Spineshank - On Deaf Ears Lyrics

I am not the one that you believe in
I will not become what you conceive and
You're the one who dug yourself a hole
And I'm not there to hear you cry for help
I will not be there (to hear you call for me)
I will not be there (to hear you lie to me)

I, never wanted your intentions
My, time is based on your decisions

I intend to stay away from you
I won't end up the way you want me to
And I became afraid of what you are
And I have failed to speak my mind so far
And I no longer care (to show you sympathy)
I no longer care (to show you empathy)

I, never wanted your intentions
My, time is based on your decisions

You built this wall around you
Who's around to help you tear it down
Can't help you any longer
Pull you under

You will never be
You will never be
You will never be

I, never wanted your intentions
My, time was based on your decisions

You built this wall around you
Who's around to help you tear it down
Can't help you any longer
Pull you under

You will never be

(I) You built this wall around you
(I) Who's around to help you tear it down
(I) Can't help you any longer
(I) Pull you under

You will never be
You will never be
You will never be

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Spineshank On Deaf Ears Comments
  1. Nathanael Wassmann

    Reminds me of “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid” by The Offspring.

  2. Rômulo Damasceno

    Grande banda 😊

  3. Take Flight!

    Mega jam!!!

  4. Soldado de Juan José Torres

    They used the same harmony in new disease, I actually wish they released this song instead of new disease, just needs to be cleaned up a bit.


    It sounds similar but this is actually a b-side from Self-Destructive Pattern. It was released on the Roadrunner Roadrage 2003 CD.

  5. followthereaper665

    what b side was this from?

    IBM Official

    its an out take from self destructive pattern


    hellz yeah! best album I think

    IBM Official

    na second best strictly diesel is the best


    IBM Official I haven't heard that one. but everyone says height of callousness is best

    IBM Official

    well get it its fucking sick

  6. Dr. Mike Wood

    jeez unreleased and should a been #1

  7. SonOfHighValour

    This song isn't even on fucking Itunes... Dammit, I want this track

    Dutch MZFK

    It was on a roadrage sampler.


    Thank you

    Dutch MZFK

    SonOfHighValour you're welcome!

  8. EduArDxxXxx NuStiTcH

    best song nu metal¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  9. EmmsHill NOTW

    this band kicked arse, past tense...real shame


    They still do.

  10. vodsb

    I am not the one that you believe in!

  11. Dr No

    How did people find this song, and why wasn't it released

  12. ibervang

    or you could support the band and actualy buy the music....


    Unreleased... no way to buy this song.

    Carlos Afonso Monteiro

    I bought their first three albums, including two versions of The Height Of Callousness. DowntownLAKid is right, no way to buy this song. Even for those who supported the band through thick and thin

  13. corey domangue

    great song!!

  14. m4ssee

    This song should be on the new album. ://

  15. Gimp Joy

    I remember listening to this at 12 years old and still listening to it now, Agreed Spineshank is the most underrated metal band. GO SPINESHANK!

  16. Wyldchild666

    Here's a direct link i found to the song guys..4shared.com/audio/R-5EZ0Pk/Spineshank_-_On_Deaf_Ears__Unr.html

  17. eRic

    @volkaino - yeah, you can find the torrents. but there are never ANY seeders. so what's the point?

  18. LordAsmodeus666

    these guys fuckin rip !!! im into over the last 15 yrs a heap of metal in last 8years gotten in to the extreme more but even in the brutal types i still got damn lot of respect for the 'Shank! self destructive one of my top 10 metal albumd ever ...like others say it not an album i get tired of and "callousness..." is fuckin killer too!!! callem what genre u want industrial id say they really awesome...hope the new 2011 album canes!!!!

  19. Stealho Clowno

    Great Band can still listin through all their albums and never skip a song

  20. Shandi Groom

    I <3 jonny santos....

  21. ibervang

    i dont like the kind of music silent civilian does. But that is just my taste. Different music for different people

  22. Dead Gemini

    New Album comming soon!!!!
    "Anger Denial Acceptance" is the title of the new album for a 2011 release via an as-yet-undetermined record label.

  23. IBM Official

    theyve finished it so should be out in a few months

  24. pyprk

    I got to see silent civilian a couple times about 2 or so years ago in Limestone, NY little shit town that im glad they came too.. still wish i could have seen Spineshank when they were together though

  25. borntodrinkbeer

    @zechert never the new band of Jonny is Silent Civilian....Check them out ;)

  26. soldierside365

    i would hardly call LOG screamo

  27. Colten

    @TheXeffect100 same shit different name.... point is, it ALL sounds the same... like they are puking or barking out everything they say.

  28. Mathina Kinstler

    @CJayDaProblem is this Ali G? lol

  29. Mathina Kinstler

    @CJayDaProblem Ali G? lol

  30. Mathina Kinstler

    @Thatwhiteguyinga a fucking men

  31. Mathina Kinstler

    @JissenKenbuu whoooo whoa buddy lamb of god kicks serious ass spineshank does to but dude dont diss randal or chris adler booooooo 2 uuuu

  32. TheBenAlder

    Spineshank are the dopeness, they got me into Metal after listening to them on a vid on NG. I have only just found this song and s**t its good! No suprise since its from their Self-Destructive Pattern era. I hope their new album comes out soon!! : )

  33. Anthony Coetzee

    @JissenKenbuu heyyyyy i loveeee this band they are awesomeeee however i loveee LOG theyy are both amazing bands and its different genre's likeeeee

  34. MrBlackstar1992

    the reason how i found this band is because of Freddy VS Jason, which is a bloddy awesome movie!!!

  35. CJayzFlow

    dis song is brazy hard

  36. Devon McCracken

    @666shaggs i think they place second under shadows fall...

  37. Username

    Its nice..

  38. m4ssee

    Dont get me wrong but I love how they have some funky stuff in their songs,



  40. josht617

    love the new spineshank. i love that jonny can sing in two different bands and make each band have its own style. fuckin awesome

  41. Vegan

    My favorite Spineshank song. Love the bass.

  42. streetracerTA

    when is their new CD coming out?? its been forever, I'm sick of bands breaking up and shit.. like they got anything else better to do!!.. would u like to be famous?? lol

  43. cycojay13

    love every song these guys put out.these guys have good soild music from the first note of strickly d and on to these rare songs and even these guys new songs kick ass too.I was so sick of seeing bands i love dying (rorschach test,amen,40 below summer,apartment 26,drown)and breaking up.Its nice to see one make it back get the whole album out and I,m at the store.

  44. Kevin Troy

    spelling fail-- ''spineshnak''

  45. volkaino

    search for "spineshank rare" on torrentz ]do]t c[om

  46. Paul Ford


  47. Jo Skansen

    Great like all Spineshank songs are overall! \m/_

  48. Last guy on the left

    does it matter how old you are ?

  49. CountDabula

    dumbass, youre too young to be listenin to this stuff.

  50. CountDabula

    um if you were 9 when sdp came out, how old are you now >_>

  51. Slork8

    Eh they're pretty good but I like Silent Civilian much better and their new album sounds amazing. Can't wait for Ghost Stories..also I heard these guys are coming out with a new album, I will check that out as well.

  52. Mitch Gummels

    this truly was a fucking amazing band. one of my faverites growing up. LOVE THIS BAND

  53. Spiffing McSparkles


  54. Vegan

    no idea why this wouldnt be unreleased its my favorite song of theirs!

  55. sangman

    it shits me coz bands like soineshank hardly ever come to australia its so fuckin annoying

  56. ProviderOfSouls

    spineshank is like god! no offense to god im a christian

  57. chris berkley

    i love this band!

  58. Alex kraemer

    awesome song! Spineshank is my favorite band. they've def influenced me in my guitar playin. they fuckin rule.

  59. Derek's Garage

    spineshank is a metal band. huh? im lost

  60. Waldläufer91

    Spineshank sounds very nice!
    Nice melodic Metal

  61. Derek's Garage

    so your saying that spineshank is a pussy band?

  62. JissenKenbuu

    Lemme guess you listen to Lamb of god right? Im sorry if you prefer a band that sounds EXACTLY like every other screamo band... I on the other hand like to actually HEAR the lyrics and J Santos is an amazing writer.

  63. whiterock12345

    spineshank is a pussy band

  64. humanpotential7

    Some of the new up and coming metal bands need to look to the old spineshank for influences. I think that they were ahead of their time.

  65. roook88

    altah spineshank 4 ever ^^

    gehen debst ab unso

  66. B00geyman55


  67. tomata182

    these guys actually used to be cool. they suck now

  68. CountDabula

    this song is ooold... not new

  69. Torok

    Faved!! ;)

  70. Rito Rinjes

    ist ja geil das spineshank zurück ist =D

  71. 72dew

    spineshanks back

    its like in every singlealbum, they gets harder, like u cant compare strctly diesel with height of callousness

  72. CountDabula

    Jonny just got back with them -_- the album hasnt been released.