Spineshank - Smothered Lyrics

The black and cold reminds me
Of all the distance we have crossed
And if your darkness blinds me
I could never be more lost

But I'm not the one who seeks your protection
I'm not the one to share the disguise
And I'm not the one who reeks of rejection
I'm not the one to tear the same way twice

You push from the inside, smothered
You push from the inside out, smothered

Have all your walls surround me
They're closing in they block my sight
The violence around me
Found me when I could not fight

But I'm not the one to take your direction
I'm not the one who wears the disguise
And I'm not the one to share your reflection
I'm not the one you break the same way twice

I will never win
I will never win with you

I read you
I fear you round up no more than you know
I hate you
I still do everytime you let me go

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Spineshank Smothered Comments
  1. MrJamesy1987

    Huge Nu metal!

  2. Adventures of Stan


  3. Lucas Williams

    George Orwell 1984. This video is scary AF although I think this song is more about overbearing GFs.

  4. Osman López

    años sin ver este video... que gran canción

  5. Jameson Barber

    2019, Been a listener ever since i heard new disease on a movie called 3000 miles to graceland. its a shame these guys didnt become bigger than they were

  6. Herman Lelan Hardin IV

    I grew up with the nu metal genre. I enjoy the music. But the lack of solos always bugs me. I require more music within the music I listen to.

  7. Adam Jackson

    I would give anything to see these guys live again, epic is an understatement

  8. Benny Gonzalez

    Backyard wrestling

  9. Gabriel Rudy Cortez Jr

    damn i was 14 when this song came out in 2003😕

  10. Brandon Lee Wright

    like millimeters vertical and horizontal a fun brain bender anywhere

  11. Brandon Lee Wright

    try to add all colors in shapes

  12. Brandon Lee Wright

    milimeter measuring very fun

  13. The White Crow Beatmaker

    GOD IS LOVE !!!

  14. Q Tē

    iemm only me😏
    invite someone else😜

  15. Scyber_Sounds Of The Future

    They were the perfect mix of punk/metal/electronic on Height Of Callousness

  16. 0ddMonk3y

    I finally found it

  17. Stokes Wait

    Oh the memories

  18. Fross09

    Great motivational song whenever you want to dominated a turd.

  19. Lightning

    The lack in cornbread reminds me of all the distance we have crossed.

  20. Mssilva Silvia


  21. Nathan Mathiason

    I know I'm going to get a lot of muck for saying this but this totally sounds contrived. They sound like a band where some music execs were sitting around in an office and thought how can we cash in on this whole new metal Deftones style of music? And then they formed spineshank from pulling from other several bands. Yeah they sound like they're good musicians all their songs have lacked any kind of soul! Same with a band called Taproot. Suffering from the same syndrome.

  22. Reasonably Warm Beans

    Man.... brings me back. This was part of a metal compilation that I jammed a lot at one point in time. Good times.

  23. Chris Craven

    I could give a fuck what label Spineshank has been given, industrial, nu metal, whatever. They badass is all that matters to moi. 🤘😎🤘


    hahaha how old are you

  24. Bob

    “You push from the inside out” Good song to listen to when your constipated

  25. soulminer 1970

    Jonny the vocalist... Utter talent.

  26. HipHopBeautyNBliss

    I love how one of the members just starts shaving in the camera lol

  27. Gary Helps

    Decent rock band American style keep safe

  28. Xavy4AReason

    2019 and for the rest of my days 🤘

  29. DJ Red Black

    Why this has only 1M views?

  30. UnholyKolby

    MTV2 Headbangers Ball Vol. 1 brought me here

  31. jackolantin22

    still listening in 2019

  32. JUSThookINscale

    Back in like 2005 this album was my jam. So many great songs on this album.

  33. Ken Knaus

    I miss these guys

  34. GOD LIKE

    way before their time

  35. GOD LIKE

    amen to that brother

  36. Daniel Lopez

    love watching the different type of cams :D

  37. Lil.Miss.Headshot

    How have i only come across these nowww oml

  38. Q Tē

    @ 101°/n present im no 1😏

  39. Filipe Borges

    Demiurgo? A EX machina

  40. darkfallins0ul

    "Bro there's a cam in your mouth" *gets punched*

  41. Romulo Damasceno

    Grande banda 😊

  42. nitramsk8

    FBI man been spying

  43. Frank Gross

    Just watch Freddy vs Jason other day. And one there song came.up and I instantly remeber them and almost I love them as a teenager. 15 years later still loving them

  44. Elly KindredZombie

    I love this song one of my favourite metal bands

  45. ShadowXgaming

    Was hooked by the headbanging in the beginning.

  46. cWalker THPS

    Tony Hawks Pro Skater Team Videos for life yall

  47. Edge

    Just gonna say that - most under rated band of all time.

  48. HSH 888

    \m/ 2019

  49. Surrey Rider

    Such a great song, I cant believe it was released ten years ago.

  50. Andri Kamdiiy

    Kobe - Dokter Cinta 😅

  51. Mr E

    My favorite band of all time 2019 and still listening

  52. Phillip Lehl

    I can't be the only one who fucking misses these guys. Hands down one of the most underrated bands ever

    Samuel Zeroshi

    Phillip Lehl I miss them too

    Phillip Lehl

    @Samuel Zeroshi definitely sucks when you grew up with it

  53. Manuel Alejandro Orellana Inostroza

    En mi epoca de colegio, infaltable escucharlo en el trayecto



  55. Jabbar Muhammad

    Spineshank rocks!!!

  56. Kyle Wetelainen

    U know I don't care if this video only had a million views they were my favorite band when they came out, his voice was perfect n'sync with the music.

  57. Kris Beavers

    New shit man. Fuckin awesome

  58. Alan Vagner

    Love this music

  59. Kim Williams

    2018 this song still awesome :D

  60. Mattycakes

    Still good AF in 2018!!!

  61. Da Nargh

    What about mouth cam?

    *swallows it*

  62. Movie Junkie

    Damn man, what happened to spineshank.

  63. J Smith

    One of the absolute best underrated nu metal bands ever. Fucking love these guys

  64. 歯車グリッチ機械

    cameras everywhere

  65. joshuaschmidt1

    Kick ass shit , keep fuckin goin

  66. EviLLivE Clan

    Just realized Tommy is playin open handed as f

  67. Andri Solakudin

    kok kayak lagunya kobe dokter cinta

  68. Cisco Zerrano

    Anyone listening 2018?

    Paul Gibson

    Ageless music for me. I did fear for Tommy's voice (on a track or two) on that last album though. Maybe poor production or something, maybe just me with old ears now.

  69. Cyber Wolf

    I love rocking to this !!!😍

  70. Alex Munoz

    2:01.. When you take a fat hit of crack!

  71. Pj Keogh

    Love this song

  72. MultiWobble

    How I like my pork chops

  73. Nova CHEV

    this reminds me of Allele in a way

  74. Atrumoris

    That guitar player taught me how to shave properly.

  75. Shadow People

    Came here from fallout 4 mod

  76. Michael DeTorrice

    Backyard Wrestling!

  77. Nick Tsampas

    Why this great band has gone??

  78. tecnica base

    It got stuck in my head all day long yesterdayXD I fought to not hear again, but its impossible, its amazing!!!

  79. davebrucelee2011


  80. Millers Serpents

    I can't believe this song hasn't had a million views yet😒😒


    Another Awesome Underrated Band !

  82. jlchavi

    Never heard this...man they mellowed the fuck out since 2001 damn...

  83. Voodoo Opaque

    2000 sure had a futureistic vibe

  84. The Night Stalker

    Shit is so lame....

  85. Azazel Thorne

    Heard from a bro in Amerakin Overdose the lead singer does tattoos in Portland Oregon

  86. Lynchology101

    So glad I was a teen back then imagine nowadays? "YOU PUSH FROM THE INSIDE OUUUUUT....TRIGGERED".

  87. Jabbar Muhammad

    Metal for life!

  88. Cristian Rivera

    This song is way too amazing I can never get over it! Love it.

  89. Matheus Felipy

    I love this song!

  90. randyapo1

    Future маек Мен 100 жаштамын ... "деп Таята, сиз өсүп жатканда угуп добуштар?" Мен: "Жакшы, мага favs биринде кылышсын". Мен бул боюнча өткөрүлгөн муундан муунга эсептешет.

  91. Firestorm 308

    i would like to take a bit of a poll [Death Metal, Nu-Metal, or Heavy metal] (i chose death metal) this is what is your favorite genre is not what you like and dont but i would love it if major pop haters came cause its been so long since ive been with one of my brethren


    well .. i'll always pick Nu-Metal whatever the other genres at the pool are brother