Spineshank - Dead To Me Lyrics

Put on another face, they always take the place
Of all the things that you have become
Your instability is nothing new to me
It's always something that made you what you are

You're dead inside
You killed your pride
I won't be there
And no one cares
Your insecurity
The failure that it brings
And all your misery
Keeps coming back to me

Save yourself the pain
And go away
For the rest of my life
Bury you today
I separate
For the rest of my life

You give me countless lies and hope I sympathize
You hit my only nerve and that is all it took
Separation now
Let it go, you let it go
New evolution
Thrown away
You're thrown away, you're gone

I'm done with you
Don't follow through
I won't be there
'cause you don't care
The way you're suffering
Is all the same to me
Your credibility
Killed your reality

Your delusion
Claim confusion
Easier to pass the blame on
All your hatred
Seems so wasted
You're the one who's dead inside me

You're fucking dead to me

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