Spinners, The - Lazy Susan Lyrics

A princess dressed in dirty rags
Pretty dresses on her back she never had
Folks say she don't know right from wrong
But to me her smile lights up the dawn

Oh lazy Susan
Won't you come on home to me
Lazy Susan
Won't you keep my company
Lazy Susan
Won't you come on home with me

Her Daddy died when she was born
Her Momma works the mill the whole day long
But lazy Susan never worked to live
She just sings her songs strummin' with her guitar pick

Oh lazy Susan
Won't you sing your songs for me
Lazy Susan
Girl we could sing in harmony
Lazy Susan
Oh won't you come on home with me
Well well well

Some day I'm gonna make her mine
Gonna change her rags to silk
Make her look like a lady refined
I won't let 'em laugh at her no more
Gonna make people look at her
Like they never did before

Oh lazy Susan
I know you wanna live there
'Cause you ain't been goin' nowhere
I know your Momma and your Daddy both don't know


It may get late
Girl 'cause you're moving slow
But I know
Real good lovin'
Can rearrange your life
And when we get it together girl
You can be my wife
Y'see I got this forty acres
Down by the Johnson's creek
I done bought me a brand new tractor
And we can grow all the food we need
I never done been, but we're goin' to Memphis City
And you could buy colored dresses
And make yourself look real pretty
I can tell
No you're not lazy
The folks just don't know
You like to take life real slow baby

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Spinners, The Lazy Susan Comments
  1. Willie Downing

    Hall of Fame or not, they proved who they are, Spinners are still the best believe that!

  2. Ewayne White

    Meant a gem 🎓🎓🎉🎉😍

  3. Ronnie Shepherd

    How come the Spinners are not in the in Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Cleveland,Ohio. Some body please put them in before 2020? Please call me Mr. Ronnie Shepherd in L.A. Calif. 1-323- 531-8874.

  4. Jaylen E. Turner

    Personnel:Songwriters:Thom Bell and Linda Creed.Lead and harmony vocals:Philippé Wynne.Background vocals:Philippé Wynne,Bobby Smith,Henry Fambrough,Billy Henderson,and Pervis Jackson.Additional background vocals:Linda Creed,Barbara Ingram,Carla Benson,and Yvette Benton.Instrumentation:MFSB. Arranger,Conductor,and Producer:Thom Bell.Year:1974.Album:Spinners-New And Improved.

  5. Gregory Gordon

    Lazy Susan and wake up Susan boy the spinners love this Girl I mean two songs about SUSAN

  6. Ujima Jame

    Like the faster version by Little Anthony & the Imperials better. But this is from a great album when the Spinners were hotter than hot and on top of their game.

  7. kevin harrison

    great song . great album. great group , other than the temptations. Thom Bell & Linda Creed : nuff said.

  8. cleo norfleet

    the song by The Spinners love it