Spice Girls - Take Me Home Lyrics

There's no place I call the height
There's no way in a mean street
There's no happy medium
There's no in between
So do your searching, until you're down
Then realise, you're on your home ground

Sittin' in a white room dreaming of a life
You have got me thinking what is paradise?

Should I take an ocean drive coolin' from the sun
Silver screen got me thinking this is how it should be done

Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah
Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah

Stand together alone not knowing who you are
Friendly strangely, strangely friendly
Would you keep me warm?

Would you keep me warm?
You know, you can be your paradise
A heart can keep me warm
You can have your own dream life
Step into your comfort zone
Comfort zone

Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah
Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah

Ain't nobody to take me home
'Cause I'm here, yes where I belong
I may leave 'cause I'm on my way
But my home it will always stay

Ain't nobody to take me home
'Cause I'm here, yes where I belong
I may leave 'cause I'm on my way
But my home it will always stay

Ain't nobody to take me home
'Cause I'm here, yes where I belong
I may leave 'cause I'm on my way
But my home it will always stay

So it's all just free falling falls
Huh, out of time
You've got yours, I've got mine
Should all this be so precious?
Maybe I should be a little humble?
Slate to fear, 'cause I could stumble
So do your searching until you're down
'Cause you're on home ground

Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah
Take me home
There's no place I'd rather be now, yeah

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Spice Girls Take Me Home Comments
  1. Cori Lannister

    The best Spice Girls song.. And still better than so-called pop music of the past decade.. I'll keep on listening to this and the like in 2020..

  2. tony rodriguez

    Geri's voice is so sexy

  3. Fabio Marques

    Amooooo !!!!

  4. MacMurrough the Meticulous

    Mel C coming in clutch with that "Would you keep me warm" line gets me every time.

  5. John Tripler

    Spice Girls you ladies are absolutely amazing and fanatics always enjoy your music love ya

  6. Antônio Carlos dos Santos Godinho

    Que música linda,um pop romântico e que lindas e talentosas mulheres,sou fã eterno, amo de paixão,melhor quinteto de cantoras internacionais para mim,às fenomenais Spice Girls!!!

  7. king overall

    Yess a vibe

  8. SkaMasta097

    That’s it. I’ve had enough. I’m going to make a mix cd of all the Spice Girls B-sides in chronological order because these songs are just too good not to! 😎

  9. Paulo Blaschke


  10. Nocturne22

    Victoria is the one doing the 'take take take me home' at the end

  11. Shaggy Spice

    There's the harmonica? tune that hums like Gorillaz' Tomorrow Comes Today. Weird.

  12. Nocturne22

    It's dark and trance-like. Geri's methodical, almost chanting talking bits are amazing.

  13. Don Scott

    This song should have been a single. Although it was a b-side,it still could of gotten some air play. Pearl Jam's "Yellow Ledbetter" was the b-side to their "Jeremy" single,and that song became a huge hit and a signature tune for them.

  14. Okey Dokey Lokey

    Songs where Geri talks in her sexy voice are the best

    tony rodriguez

    It is!!!

  15. Derek Davis

    This is still my favorite song by them.

  16. Andrea Lopez


  17. euwaldo Martinelli

    This song is so UNDERATED !

  18. Nina-Jade Sandoval

    🎶 I barely found out bout this jam like a few months ago... Itz amazing and beautiful 🎶

  19. LikeAnUnusualStar

    2:35 It's always Melanie B singing those 4 lines to me, 'always stay" just sounds like Melanie B

    Tato Pellegrini

    It's Victoria singing.

  20. xxxTIN0xxx

    I'm usually drawn to solo parts when it comes to songs from girl groups.
    My favorites in order are:
    1) Mel C (sensual silky voice + high note)
    2) Mel B (warm voice)
    3) Emma (sweet tone)
    4) Victoria

    smck 2016

    Geri not included why am I not surprised. You just can't help being a bitch can you.

    Ramon Maldonado

    @smck 2016 Geri didn't have a solo part. She only had a rap. It's not a solo.

    smck 2016

    @Ramon Maldonado A rap is still a solo part of a song.


    @smck 2016 You just can't help being a bitch and a hypocrite either. You're always bitching about every Spice Girl that isn't your favorite, hence you'd better put to practice what you preach.

  21. matheuscpn

    omg i'm a die hard spice girls fan and I never listened to this song until today!!!! i'm shook

  22. Hope Carr

    This has always been one of my very favorite SG songs. I hadn't heard it in a LONG time...takes me back!!

  23. Ericka Peoples

    This is why I always got the singles as well as the albums because the B side songs were ALWAYS fire.

  24. thequalitydan

    One of my favourites from them, far too good to be a b-side!

  25. andrew turvill

    only just gone and got spice girls tickets!!!!!

  26. Rob Zaleta

    With she exception of holler and wasting my time this is better than any of those forever songs..

    Sigh Canada

    Rob Zaleta wasting my time is a jam!

  27. Jimmy Brown

    In my top 3 fav spice girls songs

  28. Mike B

    I have this on a single...took me forever to find it.

  29. Hwasa's throne is my face

    Every part of this song is art. Emma's breathing between her sweet notes at the beggining, Mel C's precious high notes, Geri's sexy talking voice and Victoria's sexy tone and Mel B's strong vocals.. I love this song since I was a teen.

    Nina-Jade Sandoval

    🎶 I barely found out bout this jam like a few months ago... Itz amazing and beautiful 🎶

    Rob Williams

    The combination of their unique voices is what sets them apart from many girl bands where I can't half hear the difference between them. No girl band since then has equalled their special formula.


    Perfect example of why each Spice Girl is unique and important to the whole.

  30. Jimmy The Clown

    I could hear Stereo MC's rapping over this

  31. Ronald Blanchard

    They sound great its a shame this never made it on an album

  32. Ganluca Russo


  33. Adam Hellerud

    Feels like a song Geri wrote most of.


    Mel C and Victoria wrote this song together.

  34. Toast

    Best B side of theirs. Deserves some sort of recognition if this ‘reunion’ amounts to owt. Radio 1 session or something.

  35. JustKinga

    It SHOULD be on album!!!!!

  36. JR Tom-Spencer

    no authority

  37. DC H

    Geri owned this song

    smck 2016

    DC H her voice adds so much to many of the group songs.

    Baby Ringo

    smck 2016 I agree ... she’s not really a singer but she adds soooo much to their songs.

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    Geri write the majority of their songs...i’m guessing about 80%


    ​@Rhianna Barr-Beaumont Mel C and Victoria wrote this song together.

  38. winko567

    Whenever I hear this song, I always imagine myself sitting in the passenger seat of a stranger/truck-driver I met off of craigslist, starring out the window as we're driving across the bridge of US Highway 412 across Norfork lake in the mountains of northern Arkansas late at night with hundreds of stars up in the sky :)
    Great song too :) ♥

    The End

    winko567 ... yeah... me too.


    @The End 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  39. Sarah McKinney

    This is the B side to "Say You'll Be There", at least in America it is. :) Most underrated SG song for sure! I used to make copies of the Spice album on CD to cassette for my friends at school, lol, and I always added this song, so they probably think it was on the album, LOL. :)


    Sarah McKinney
    Smart move! Haha


    That's badass!! Sound like something I'd do for sure!😆

  40. This Intangible Existence

    "Say You'll Be There" was the first single I got it from the Spice Girls, and this was the only other impression I had of them. This song is still one of the best songs from their catalog. It's rich, and a little deep. I can see why they didn't continue with this type of sound: cause it's a bit grimy. It's easy to see that this comes from that "Last Time Love" & "Naked" kind of sound.

    If could ask any of the girls one question, it would be about this song. I bet they probably wouldn't even remember recording it. I wish there was more commentary on this one.

  41. ddjmfan

    I have the Say You'll Be There Single with this song on it and I absolutely love it! It's a very sexy, sultry beautiful song. It was very different than their other songs. This definitely deserved to be a single, not a B-side. I love how all the girls had solo parts and they all sounded good. I love how Geri's voice sounded as well; the deep, gravely whisper sounded incredibly sexy on this song. It was almost like it was seducing you. This song here proved they all had talent.

  42. vadjula wakaru

    is this the b side their b side is awesome eh

  43. Hank Hill

    Melanie C is off the charts beautiful.

  44. Skunky Stinkerson

    this song deserved to be on the Spice album, not just a b-side.

  45. hey bro

    I thought Vicky was singing the "take take take take me home" part at the end of the song lol xD

  46. Chad Guindon

    This is such a beautiful song. However, the part where it goes up to that high note (Eb5) on the word "comfort zone" sounds like it was sung by both Emma and Mel C, I hear 2 voices on it and not just 1. You only showed a picture of Sporty. Well...perhaps, Sporty just overpowered Baby on it.


    +Chad Guindon It's only Mel C.


    It’s Mel C and Emma.


    I only hear Melanie C. The first 'comfort zone' isn't even Melanie C, it's Emma and Victoria, there's a mistake. The second is only Melanie C. The note has an echo effect, that's why you think it's two voices but it's just Melanie C's voice. Besides Emma can't reach the eb5 note


    @LikeAnUnusualStar interesting detail, in fact it can be correct... Victoria and Emma in the first 'comfort zone', so Emma's relatively high note could be mistaken for Melanie's.
    No doubt about the second 'comfort zone', it's only Mel C.

    Ciao from Piedmont, Italy.

  47. Angel Davis

    awesome pics! may i ask where you found them?

  48. Lveangel

    This is one of my favorite songs from them, if not my absolute favorite!

  49. My Precious

    This is better than Viva Forever - totally smash hit worthy.

    Life with me: Jessie Marie

    This and baby come round should have been on SPICE

    Skunky Stinkerson

    this song is just soo dark and mysterious

    Holly Dunn Something

    Better than Viva Forever? What did we do to deserve this hateful (and incorrect) opinion?

    Callthemidwife Trash

    I wouldn't say It could replace Viva Forever but I'd replace Something Kinda funny with this


    Callthemidwife Trash SKF is crazy good! why replace anything when you can just add lol

  50. Roeder Reyes

    This is such a sexy song! 

  51. KJCOfficial

    Where can I download this in lossless or high quality? Did they ever release a B-Side album or anything that I can get these from?

    Thanks for any help :)

    Life with me: Jessie Marie

    @Ale Zepeda awesome! Thx so much! I will

    Life with me: Jessie Marie

    @Ale Zepeda just thought I'd remind you like you asked me to! Take your time, I appreciate it!

    Ale Zepeda

    Already send it to you ... [email protected] right?

    Life with me: Jessie Marie

    @Ale Zepeda hmmm [email protected] or [email protected] either one but I dont see it in my mail or junk. Maybe resend it? I'll make sure to sift through them carefully. Thx for doing this for a stranger btw!

    Adam Forgan

    KJCOfficial it’s on Spotify now! 😍

  52. andrew turvill

    this is one of the most under rated songs...wish theyd done this live and taken a bit more of this route

    Eric Springer

    I think this would have done well not only had it been on the album but also had it been a single

  53. Fede Rico

    Love this song. Great lyrics.

  54. Piero Ruiz

    I Agree, The best SG lyric video that I'd saw <3

  55. John Johnson

    I think u make the greatest Spice Girl lyric vids! (: