Spice Girls - Stop Lyrics

You just walk in, I make you smile
It's cool but you don't even know me
You take an inch, I run a mile
Can't win you're always right behind me
And we know that you could go and find some other
Take or leave it or just don't even bother
Caught in a craze, it's just a faze
Or will this be around forever

Don't you know it's going too fast
Racing so hard you know it won't last
Don't you know, what can't you see
Slow it down, read the sign
So you know just where you're going

Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, got have some fun

Do do-do do, do do-do do
Do do-do, always be together
Ba da-ba ba, ba da-ba ba
Ba da-ba, stay that way forever

And we know that you could go and find some other
Take or leave it cause we've always got each other
You know who you are and yes, you're gonna breakdown
You've crossed the line so you're gonna have to turnaround

Don't you know it's going too fast
Racing so hard you know it won't last
Don't you know, what can't you see
Slow it down, read the sign
So you know just where you're going

Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, got have some fun

Gotta keep it down honey, lay your back on the line
Cause I don't care about the money, don't be wasting my time
You need, less speed, get off my case
You gotta slow it down baby, just get out of my face

Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, got have some fun
Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, got have some fun

(Stop right now) Stop right now, thank you very much
(We wanna thank you, wanna thank you) I need somebody with a human touch
(Stop right now) Hey you, always on the run
(Thank you very much, thank you very much) Gotta slow it down baby, got have some fun

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Spice Girls Stop Comments
  1. Ian Aldridge

    Sexiest band ever.Gerrys my favourite horny devil.

  2. Steve Mano

    Such great memories.

  3. whitelily569

    I love their music. Mel B was the only real beauty from this group. The others are just cute.

  4. Shane Sokoluk

    They don't make girl groups like this anymore.

  5. Sedat Ullusal

    Why am I watching this. I am on a rode trip and I search up stop. And this pops up. Me being bored tap it. And then I die

  6. Berdien Jongsma

    Heel leuk

  7. Cj Axiel Yangson

    "stop right now, thank you very much i need someone with a human touch"

    -Kimverlie Penelope

  8. BigBollocks

    I never admitted I liked the spice girls until I was 50.

  9. Stanislav Abramov

    1:42 Чадо как мило

  10. Ben10 Dr4Games

    someone in 2019

  11. SK Z

    My favourite song from the Spice Girls. It's really well-produced, gets stuck in your head, and it makes you feel happy :)

  12. Francis Reyes

    like mo to kung gets mo

  13. Septon Sephgreiafield

    My childhood memories.

  14. Amanda Guarini

    They were young and yet wearing soooo much make up

  15. CC EP

    I love listening to this song and the spice girls they are so talented still can't believe I am actually watching this in 2019.

  16. Pashnea19

    We're dancing this when I was in 4th grade.

  17. Big Smoke

    Manooooong Stopppp

  18. fionalolaruby walls

    Great thing about having kids is you can convince them spice girls are life 🤣 Until they hit about 10 anyway.....Another 5 years of classics 😂👌

  19. Unknown

    who csme here from KPL???

    Avocado Juice

    Me hahahaha

    Merc Ury

    what is KPL?



  20. kpop stanTM 1m pR0uD 0f mYs3lF

    From KPL | Commuter's Rant.

    mochi got jams

    Me hahaha

    Toby Agustin





    Ako! 😂😂


    Nangwawarshock ka talaga e no?

  21. Melissa Wolf

    Brill song!

  22. Chasity Fitzgerald

    I still be jamming to the Spice Girls. Their music is so fun.

  23. TheHumorousReader

    Spice Girls is the reason why I'm gay.

  24. Ethil Silagan

    I came here because of Vincentiments😂


    Ako rin HAHAAH

    Ethil Silagan

    @귀엽다도현은 😂

  25. danuch 2324

    I wonder...how was this girls band was favorite?

  26. Coronation Street Lover

    My song loves this song

  27. Mark Raqueño

    Vincentiments KPL brought me here 😂

    Kim Mango

    Pota hshshshsgs

    Avocado Juice

    Hahahahahaha KANTO TIÑIO po ako.

  28. John Bradford

    Just shows how easy it is to make music ffs unfortuannly this is not what a lot of 💩💩 worse girl band ever 🤣🤣

  29. Naiara Oliveira

    My girls s2

  30. giggle giggle

    I was still in elementary school back then when this song released.

    Good times. No mortgage and parent meetings.

  31. Giovanni Gutierrez

    Anyone else getting 60s girl group vibes from this. ;) Love it!

  32. Anwar Nube

    I’m coming here because Baby Spice hair style inspired Ariana Grande to do that the style 😁😄😃

  33. Melcom Juli

    my school bus play ths song 2000

  34. Nepgear

    Who's still watching in 2022?

  35. Dennis Dimovski


  36. Fluttermint [Loves Starbursts Candy But Only Pink]

    Is it just me or this Song is My childhood?
    Oh me..?

    :( Welp Okay..

  37. Jessie Gonzales

    Went to a gay bar a while back and they played this song, instantly remembered the whole chorus dance routine haha

  38. Sean Sean

    this is terrible

    Jamey Leanne Cooper

    Who cares 🤷🏼‍♀️

  39. storm3698

    Reenacting this tune in a show today. As a guy playing ginger it should be fun.

  40. Andrew Smith

    That moment when you're trying to be manly but have to sing and dance along.

  41. Sibel Maden

    Posh spice i love you

  42. Shelby Martell

    Issa banger

  43. IRMaakasu

    I been listening a bunch of 90's music, Like Ricky Martin, Atomic kitten, Aqua, You name it, And what I notice is how high the quality is of the Spice girls vids compared to the other, Some on Vevo look like the had been recorded by a gas station security cam.

    So.. Yay Spice girls.

  44. ruby jane balancio

    Who's still watching this in Dec. 2019?

    Samia Hellel

    Decembre 2019😊😉

    Septon Sephgreiafield

    Yass me

  45. Izzy •

    At 1:05 Victoria is like « What the fuck do you want me to do »

  46. steamyboy69

    I remember in a Top of the Pops magazine interview the girls were poking fun at Melanie B saying something like Mel B has poo on top of her head (referring to her hair in braids in this video LOL)

  47. bebet duh

    Gotta hav some fun 😊

  48. Marcio torrente

    Angela torrente vai mata o marcio Eduardo torrente da Cidade di figueiropolis d.oeste mato Grosso🔪🔫🚔🚓🔪🔫♿🚔♿🚓🚔🔪🔫👿♿🚔😟😲😧😱😨😫😩😖😕😵

  49. Roger Gonçalves

    Stop nada bora lançar um álbum novo 🇧🇷👏



  50. sienna edwards

    i love your songs

  51. River Zeal

    this is really good and catchy tune with the guitar andbmellotron couldd be somethinbg sbba might do. but this video, can we jailbthe director for lack of integrity and vision and the costume lady

  52. Dr Spaseebo

    Probably their BEST song ! And Victoria sings a fair share !!


  53. Baby Yoshi

    Thumbs up anyone who has the chorus hand dance down ever since watching this music vid, back in the 90s, and also the Live in Istanbul tour doco!

  54. stanglova86

    how the hell does this have 4k?

  55. Clapz Fnm

    this song is from the 9136

  56. Midori Y


  57. Loren Wood

    They’re literally all wearing the exact same makeup

  58. Rachel Zenou

    They don't have girl groups like these anymore .

  59. ann pearl

    hands down to 2019

  60. Ivan Danilov

    Кто с кликклака?

  61. Melissa

    Me and my step mom loves your music!!!!

  62. Stephanie Portal

    I love your song

  63. Alma Magsumbol

    I miss spice girls..

  64. Joe Sinclair

    I feel like this really shows the true England like everyone always thinks we're just posh tea drinking things like no this is true English life 😂😂


    Joe Sinclair filmed in Ireland


    But loads of English villages r like this lol

    Gerbil vids

    Thats dublin

  65. A 000

    I was having a hard time recognizing Victoria here

  66. Cicero Mendonça

    Thank you very much Spice Girls!!

  67. Shelley Williams

    Stop it baby spice do I have to take the slush puppy away now stop then

  68. Rene Chatto

    my childhood song haha im not gay but i love this cause my mom love it too ! she pass away 2017 :( !

  69. J M

    Gerry is such a slapper

  70. Florencia Ayala

    Que buen temaaa💃💃💃

  71. سلمى #


  72. OH_ Mah_Gawd

    Especially this song and wannabe

  73. OH_ Mah_Gawd

    Sorry but like I hate the spice girls there horrible how did they ever become famous

    OH_ Mah_Gawd

    They try to be cool when there not

    Jacob Quincy

    @OH_ Mah_Gawd Well luckily for us you have no taste in music. The most popular girl band of the 90's.

    Jacob Quincy

    Sorry but your taste is insignificant, the band of the 90's against your opinion

    OH_ Mah_Gawd

    Jacob Quincy well I just hate old time music it's just horrible 😕

  74. anna dominique Yaun

    Is someone out there listening to this in November and dancing along with the music?

    Probably just me🤣♥️

  75. Patrick Ego Woodstock Watts

    Love this!

  76. Boo Thomas

    Omg I love you guys so much

  77. Rose M.

    Baby Spice had the best voice. I absolutely despise Sporty's voice.

    Jacob Quincy

    Sporty arguably had the best voice of them all?

  78. Amina King Brown

    everyone likes BTS but we all know that the spice girls are 1 trillion times better

    Amina King Brown

    @mramelade _ here we again...
    I see your point. I get it you just want a nice comment about something. I'm sorry about that part. But I'm just not sorry about the fact that I said it. people will comment anything on the internet because they're hiding behind a screen. I see it all the time. but this is different. I'm just frustrated. it took me a forever and a half to find my music. Over time my taste of music went all sorts of places. I was the first person that I know to find K-pop this was about in 2013 . I listened to for it for a week. than I was done. sooner or later I would come find that most pop music made after 2005 kinda sucks. I like old pop or r &b, physchedellic rock, surf rock and other genres. I prefer Viking metal over current pop. when K-pop was reintroduced to me I thought it sounded similar to current pop then I saw the music videos . no joke I had to convert to minamilism for a period of time. anyways the fans you can see a kpop fan from a mile away. damn. turn it down. I think it's wrong to say that K-pop is trash because you can't understand it how stupid is that. I thought Justin Bieber fans were a lot. how much did I write OOPS. lmao. I need to pack for a trip bye. no more ranting in the comment section.

    Amina King Brown

    I wrote this a t 2 am so don't argue with sleepy me srry but ngl it's trueeee I'm tired. I'm not reasonable right now. don't reason with me.

    mramelade _

    @Amina King Brown I'd lie if I said I even bothered to read thag

    Jacob Quincy

    What's BTS?

    mramelade _

    @Jacob Quincy it's another name for vagina

  79. Lone Wolf

    These girls came out during the same time that the Back Street Boys and Nsync, Aqua as well as Venga Boys were all popular and big. I think I was 9-10 years of age? Man I miss the 90s as well as the dress style.

  80. Lady Rose

    November 2019

  81. Jett Bonifacio

    2019 still the best next to beatles....🤘🤘🤘🤘

  82. petunia

    *Their catchy songs dam.... My childhood*


  83. Anticenaguy Network

    im currently building a time machine to go back to the good old days, when its complete i'll let you all know. Im willing to work all through sleepless nights to finish it im that driven. Todays music is beyond bullshit..come with me folks! your more than welcome

    Jacob Quincy

    Amen, I think a lot of us are chasing our past.. Best thing we can do is appreciate it and share with future generations.

  84. Jake Millar

    what a song


  85. Jerish anne Araneta

    I like old school music

  86. Roy Gumiran

    Miss good all days! The time when u wish u grew older in thr 90’s

  87. Linda Deans


  88. spoiled Burat


  89. Graham Butler

    Now that's a winter wardrobe

  90. shannyal

    Still love this song 😘😍

  91. Nikki Neurotic

    Ginger Spice Forever!!!!

  92. Alekasndra Suszek

    Very good classic. What year this was????

  93. Blake Zang

    I know it's not xmas song
    but anyone listening at chrstmas time?

  94. Yuhana Aminan

    Dedicate this song to A Z M I.. I love u..

  95. epichollywood2011

    My childhood!!!!