Spice Girls - Weekend Love Lyrics

You thought that this was love
But my plan, wasn't that for us
I thought that you would understand
I didn't want you for my full time man

I like the way you made me feel that night
It's something that I can't deny
But I've been hurt before
I can't take it no more
That's why, that's why

A weekend love is all it was (all it was)
Nothing serious because
We're playing games, we're only young (ooh)
Get with it, it was just a weekend love (just a weekend love)

You thought you'd break the rules
You thought that I would be your fool
But now that the tables have turned
This is a lesson you didn't want to learn, learn

I liked the way you make me feel inside
It's something I just had to try
But I've been hurt before
I can't take it no more
That's why, that's why

A weekend love is all it was (that's all it was for me)
Nothing serious because (just because)
We're playing games, we're only young (games we're only young)
Get with it, it was just a weekend love (just a weekend love)

A weekend love is all it was (just a weekend love, that's all, it was)
Nothing serious because (nothing serious because)
We're playing games we're only young (we're only, ooh, na-na na na)
Get with it, it was just a weekend love (a weekend love)

Don't try to make me believe that you'd never hurt someone
Now that pain has come back to you
You thought the love you had was true
And now you don't know what to do

Every time I turn around you're standing right there
I really don't want you and I really don't care
I can't think about you no not forever
What we had was good but there's much more better

You try to blame me, I'll put the blame on you
You play the game baby, I can play the game too
You say you want me back it's a simple fact
Darkchild and all my girls got my back like that, yeah

Spice Girls, Darkchild

A weekend love is all it was (love)
Nothing serious because (serious because)
We're playing games, we're only young (games 'cause we're only young)
Get with it, it was just a weekend love

A weekend love is all it was (love is it all it was)
Nothing serious because (serious because)
We're playing games, we're only young (games we're only young)
Get with it, it was just a weekend love (just a weekend)
A little weekend love

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Spice Girls Weekend Love Comments
  1. Bry Weasley

    My favorite SG song! Forever is my favorite SG album. Both are so underrated!!

  2. Abel Mantor

    They look so different from when they started making songs.

  3. Alecia Corbett

    I spent so long thinking this was an actual official video, because you did such a good job with getting the timing off the moments at the right spot. But I still treat this video like it really is an official; I do not like listening to this song without this video.❤ I especially love Emma on the beach and walking in her bathing suit; I think Emma is very lovely, and her by the pool and on the beach gives this video so much beauty.💖

  4. Agent

    What’s with Mel B’a unnecessary rap?! It ruined this good song.. I hope they release this again without that out-of-place rap!

  5. Ritchieg1983

    Fake fake fake... They didn't release this as a single so a video wasn't made. Liar

  6. Dennis

    Didnt expect that not fitting rap. Ruined a mediocre song

  7. Arnel Ardenaso

    Spice Girls - Weekend Love lipehall

  8. Francesco Iannì

    2:37 this is from?

  9. Aquablue 125

    Victoria seems like she gained more vocal confidence on this album, she was always good, from the start, but never given as much chance to shine, which was sad, I find her voice far more appeasing than Mel B's .

  10. Skunky Stinkerson

    This song should have been released with Holler instead of Let Love Lead the Way (it's just a stronger contender)

  11. Owen

    this is the worst song I have ever heard and I live for it

  12. xxxTIN0xxx

    Good work, I suggest that you make videos for all the "Forever" songs.

  13. Frostfire events management

    victoria slayed the chorus

  14. Frostfire events management

    love the rap part then someone belts, i think its mel c


    Frostfire events management I think it’s a mix of Mel b and C

  15. Kayla Edwards

    I love this song <3


    i listen it in september 2016 STILLLL A FAN love the video and the song

  17. nmra johnson

    Mel b snatched me BALD

  18. Rasheed Moosaa

    fell in love with Spice Girls, as a warrior cancer-survivor in just one straight hour of listening, and watching videos! much love to each Spice 'Woman'!

  19. Marcelo Brito

    at which time the scenes were shot?It was taken from a video clip?


    +Marcelo Brito 'Free Me' for Em, 'A Mind Of Its Own' for Vic, 'Today' for MB and 'First Time Of My Life' for MC.

  20. CrimsonFury006

    This song is terrible minus Ginger Spice. If it had her, this song would have been much better. Small wonder why the Spice Girls fell apart after she walked out on them.

    Skunky Stinkerson

    Even if Geri hadn't joined the group to begin with. they wouldn't have been as popular.. she was the driving force behind it.

  21. Skunky Stinkerson

    good fan made video, this Should have been a single.

    Skunky Stinkerson

    or an A side single with Tell Me Why or If You Wanna Have Some Fun.

  22. Mark Lee


  23. truediva18

    Emma Bunton-Free Me
    Victoria Beckham-A Mind of its Own
    Melanie Chisholm-First Day of My Life
    Melanie Brown-Today

    Luis Diego

    What's the title of Mel Bs music video where she's wearing pink?thanks in advance

  24. jonathan calderon

    spice girls mi gupo femenino favorito amo este grupo me encanta

  25. GlennMaxTed

    One of my favorite Songs. Specially Victoria surprised me..Check her at 2:06. singing more parts then before, when Geri was in the Band. 

  26. Disbelieverfulful

    Mel C is good, but overrated.  Posh sounds amazing on this track.  Listen to her at 3:06.


    ahhahha melanie overrated? Man/ Woman/ or whatever! What are you talking about? Who´s the only one wha has a solo career till these days? Answer: Melanie Jayne Chisholm. LOl at 03:06 isn´t Victoria, maybe in other life! Melanie C had been in theather´s like Blood Brothers. She even is a good dancer and music producer!! She has a lot of #1 and Top 10 in her solo career. She sings without playback. Even Victoria has recognized thah she is not singer, and she told that she loves Mel C´s Voice! duh!

    Blue 008

    xxxTIN0xxx First of all... calling Victoria completely talentless was uncalled for.
    Secondly, just because someone’s opinion is different from yours, doesn’t give you the right to call them a fool, just makes yourself look like one.

    Cordell Lindsey

    That’s def Mel c at 3:06 lol

    Cordell Lindsey

    Ok poshhhhh 02:05

    Jason Reginald Kelly

    Isn't that Emma at 3:06 ??

  27. Bradie Leighton


  28. carlos acosta

    I love them so much! They are so amazing! Always and forever.

  29. jasiekel86

    Good song ruined by Scary trying to rap!

  30. Maria Isa

    It is a good song!! And the clips are great!! Congrats!! Still miss Geri there!!! I'll love them forever!!! :) @SpiceGirlsUSA on twitter..awesome community for USA fans like me!!! :p

  31. thiago henryque costa caetano

    had to have a clip of this song, it made ​​me sad

    Ty'Ana Hill

    thiago henryque costa caetano ok

  32. Leonardo Luigi

    it's not official. it's edited from various videos of their solo careers

  33. Goofy Emoji

    Is this the video for the song? None of the lip syncing match.

  34. spencerwinters

    Such a brilliant edit! Great job with the selection of clips

  35. Fran Pereira

    Simplismente perfeitas! <3

  36. Distracted ByDiecasts

    they still did great

  37. Flofy Go Renteria


  38. jasiekel86

    Mel C looks beautiful in that video, never liked that gold tooth!

  39. chris wilson

    OMG!!! Emma in just a shirt in water hell yeah. she is the hottest one

  40. Jojniall Verednnich


  41. Distracted ByDiecasts

    Melanie c was hot in this one and like always victoria looked like a guy

  42. amira cali

    loved baby spice!!!smokin hot!

  43. Reynold Setiadi

    emma is the best voice ever

    Claudice Falcao

    no Mel C is the best voice ever

  44. Jasper Kellin

    Great job on this video! :)

  45. Jabert CEH

    Still baby

  46. Samuel J. Morris

    this should be the 4th single but they decided not to promote it anymore

  47. Sir Ichabod

    Sorry but this is shitty song. But good work with the video!

  48. viniohio

    @surrendernit,concordo plenamente
    sou seu conterraneo

  49. viniohio

    so sad that they don't did a single of this great and true song
    this video is incredible and beautiful looks like an official video
    thanks lipehall

  50. EresseDorthonion

    It makes me happy to listen them again after a loooong time!

  51. Victor Antunes

    Caraca, ficou muito bom!
    Wow, its very cool!

  52. Faryel faah

    Victoria Beckham, so cute ♥

  53. Wassertroepfle

    3:06 Melanie c' voice *-* amazing!!!!

  54. Marcello George

    great done !!! :D

  55. iLLeGab

    Melanie C's the best part!

  56. Mayora TeamJona

    iLove them all..but MelB is my most fav. ^.^

  57. pedro barbaran

    eu amo spice girls

  58. Nick Adler

    I dont know if Ive wrote this beore... but I love this video!!! You did a great job, its one of my favorites and I love emma.

  59. Alina Knox

    I like it but they lose spark without Geri.

  60. Tricia Davison - Woolcock

    Amazing song.... but where's Gerri aka Ginger Spice.... this song is like a matured version of their old music... kudos to the Spice Girls... Emma & Melanie C are my fav.. :D

  61. Gold_Paladin91

    WOW! I've heard this song before! Very pretty!! =D

  62. Chocolatitobitch

    Emmaaaaaa!!!! (6)

  63. mrvb19

    mel be sang the high note after the rap alright... the voice is huskier...victoria sang the 2:03-2:33 portion...

  64. shane198226

    ill take emma on the bed anytime she is so sexy

  65. Laura Soul Valor

    What is video is the shot from where emma is in an outside pool at 1.08??

  66. Ilija Zivkovic

    nice song,welldone girls!!!

  67. DaNgEr88GiRL

    Mel B .. LOOL

  68. DaNgEr88GiRL

    This song if from FOREVER Album in 2000 ... and I Loved the whole album I think it's there best Album :)

  69. steamyboy69

    Anyone please respond, did you ever have a one night stand, and you felt like falling for that person you've shared an episode of lust with.? BUt they seem not to feel the same, aWww man, SIGH, jc, i know what we had was nothing but a weekend love, but i hope you'd give me a chance to show my romantic side.

  70. Jessica W

    What album is this off of?

  71. Eder Hickmann

    this is Eder from Brazil.....I love Mel C too..she's the best of the best ever......here in brazil just'er appear....she's really famous here....her voice is my favoure and her way of speaking..OMG....cute!!!

  72. chateaunck

    beautifull song

  73. eaminem

    @Jerome405 Free Me

  74. Schnoodle

    I like the song and you did a nice job on the video! ;) I don't like the random rapin the middle though.

  75. dallas sparks

    @TheFunkyspice also if u wanna have some fun it was an official video in he uk

  76. ethan j

    u have done a good job!!!

  77. Bình Bông

    amazing Spice Girls !

  78. biodreamer299

    It's for Mel B, just for her to sing a little bit the way she likes it...

  79. G. D

    these are edited videos from their solo careers but i don't know the videos names


    love melanie c :D

  81. James Atkins

    what the random rap in the middle??

  82. PamelaElizabeth

    this song is sweet why is not on the last album it sound like a hit

  83. lairthehair .Larry Poloway

    you did a great edit job!
    now I have a video for this great song to watch
    I sure hope you got a chance to see them LIVE !!

  84. Francesca Duarte

    im prettey sure it from the music vidieo of first day of my life

  85. cleverboi2

    What Mel C video are her clips from? She looks so pretty. And that has to be her on the high notes because Mel B can't sing that high, just ask people who saw her in Rent on Broadway.

  86. Gonzalo Moreira

    omg. emma and mel c are just the higher pitches. mel b and victoria the lower ones.

    you need both high voices and low ones in a group like thin, unless you want the spice girls to sound like the castrati xDDD

  87. alssa7b

    i Love Mel C >>> she got the best voice and looks great too she amaizing and emma the 2nd best voice

  88. Robyn Monteza

    wow! a great song and a great video! amazing!

  89. clarkcito

    great job.... i want this video 4 me

  90. Rytis St

    theoretically could be that that note at 3:10 was done with more than one voice, bet definitely not Mel C alone, because her voice is diferent.
    You can clearly hear how Mel C voice sounds at 3:26

    so theoretically there could be Emma voice blended with Mel C voice under it in the background.

    But thats only theoretically, because I`m almoust sure that that note was done be Emma alone.
    Of course with nice reverb on her voice.

  91. Rytis St

    Mel C kicks in a bit later at @ 3:26 - 3:27

    can`t you hear the difference?

    I would recognize Mel C voice in a mile.

    As well as Victoria.

    actually they all have pretty unique voices, so its easy for me to recognize them all in a mile :)

  92. SDR152

    It wasn't unreleased, it was on Forever after Geri left.

  93. Saima Razzaque

    This song is from 2001. It was one of many songs that was unreleased.

  94. BorEdZz

    It's Victoria that harmonizes the chorus! I'm so proud of her!!! <3 Her voice is at its strongest in the Forever album.

  95. Tita Moris

    god... it's victoria guys... she's the one harmonizing the rest voices....

  96. Camila Lima

    definitely it was victoria

    For sure

  97. Fernanda Abreu

    Very very well done. And when I thought it couldn't get any better, that cute butt in the ending was priceless.

  98. Angela Mcdonald

    i think the spice girls look better now than they used to. they used too much make up before. they look more natural now