Spineshank - Infected Lyrics

I'm infected by you, I feel so sick
I've always focused on my own impurities
It's the way I believe, I'm suffering
And you saw it as an insecurity

(I) Feed the weakness in me
Keep me drowning in my desperation
(I'm) getting used to the pain
Feel so honest when it's so abusive

Pretend that I still carry on
And my world surrounds you
Rejecting you to break my mold
And my lies around you

I surrender to you, I cannot think
You are making my decisions for me now
As you crippled my thoughts and nauseate
When you weaken sedate and keep me down

(I) Tried to give up on you
Tried to throw away my own decisions
(I) Take the anger in me
Make me feel like I'm the opposition

Pretend that I still carry on
And my world surrounds you
Rejecting you to break my mold
And my lies around you

Pretend that I still carry on
And my world surrounds you
Rejecting you to break my mold
And my lies around you

I'm infected by you
I'm infected by you
I'm infected by you
You need to let go of me
I'm infected by you (I'm infected)
You need to let go of me (I'm infected)
I'm infected by you (I'm infected)
You need to let go of me (I'm infected)
I'm infected by you
You need to let go of me!
You need to let go of me!

Pretend that I still carry on
And my world surrounds you
Rejecting you to break my mold
And my lies around you

Pretend that I still carry on
And my world surrounds you
Rejecting you to break my mold
And my lies around you

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Spineshank Infected Comments
  1. Temos

    Wait...I don't think I've ever heard this song. I have their first three albums. Where did this come from?

  2. Rasmus Klingenberg

    Which album is this? Can't find it anywhere but youtube.


    This is a b-side that was supposed to be on The Height of Callousnes. Perfect Ending, On Deaf Ears and Full Circle are the other three, all great songs

  3. Benjamin Aswad

    So while every other loser is listening to pop and rap, the best of us are listening to this ball hardening display of talent

  4. Dima K

    I do not remember this song from Height of Callousness..?

  5. Dr. Mike Wood

    description says a good song. fucking awesome song

  6. Daniel Kiser

    Been listening to Spineshank since 1996.
    I'm now 35 and still jam out to it!! Love all their albums!!

    Ian Honour

    Dr. Mike wood was that the tape with 'mend' on it?

    Dr. Mike Wood

    yeah it had that and it had stovebolt and one other song. It's in my garage somewhere and I'll never get rid of it because I got Johnny to autograph it when he bummed a cigarette off me in Atlanta. They were doing the show with Fear Factory and threw out a few handfuls

    Dr. Mike Wood

    It was just in a cardboard rectangle slide case. And it had a bootleg looking cover of strictly diesel on it I think

    Ian Honour

    @Dr. Mike wood that's awesome man, cool that you got to meet them. I had a tape that had 'mend', 'novacaine' and 'stain' years back that I wish I still had. I saw them in 2002 with dry kill logic in the UK, show was amazing. Spineshank were my favourite band back then, probably the first heavy band I really got into.

    Dr. Mike Wood

    Oh mine was definitely different. I wish mine had stain on it. Mine had the opening track and two other ones and that was it. And if I didn't have a pack of cigarettes on me that wasn't even mine I wouldn't have even got it signed. Johnny was always really cool in Atlanta about coming outside after their set was over. Every time I saw them open for someone I got to meet him or him and Tommy

  7. David Korpiewski

    too bad they only put this song on the japanese version. This is my favorite song by these guys!

    Howard Jones Jr

    They put it on the Smothered CD single

  8. Sophia B. Williams

    Great music to listen to have hard day's of wrk.

  9. Exequiel

    traigo buena musica seguime en new metal

  10. Crush40RockOn

    that opening... for some reason i always think of someone saying ' rip it up and throw it in the fire' dunno why

  11. drinkyourtea

    that actually sounds quite painful

  12. I Qanso I ™

    So they fuck people in the back... and there's more details on the Facebook page? Finally people found a way to produce porn on Facebook. :D

  13. Jae Hegan

    Cool story bro, tell it again

  14. francisco guardado

    I went to high school with a girl who was the cousin of the bands bassist.back in 2001

  15. Kim Bob

    What CD or EP is this on? I can't find it

    Christopher Anderson

    Japanese release of Self-Destructive Pattern.

  16. Henry14arsenal2007

    Theres lots of good -core stuff, you shouldnt look up to AA or similar shit for quality stuff.

  17. bub966

    I noticed that because this song was very well mixed, like all the others from SDP. THOC was an album with a poor production compared to this, but I like it very much too. By the way, thanks for the information.

  18. seismica

    According to wikipedia it's a bonus track for the Japanese release of Self-Destructive Pattern. Bit odd that the album cover on this video isn't where the song is from.

  19. C.J. Nesbitt

    Spineshank is Alternative/Nu/Industrial Metal... but definitely not Metalcore...

  20. Uncle Fester

    Hardcore Metal is Metalcore. Hardcore + Metal. And it's shit. It's that Asking Alexandra bullshit. Nothing like this.

  21. Ozzie Perez


  22. Face The Bear

    wrong album cover

  23. SnapKase Seth

    What cd is this track on? its not on "The Height of Callousness"


    I think it wasn't on any. Was one of those rare/bonus releases. Or an unreleased track.

    Bit of a late reply I know lol

  24. karmiccircus

    Rejecting you to break my mold.

  25. Masteroftuba3

    Spineshank's back babay!

  26. Bili5

    2:09 "Pretending you to be my mom" ????

  27. rwfsmith

    Jonny Santos made Silent Civilian, not Spineshank.

  28. Scyber_Sounds Of The Future

    sounds like djent before djent was even considered a style/genre. so glad these guys are back!

  29. Ryudo

    I really like this song. stop stupid comments which are like "their new style is bad". it's not a new style at all.

  30. Mof Buden

    this is not nu metal

  31. Demersal Official

    And then afterwards, they disliked

  32. Bryan

    Spineshank made Silent Civilian what it is today

  33. insanityawakens

    Silent Civilian was SO much better than this...

  34. Louis Meinhardt

    @Alistair14821 They just weren't worthy of the disease

  35. Johan Ariff

    i miss those Nu Metal years absent Limp Bizkit

  36. Serafin El Revolucionario

    have any of these members made new bands? I used to love them!

  37. eRic

    @itrollbutidc YOU'RE*

  38. xerodew

    I love this album cover. It's so sick.

  39. levi hurner

    This is rune-scape music noobs

  40. Xenoforge78

    @MrVoxC I know that feel, bro...

  41. tristan senoc

    @zechert Yeah ! :D And i'm it's biggest fan motherfuckers, against tim is against me

  42. allwalledup

    @actioncjackson1 what are you talking about? they're still together

  43. HardTekBen

    Where the sweet Jesus God in Birmingham did this song come from? Never knew there were so many un-released gems out there! :D

    Come back Johnny Santos!!!

  44. tim140383

    @zechert What the fuck is a noob, is this word part of the spineshank fad.

  45. tim140383

    Cleshay teenybopper garbage. Listen to the lyrics of this crap, are people really that stupid?

  46. Amy Ciaea

    @subatomicdishwasher The rumor is true and they're about to start a US tour. They haven't set a solid release date for the album, but they will be playing songs from the new album on their upcoming tour.

  47. Amy Ciaea

    @oswalddeath Why put a SDP picture if this track wasn't on SDP?

  48. IngRawr

    great band to this very day!

  49. xSAxGaming

    spinehshank are epic win shame they didnt hit it big time for a cristian band they kick ass :D

  50. MysteryNomad

    @HylianSaiyan I stand corrected it was 2006.

  51. Sanjesh P

    @MysteryNomad I doubt it was released in 98, considering this song is on the B side of Self-destructive Pattern

  52. MysteryNomad

    Sick song.

  53. MysteryNomad

    @HylianSaiyan Spineshank - 1998 - Rare & Demos

  54. Sanjesh P

    What album is this from? Sounds like another unreleased song from the Self-destructive pattern era

  55. allwalledup

    @metalmulishafreak707 lucky!!!

  56. Keith Wall

    saw these guys 2 years at the kennel club was fucking awesome

  57. Keith Wall

    @allwalledup i saw them live 2 years ago and the concert was awsome

  58. allwalledup

    i would definetly pay alot to see them live.

  59. cody williamson

    man i still ride around blairing this song

  60. levi hurner

    @beblicious4you yeah, at the end of "dawn of the dead 3D" that would be nice

  61. Aubrey LLamanzares

    This song should be used in the next zombie movie

  62. sevak akopyan

    they should play this song when u kill someone in halo reach living dead

  63. IglooHotbox

    @MIGUELTLSMX3 like omg, totally

  64. jo momma

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  65. ryan schmucker

    @Alistair14821 if they died... then how did they dislike it 0.o lol

  66. Alistair14821

    7 people got infected and died...

  67. Islam is a Political Ideology

    this song rocks \m/

  68. ClintDuza

    @Fluffypopcicle haha nice come back!!!!

  69. Dominic Tyler

    Wheres the Grammy nomination for this or many other spineshank songs? >_>

  70. golbezant

    I don't recall this piece on the album.It's nice,but where is it from?

  71. Christy McGirr


    disturbed are gay

  72. Angelo Ramirez

    the guitar in the song is sick

  73. wickeddeath13

    damn this band reminds me of my back in tha day


    Man, there's now 9 year old nostalgia comments

  74. Warrloker

    Pretend that I still carry on,
    And my world surrounds you
    Rejecting you to break my mold
    And my lies around you \m/

  75. roook88

    does somebody have the tabs? O.o

  76. Lonewolfpackleader

    Is this song actually on Height of Callousness...?
    Cos I heard that it's a demo song or something...

  77. barty417

    nah i'm not sure that works. weirdly though the vid came back up by itself a few hours ago :/

  78. MrThat0neperson

    @barty417 Did you acknowledge the fact that you didn't make the song or the contents of the video?

  79. Mudassirul Waris

    awesome intro

  80. barty417


    i used to have a compilation of spineshank videos to this tune, but it keeps getting taken down because the song is copyrighted. how come this isn't?

  81. Dia Mond

    nice begining ^^

  82. newt182

    I saw Spineshank at least 3 times live. The first 2 they didn't sound check or something and sounded terrible. But the third time they sounded awesome!

  83. Lito Perezito

    I love this !!!!!!!! :D

  84. Jimmy Karryt

    although let me just say I believe Nirvana had EVERY BIT the Impact on music that the Beatles had. The Beatles were one of the most influential bands ever, but the day after Nirvana went live on MTV almost EVERYTHING was Grunge. Just wanted to throw that out there.

  85. Jonathan Simons

    i totally agree wit kundio6661 i mean screamo metal and shit like that fucking rock and the beatles are stupid shit who ever does not like spineshank is a fucking dumbass/bitch

  86. Michael

    lol i think not they do good though

  87. Kundio Kun

    YOU STUPID FUCKS. Spineshank got more talent that say Metalica , Beatles . I mean fuck the beatles,

    EVERY SONG IS FUCKING GREAT. Rarely seen in a band.

    They need more credit.

  88. Gtafreak112

    don't you dare to insult goldfish, lol jk

  89. Flimmykins


    What the fuck am I reading? "mite"?
    Seriously dude, go take a god damn English lesson, because you're in desperate need of one.

    Don't go around calling people dumbasses when you sound like you have the mental capacity of a goldfish.

  90. DJMetalstone

    This is there older stuff. The new stuff is 2 much grunt / scream. Yust informing so you don't get dissapointed with new stuff. But the old stuff is sickly good.

  91. Somafera

    Spineshank is the shit. Friend told me about them a while back. And ever since that day ive been listening to them. probably one of my favorite bands.

  92. Thequy waskilled

    ¨this si something i love...just fall in lvoe first time i heard of spineshank was today.

  93. chris berkley

    due this song was not the height of callousness album dumb ass

  94. Srijit Ghosh

    this is good shit :)

  95. sangman

    new disease not new diseases if your gonne leave comments on their songs learn the names the guy above you is right and so is the one below you your gay and go away