Spin Doctors - Where Angels Fear To Tread Lyrics

The ruthless turbaned bandit
Turns his back upon the cradle
As angry as you ever can recall
And even though it's raining
You're yet to join the flowers on the wall

I've waited for a chance
To paint your blue town red
Slept where monsters dance
On the flowers in your hand
Fools go rushing in
Where angels fear to tread

The late night contingent
Has a question that it poses
And they're smoking all
The flowers you've arranged
And the blind poet enters
Beheading all you roses
To make up for the beauty
You've regained

I've waited for a chance.....

A heart may break in a twist of fate
And be thrown upon the pile
My bed still whirls though I see other girls
When I stare a thousand miles
A heart may break in a certain time and place
But a friend still knows
If it's her kiss on your smile

Your yellow dressed Athena
Assaults your very windows
And troubles all the clouds
Around your bed
And in the nearby land of the lovers
The one-eyed man is crazy
'Cause lovers are too blind
To hear a word that the fool has said

I've waited for a chance.....

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Spin Doctors Where Angels Fear To Tread Comments
  1. kixr

    Is this legal

  2. Kris Nathan

    How do you play the piano at the end? Help!!

  3. Kyle Comfort

    gotta put this on soundcloud

  4. Isabel Hanberg

    And suddenly I don't need any other music

  5. Dario Hall


  6. Kleytons


  7. Ermenegildo Pravettoni

    2019 eVerYoNe???

  8. Brandon Robert Weaver

    It is a chicken thing.

  9. Sizwe Moabi

    just here to like your comments cause yall saying stuff i already feel

  10. Thomas Kirven

    dope song, the vibey ending coulda lasted a wee bit longer ;) tho

  11. jcold007

    I wish that ending riff was longer!!!

  12. D Midura

    Sneaky Pete brought me here.

  13. Bip Nop

    This may be the most enjoyable song I've ever heard of my life. I'm 47 years old. Please do an extended version of this or something similar.

  14. Dexter Badger AJ

    Im currently car sick, this is the best song to just forget the world and try calm your stomach to

  15. Rob D

    Every time I hear this, I think of the song that Steve and Peggy danced to at the end of Endgame.

  16. Wired Weird

    Hard to believe this song was written in 1940 and first recorded by Frank Sinatra, and after over 30 covers was discovered by _Disclosure_ almost 80 years later.

  17. Darkskyfire

    Just a fact, this song was sung by Frank Sinatra in the 1940's and was written by Johnny Mercer. Although, this was first written by Alexander Pope in his 1711 poem An Essay on Criticism. I got my info on wikipedia of course. There is also a reinterpreation by UV Sir J who is today missing on the internet.

  18. Richard Cheese

    Those tempo changes are AMAZIN

  19. Gabija Paškevičiūtė

    This track is like a really warm embrace from someone you love and trust unconditionally

  20. Deyv Mikesz

    I like it! :D

  21. Imertia

    This song is spectacular

  22. 오니즈카

    멜론 일해ㅡㅡ

  23. Guest 2

    Can you make an extended mix? the jamming in the end is so nice!

  24. John McCoy

    This was from the 40's era of music. Search Frank Sinatra Tommy Dorsey Fools Rush in. Such a beautiful time in history. Thanks!

  25. Sedona Legend

    On the official play list for Ralph Lauren Polo Stores-- been trying to figure out who recorded this version. Thanks!

  26. jeremy josh

    dear white people sent me

  27. Man Whodrinksbeer

    Sneaky Pete!

  28. Aesthetically Pleasing

    This song scares me a lot,
    I don’t know why but it scares me

    It’s a really nice song though

  29. Jacob Hafar

    Sounds like it would be the credits theme for a horror movie

  30. Follower Of Duck

    This is giving me some serious 50s vibes

  31. Marcus Fletcher

    Soon as i heard it on sneaky Pete when they were off their faces at the little hotel room drink up I just had 2 find this 1

  32. Monoxide [GD]

    I've always loved Disclosure, how did I only just find out about this masterpiece???

  33. Miss Lane

    Sick beat

  34. Aytac Aliyeva

    İ find this song ^ Roos Lynch story God i try again and again and i find thanks ❤️🇦🇿 awsome song 📌

  35. Thuy Nhien Dang

    i love it

  36. indigo

    James English.

  37. zombiekore

    The only song on my work playlist that makes my heart go pitter pat ❤️

  38. bed.savvy

    Caught this in Dear White People


    I was so hype when It started playing lol

  39. Susan Tillemans


  40. daboe0909

    DWP brought me here

  41. Daniel Royster

    Dear White people season 3 brought me here

  42. Nico Sandoval

    G R A C I A S 🌨 D I S C L O S U R E

  43. ThaMohjanger

    One of the best things in my life!

  44. Tyu Mamono

    Wow awesome
    I feel like 1920〜1940s music
    This song fusion old & electro

  45. Henrique Reis

    Brasil #2019
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Rush in where wise men never go
    But wise men never fall in love
    So how are they to know
    When we met
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Rush in where wise men never go
    But wise men never fall in love
    So how are they to know oh, oh, oh, oh
    When we met
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Care, fool, fool
    Care, fool
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread
    And so I come to you my love
    My heart above my head
    Fools rush in
    Where angels fear to tread

  46. Pollux

    Almost a year since this song came out, omg time flies.

  47. maxmkw

    Sneeky pete

  48. Frankmania

    I LIKE THIS TUNE... 2019

  49. Bonita Simone

    Another song I got at my job ! Thanks Victoria’s Secret 😍

  50. Natty Naturals

    I just exfoliated while sipping tea
    .that's how this song makes me feel..absolutely love it

  51. tom v

    Why did this song get removed from soundcloud?

  52. Da Drillah

    Mr sandman Disclosure sounds!

  53. Andrew Grieve

    Four Freshmen ftw

  54. Vladimirs Kazikovs

    Can someone, pleeeeaasee, show me how to play end part on the piano????


    The mix of my favorites types of music 😍😍

  56. Danielle Levy

    a twist on the 1940's "fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)" by glenn miller :) thank you for the tribute boys! keeping the classics alive

  57. Alfred D

    Schnee im Sommer

  58. Tate Adams

    Anyone know any other 1950s elctro stuff like this?

  59. Serrin Kronfeld

    this is the sorta song I just want to keep to myself and not let anyone else have because this song is so so precious 😊

  60. Diego Vallista


  61. BennWaiting Beats

    This isn't Borderlands 2

  62. Bradley Weaver

    I think this samples The Four Freshman song “Fools Rush In”

    The four freshman are a big influence for The Beach Boys... Great sampling!

    E W

    What a sample 😀. Thanks for sharing!

  63. John Quiggins

    Sneaky Pete.

  64. Arjun Chandy

    for those who may not know the original group who sang this several decades ago, its by The Four Freshmen, and the track is called "Fools Rush In". One of the greatest groups of all-time.

  65. Sharrieff Vincent

    Thank you sneaky pete

  66. blue_sky & orange_clouds

    Lutch - 2039
    You And Me - 1962
    When Angels Fear to Tread - 1947

  67. Jake Røbert99'

    underrated song :(

  68. blue_sky & orange_clouds

    *This is pure positivness*

  69. icycleragon

    Thanks Sneaky Pete good song

  70. Liam McKenna

    Anyone know the original sample? I know the song is "Fools Rush In", but there are many versions. Anyone know which version was sampled here?

    Sumeja A.

    The original

    Liam McKenna

    @Sumeja A. Are you sure? I've looked for the original and it seems like the original was performed by Frank Sinatra (not written by him though, I can't remember the name of the composer). Who are the singers in this version?

  71. Chill Broski

    Sneaky Pete 😋

  72. Leon Kariuki

    Sneaky Pete anyone?

  73. Joan Chan

    Good Omens vibe 🌈😈💕😇🌈

  74. Nicholas kedzierski

    Disclosure sounding like 2010 again which is good my favorite songs are there more unknown ones

  75. Nicholas kedzierski

    If u like this go listen to underground and lofi house too

  76. Rowan Furness

    vintage vibe. perfect.

  77. JungHoon Yu

    I feel like drug in may

  78. bresson alban

    My fucking relax mood

  79. Lee Smith

    who else came here from Sneaky Pete Season 3 ;)

    Aaron Jones

    This song with that scene... I vibez hard with this!

    Sumeja A.

    They had some really good music this season

  80. A.Birdie

    I'm all soft and languid. i slid down on my bed and stared at the whirling fan above my head. sigh...

  81. Gideon Bowman

    Vocals sounds horrible...... this is soooo bad it has to be a joke.

  82. HarlemBlues

    Sneaky Pete S3E03 brought me here

  83. Jason Cardoz

    Whats this genre of music called?

  84. [Mr Bussman]

    Sneaky Pete

  85. Emilee E


  86. IRichard Adegbola Adesakin

    Heard this on Sneaky Pete... just had to know lovely groove

  87. George Sakellariou

    Anybody here from S3 of Sneaky Pete?

    Terrance Nolan

    Yes indeed. I paused the show and ran to the computer... This music is dope!

  88. Thea Vherst

    Amazon knows where it's at


    Sneaky Pete season 3 anyone?

    Mathias Bacher

    They always find great outro music 👍🏼

    A. Y-TRIBE

    Yes!! Sneaky Pete.... ❤👍😊

  90. Dom Belteshazzar

    go for the million of views!

  91. Vincentia Stella Anggoman Jacobus

    Wish Frank Sinatra still alive

  92. I’m a Person

    This song for some reason reminds me of a Hawaiian song.

  93. Christian Millendez

    i came straight here from glenn miller. i love it.

  94. Sam Generoux

    This song feels way too good to be real and I can't stop listening to it

  95. Thomas Strickling

    Love this song!!!! 🤭🤭🤭

    Thomas Strickling

    Happy Easter 2019!!!!

  96. Hey it's Shay

    This gives me a Bambi / old cartoons kind of vibe & I'm living.

  97. Klaudia Julia


  98. Daniel Aviles

    Lounge, bby❤

  99. Adrian Fonseca Mendoza

    Mafi 💏