Glee singing it he said the truth

  18. Shirley Savage

    Saturday jam we listened to while cleaning the house

  19. creatorsist

    YASS, me and my Mom's jam, cleaning early on a Saturday morning... great song!

  20. Andre Nichols

    1985 I was born but my adopted parents were ole school n it rubbed off on me fasho. I prefer the good stuff to this bs they got out today. Guess imma old soul fr💪🏿💯

  21. Caren Cox

    True word's.

  22. Saturnino FelixJr

    My high school days

  23. Michele Richards

    Beautiful song!

  24. Alex Marie

    I’m here in 2020 loving this song! Who’s with me?

  25. ISAIAH Rogers

    I was born in November 8, 1985 and my POP’s was born in 1955. Every Friday through Sunday my Pops will play his old school Music with the vinyl records and big speakers loud, lol and say son” you don’t know nothing about this” I miss those days of my Childhood. Every time my Pops and Mom argue he will play Barry white to make up with her. The soul music from the late 60’s and and the 70’s are the greatest, one love peace ✌🏾

  26. oddmodd

    Philippe had one of the great gospel vocal stylings of all-time.

  27. Mike Banks

    "I ain't much of a rapper", "You can't color a thought and sure can't touch an emotion"

  28. William Hartman

    Love ❤️ hurts sometimes

  29. Michael Wimbley

    Same here....1977 Baby!

  30. Ronald Jones

    Is it me or when the song first started....did it sound like the End of The Road by Boys II Men


    Maybe since this was first, end of the road sounds like this

  31. Curtis Davis

    Music like this makes you cry it out instead of killing yourself it hurt so bad to learn that no matter how much you still love who you love your love cant make them still love you

    J Peavy

    Gimme Something Real, Ashford & Simpson, Everybody says the Fool, Main Ingredient

  32. VeraLee Cousins

    It will be alright I'll just. Keep be right on

  33. Diana Perkins

    Who is still jamming this in 2020???
    Me that's who!!! Who else out there is still jamming this in 2020???

  34. Regina Bailey

    That Voice Is Like No Other. Singing Brother. Rest In Heaven🌹

  35. Phillip White

    Why don't we have singer like that anymore?


    This one hitting home in my Life Right Now!! Must Be True😞Who is Listening in 2020..WOW!!

    Embery Byrd

    I hear you love

  37. kim turner

    This was my mom favorite song rip Delores Turner missing u so much

  38. Martin Frye

    Dam, just thinking about the world I lived in as a child, when this kind of music was out, doesn't exist anymore. The people you loved as a child, alot of them have passed on. Dam, I really miss a simpler time in this world, that seems like ages ago.

  39. Omid rahbar

    2020 Love don't love no one

  40. Antoine Townsend

    The Spinners Love Dont Love Nobody

  41. Andre Flood

    This is when singing was an art and the lyrics were meaningful.

  42. Melvin Linson

    The manhattan

  43. Vernon Foy

    This is music

  44. Vernon Foy

    A great song that help you get through.

  45. Carolyn Stewart

    This song so true people listen. This stuff been going on for yrs

  46. Sheila Allen

    I’m listening 2020 oh yes good music I miss

  47. Gregory Graham


  48. marta rodriguez

    Going down memory lane w/afew tears😔

  49. Phillip White

    It was the time when the black man had respect for the black woman and vice versa!!!!

  50. Sapaida Taylor

    MAN!! This song tells the truth learn what love is all about......

  51. Roosevelt Royster

    I cried

    Roosevelt Royster

    She's still learning on - am simply still in love with the first time I felt in love - love you miss you U always be their

  52. Suezzette Person

    All old music is outstanding

  53. Virgil Wyatt

    This started off with a piano, and then added a drummer and a vocalist and finishes with a symphony orchestra. This IS THE REAL DEFINITION OF A collaboration of love & music.

  54. james render

    Who's still listening 2020???

  55. Sonya Jackson

    Philipe Wynne G.O.A.T!!!

  56. Samuel Griffin

    Spinners and Philippe Wynne perfect combination for great music like this

  57. Miss Goldie

    2020 anyone 🥂💕‼️😝 like if you still bumping this type of soul music

  58. Shawn Glover

    I love the way he runs at the end of the song

  59. Gabriella Blackburn

    2020 clear vision

  60. Venson Davis

    It takes a fool to learn that love don't love nobody!

  61. Selan M

    Who's listening in 2020?

  62. Crawford Ewing

    Took me a long to leaned abouit the meaning of this song i was hurt by a lady

    J Peavy

    Everybody plays the fool honey. You probably have hurt a woman. Unrequited love is painful

  63. Ms Sandy

    I love me some Philippe Wynne!

  64. Rene Joseph

    The good ole days. Songs that helped parents raise their kids.

  65. Mike Banks

    Spinners along with Phillipe Wynne are respectfully in my top 5 greatest of all time for groups and male vocalists.

  66. Lewis White

    Love don't love nobody... It takes a fool to learn..

  67. Amber Hughley

    Awesome song. Loved this guy. Back in the day the music told you the truth. All you had to do was listen. I appreciate these songs more now than when I was kid.

  68. Arnold Graham

    I feel you. Mr.Avery

  69. earl howard

    These kids today have no memories like we had I feel for them .

  70. monique Wardrick

    2020 and on and on and on

  71. earl howard

    One of my favorites the spinners I was in the military when this cut aired so many memories and good friends.

  72. Maurice Freeman

    Love don't love nobody I got love for me

  73. Lori Josephshaw

    Great music never die......Its alive folks

  74. Dee 2021

    Good music. Iam crying taking about my mother and grandmother. They gone. Bring back so many memories. Thank you for the soul.

  75. kwolf43

    It ages like fine wine, It just keeps getting better and better. 2020

  76. Theresa Pickett

    2020 ! Even if you feel that those days are over !!! This is still the Jam !! Play it for the youngsters !!!

  77. DA BUSH

    born 1956 still listening 2020

  78. Gayella Pritchard

    I been learn

  79. Cullen Harris

    Listening to this music says it all!! See I lost my wife Robbie to cancer on December 2nd, 2016 two days shy of our 29th anniversary. Last year I started dating, and fell in love so hard. Helped her emotionally when she lost her son unexpectedly. Now all of a sudden she just wants to be friends. It's difficult when you love so hard. Also at this time my youngest child left for college so I'm dealing with the dreaded empty nest syndrome. So my YouTube family any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

  80. NITTY103166

    The Spinners Live album from the Latin Casino is one of the best albums out there period!

  81. ECU Baller

    2020...we are still here

  82. EDDIE24842277

    those of us who grew up in the 60s, 70s, and 80s experienced something that our current generation has'nt. we were there when real music was being produced and was sung from the heart. after years of oppression and heartache this was our outlet. times were not that great back then as we had to deal with blatant racism, unemployment and a sense of hopelessness, but the music, the music helped us thru those times and the words were so powerful to listen to, even today. that era will be never be outdone because the youngsters havent experienced or lived thru the suffering that we and our parents did.

  83. Granny the Diva

    My becoming grown for real song. ❤❤❤

  84. Walter Cohen

    Blacks before the 1970's had to be the children of God, they created so many inventions, sang so many wonderful loving songs, and endured so much pain with strength and unified grace. They would not know most of us today!

  85. Jacqueline Woodard

    WHO'S still listening in 2020?
    👎. Mr Fellipe? Can spell the last name


    Philippe Wynne

  86. Edward Bansuelo

    Reminiscing love it

  87. willia burrell


  88. Deborah McNeill

    The absolute best!❤️

  89. John Brocklehurst

    Jan 2020.Tell me who is still listening and loving this beautiful song.

  90. Ann Goodman

    Learn~Learn~SOUL 2 SOUL~~~YeS~ONE LOVE~~~

  91. Leonard Harrison

    I never learned to give myself
    I’ve been a fool but right now I need someone else well well well
    Just like boy blue I, I blow my horn
    If you just lead me home, baby, I should have known


    Leonard Harrison Love you Leonard Harrison !! Maybe one day we can have a cook out and have a good time .. Classic joints and good food along with beautiful women It’s going to be the best of times Leonard .. we love ya !

  92. Sandra Smith

    "Well..well..well." My, my, my...The Spinners...timeless! TY gentlemen.

    Ann Goodman

    "It's Ah FOOL? UMM~~~WELL~NEXT~Peace!!!

  93. Bridgett Brady

    January 2020

  94. Linden Dantzler

    Let me know who's here in 2020

    Ann Goodman

    LoVin LiSTen YaZz!!! Peace!!!

  95. Mr Lovett

    2020 ...

  96. ladytriaxle trucking

    They just don’t put it out like this anymore who still listening to this in 2020 I know I am❤️

  97. Dar M.

    Who's Back Here 2020???
    ME...That's Who. I'm Still Feeling A Fool -Eh.

  98. Phillip Clark

    Love it 👍

  99. Sarah Potter

    Say it spinners

  100. Sarah Potter

    These lyrics so powerful and spits out facts