Spineshank - Beginning Of The End Lyrics

The irritation we're pretending not to show
Has replaced the motivation
That I had not long ago
I know that

I don't ever want to be the one to make you forget it
I don't ever want to be the one to make you resent it
I don't ever want to be the one to make you repress it
I don't ever want to be, ever want to be, ever want to be

It's the beginning of the end
And I don't know where we lost control
It's the beginning of the end
And I know that I am all alone

Interrogation has replaced the trust we had
Your misguided accusations
Helping me to turn my back
I know that

I don't ever want to be the one to make you divide it
I don't ever want to be the one to make you deny it
I don't ever want to be the one to make you deprive it
I don't ever want to be, ever want to be, ever want to be

It's the beginning of the end
And I don't know where we lost control
It's the beginning of the end
And I know that I am all alone

I thought that we would find our way
I thought our life would be ok
I thought that you believed in me
But now it seems so far away

The life we knew before is gone
There is no compromising
The life you save will be your own
To find your inner senses

It's the beginning of the end
And I don't know where we lost control
It's the beginning of the end
And I know that I am all alone
It's the beginning of the end
And I don't know where we lost control
It's the beginning of the end
And I know that I am all alone

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Spineshank Beginning Of The End Comments
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  2. algypan

    This song reminds me of the original counter-strike game... Cannot think why 🤔🤔

  3. miltasvartvis

    Rob Zombie was co-writing this song, so it would be awesome if there's a version with him on feature vocals

  4. Jaden Sparks

    Beginning of the End more like the beginning of the internet

  5. Zoul lenno

    11.12.2019 ❤

  6. Barbie Zombie

    Where’s my 2019 people?!

  7. Matthew Aguirre

    “It’s like beginning of the internet”

  8. Manny Haga


  9. Brandon Jones

    This movie united both horror fans AND metal heads because of 2 of the most famous fictional slashers in cinematic history went head to head and the music was freaking awesome

  10. Mergatroid Skittle

    This movie was awesome and had a badass soundtrack. A flashback to a better time in my life.

  11. HerbaDrinKing

    When i was kid, allways fantasing how kill bullies. My fantasy-mind would be needed jasons killing passion too. And that sword XD

  12. Samurai Dany

    Freddy wins

  13. SeAnna Sycopath

    One does not simply listen to this on a low volume the neighbors must hear it too 😂❤

  14. Elite OP Llama

    One of the best movies ever

  15. Rex The MegaUtahraptor


    *Find Your Inner Senses!*

  16. Jobbly

    I love Jason

  17. NaRc ImMuNe

    rest in peace thorne<3 this was our soundtrack:) never forgotten

  18. Lazarussoul 82

    16 years next month....wtf......that was fast

  19. Stokes Wait

    I remember going to the goddamn theater to watch this film! Miss the good days!

  20. christoper dalby

    I love how at the start of the final fight, Freddy's expression explains how he knows he isn't in the dream world so he can actually die (little details or over analysing)

  21. Ricky Thomas

    How does this song fit so well????

  22. Тимофей Котов

    Like- Freddy
    Com- Jason

    Gage Verner

    They are both my guys

  23. Mr. oofington

    Memories of Freddy Vs. Jason are flooding back

    My mind is being flooded by memories... help

  24. Ricedubbz _

    2019 anyone?

    ghost robert ramos


  25. one cosmos

    Awesome band

  26. Daniel Morrissey

    it seem`s my power is not strong enough just yet but i will let Jason have all the fun for now. bwahahahahahahahahahhahaha. deadly tune & dead;y bad-ass sick wicked #HorrorMovie 2.

  27. 112bandit

    Free me you idiot I'm your f****** memory

  28. 112bandit

    I don't ever want to be

  29. 112bandit

    Looks like some type of song you play when you and your shorty ain't working out

  30. Sans Fan Girl

    I only came here cause of Freddy Vs Jason


    Seen as though Friday and nightmare are two of my most favorite movie franchises. This film was practically as good as porn to me

  32. António Silva Channel

    Coolest song ever 😎🤘

  33. Aimlessfir95 Zapp

    These are my children Jason.

  34. Nightsaber

    Anyone else playing friday the 13th game with this song playing in background?

  35. Fidgetspinnerboy 489

    Still waiting for a Freddy vs Jason sequel or reboot

    beyond w01f

    Comics. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash.

  36. Uriel Mercado

    Q buena de recordar ese 15 de agosto del 2003 cuando se estrenó la película

  37. Uriel Mercado

    Hubiera deseado q estuviera en el 2003 y q hubieran llevado a verla pero yo nací en el 2007

    Shuiix Rmz

    Yo la vi en 2003 tenia 12 años le pague bien al de los boletos para que me dejara entrar ya que la peli era para 18 años en adelante pero bien chingon verla

  38. Uriel Mercado

    En realidad es de drama la película

  39. Chang Koehan KOF

    Powerful song¡ , Is epic¡¡

  40. LilMalik08

    0:30 - 0:46

  41. nikkolodian

    One of the best intro in horror franchise.

  42. la proxi pro

    Ilove jason

  43. Aimlessfir95 Zapp


  44. david white

    freddy vs jason puppet master vs demonic toys

    Richard TheFilmmakingFan279

    Theres also the awesome Alien vs. Predator

  45. Gary Smith

    What a beautiful song

  46. The weird, angry bros

    15 anniversary Freddy vs jason

  47. griNgo SO2

    I love Freddy vs Jason

  48. Ernie Games

    Batman: Wins With Kryptonite
    Superman: Wins Without Kryptonite

    Jason: Wins in Real World
    Freddy: Wins in dream world

    Vader: Wins With The Force
    Luke: Wins without it

    Ryu: Wins With Satsu No Hado
    M-Bison: Wins With psycho power

    Mario: Wins with Power Ups
    Bowser: wins with None

    Goku: Wins On Planet Namek
    Frieza: SHOULD’VE Won In Resurrection of Frieza


    frieza wasnt winning that fight trust me, vegeta and goku couldve jumped him at any time

    Mark Pat Joe Bill Dinosaur

    @Elenwood I mean Goku (ironically) says Frieza's weakness is his arrogance he got his Golden Form and thought it would be enough without training.

  49. The Aleister Journal

    47 dudes were slashed listening to this song

  50. Nicholas Carreon


    Nicholas Carreon

    Thx for the like man means alot🙂😎

    JIVER Gaming

    @Nicholas Carreon Are you talking to yourself?

    Nicholas Carreon

    Yea I'm a dummy

  51. loboalfa 117

    Great song

  52. jurassic channel anymore

    When jason threw freddy to high heavens and freddy like OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  53. Alex maximus

    Freedy Krueger & Jason Voorhees never dies

    Eric Irwin

    Exactly so the battle is going to keep going on forever

  54. Noob 'd

    i,i don,t ever wanna be the one to make you regret it

  55. Bendy ink

    Team Jason please make part 2

  56. Ash Williams

    Ash Williams WINS! Hail to the king, baby

    Finn Cullin

    Good, Bad, I’m the guy with the gun.

    Iósif Stalin

    Hell no
    Bow down to the Nazi-killer Stalin

    Dirtyturtle10 DT10

    @Iósif Stalin Psh...Stalin would shit his pants in a fight with Ivan the Terrible.

  57. JIVER Gaming

    Just Imagine Jason vs Jeff the killer
    Who would win?

    Ricardo Galion

    It's a cool idea, but Jeff the killer is just an ordinary human being. That would be a slaughter, Jeff wouldn't even have a chance. Lol.

    Fuck That


    Ras'hal Crowl [R.W]

    Jason>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jeff The Killer

  58. Sis vs bro vs friend kuhlman

    Micheal myers and Jeff the killer are my killers

  59. Akekho nje iphunpho

    August 2003

  60. Jonathan billings

    This song is a trip down memory lane! Holy shit.


    No shit!

  61. taden illikainen

    This song kind of explains the plot of the movie

    taden illikainen

    3:07 is the epic ending

  62. Alison Guanocunga

    Like si eres de la vieja escuela


    Good Times😁

  64. Psychotronic

    Leatherface vs Michael Meyers!!!! Gogo!

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Psychotronic leatherface is a chump. Almost as bad as Taserface...


    Edgar Allan Poe realistically Leatherface vs Michael Myers is no contest for Leatherface considering it’s chainsaw vs knife. That’s like Ferrari vs a tank in a fight

    Edgar Allan Poe

    Cyber Horse we aren’t talking who had to best weapon, we’re talking who is the bigger badass, and most lethal. Leatherface is just some redneck with a skin fetish, and a shed full of power tools. Mike Myers has died and come back to life how many times? Mike is unkillable. And let’s not forget Leatherface tripped, and almost sawed his leg off with his own chainsaw. I’m not even a Myers fan really, but come on let’s be realistic here. Mikey would destroy Leatherface in hand to hand combat..

    Ricardo Galion

    @Edgar Allan Poe I agree with you. Leatherface is still a simple human under all that flesh, Myers had to take quite a beating before going down in the movies and yet he STILL comes back everytime. It'd be straight overkill.

  65. Apocalypse 312

    Wonder if they might ever make a sequel I’d see that

  66. Sam Prowd

    I love Freddy vs Jason best movie

  67. Reece Dean Madden

    Listined to this song for like ages still the tits

  68. TiffyGames

    This is my jam 😂

  69. TPMM

    0:30 is the best part

    Luis Hernandez

    y wnananas
    haaaaaa haas y wana beeee

  70. ☢CAUTION!!☢

    Freddy with the one kill and powerless, trapped inside Jason's head, at the end of the movie. lmao

  71. Left Side

    biggest movie rivality ever

  72. Standard Yip

    Can't stop listening to it

  73. Gabrielius Beliunas


  74. lepm1023

    When you realize this movie came out 15 years ago damn

  75. Awesomeroxy 90710

    Thanks for uploading this brings back so much memories from my childhood years when music was really actually good....

  76. shepard456

    jeson wins


    Jason* my son

    david white

    u pick the wong house fool

  77. Jawzz George

    Is it oh S### time to go

  78. Joseph Traveller

    Good song for mortal combat with ledgend Jason lol

  79. King Ace Hernandez

    The soundtrack kick ass especially this song still have it till this day

    Bathed In Torment

    King Ace Hernandez had this album right after seeing the movie in theatres 3 times haha, sadly my ex of the time lost it after borrowing it.

    King Ace Hernandez

    Bathed In Torment damn dude sorry about that this why i dont let anyone borrow my stuff


    Dude, please, pleeeeeaaaaase upload the bonus DVD. I cannot find the music video that I think Motograder did.

  80. My Crazy Reptile Life

    This movie is bad ass

  81. Left Side

    who thinks jason won ,u are stupid ,freddy didnt fight just against jason ,he fight against all ,so jason did not win the fight :), but they wined the war for now😏

    Left Side

    +isaiah.s i hope so they will 😍


    It was a draw


    This comment hurt my IQ

  82. Ilse Hernandez

    wwe 2003

  83. Jarf D. Dorkis

    This movie had some awesome soundtracks

    Devil May Cry

    It really did. The early 2000s has the best sound tracks in general

    Josue Vazquez

    Jarf D. Dorkis best songs ❤

    Ryugo7 7

    Jarf D. Dorkis yes it did. I had this cd in my deck for the longest time. Good times.


    I want this movie soundtracks to nhl 2k7.

    Lisa the Evil-Cat

    This is the first and ILL NINO - second XD

  84. PoderioChileno 5000

    Jason wins! Flowless victory


    Not really flawless. Jason pretty much got fucked by Freddy for like 80% of the film

  85. Basic Goth Chick

    Go Team Freddy!

    efrain soto

    Go Team Jason!

  86. Pato Dios

    Porque sale Freddy va Jason

  87. W.T.Gaster

    Freddy vs jason it my favorite horror movie .

    I'm just a dude who likes Dank memes

    @jurassic channel anymore
    I can agree on that.
    Throughout the entire FridayThe13th series, I really enjoy Friday The 13th part 3 and 6 are my favorites.
    Well, they're all good in my opinion.

    david white

    do u mean IT🤡

    Martincitoaguilar 41

    W.T.Gaster who really want to see Michael Vs Jason totally going to see it.

    harry mack

    @I'm just a dude who likes Dank memes you must of only seen like 4 movies in ya life...cuz FvJ is no where near a good movie

    I'm just a dude who likes Dank memes

    @harry mack
    Its my opinion.

    I've watched
    Friday the 13th
    Friday the 13th 2
    Friday th 13th 3
    Friday the 13th 4
    Friday the 13th 5 [ fake Jason ]
    Friday the 13th 6 Jason Lives
    Friday the 13th 7 New Blood
    Friday the 13th 8 Jason takes Manhattan
    Jason x
    And i've watched the reboot.

  88. Zuzana Gallotta

    my favourite

  89. Shah Moussa

    Is so cool

  90. RoiRoiJe

    Spineshank is fucking legendary.

  91. juan rodrigues


  92. Santiago Perazaツ

    Freddy VS Jason

  93. Sean J

    Incredible tune!

  94. Guardian child

    Didn't realise that my headphones were on full blast... Owwwwwwwwww.

  95. Mason Yuzwa

    a decade and a half later and still kickass ! miss this kinda songs

    Video Demon

    Check out My Ticket Home :)