Spice Girls - Last Time Lover Lyrics

Treat me right all night
Makes me feel good like you should

[Melanie B:]
Listen up I gotta tell ya
About the ins and outs and goings-on
I wouldn't tell just anybody
About the fox that I've been chasing
He's resistant not persistent
It didn't stop me from homing in
'Cause I'm a choosy not a floozy
I get my hit and then I run with it

Last time lover (lover)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me
Last time lover (lover)
Do you wanna be my last time baby?
Could it be your first time maybe?

[Melanie B:]
We got up and down to it
Like the dirty bass in the music
I got my major chords strumming
Took some time and then we're really buzzing
First bite whet my appetite
Second helping's always better
Started getting burning hot
I found my pride not easy
Slowed it down I said stop

Last time lover (lover)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me
Last time lover (lover)
Do you wanna be my last time baby?
Could it be your first time maybe?

[All (Geri):]
Last time lover (Treat me right)
Loving under cover (All night)
Last time lover (Makes me feel good)
Loving under cover (Like you should)
Last time lover
Last time lover (Treat me right)
Loving under cover (All night)

Cool sexy ever ready
Someone fine always steady
Gentle hands dirty mind
Use your head and don't be blind
Words of love they don't wash with me
What's the rush? No urgency you see
Crazy boy potential lover
First and last lover
Brother ain't no other
Crazy sweety cool but racy
Steady ready go yes

Last time lover (lover)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me
Last time lover (lover)
Do you wanna be my last time baby?
Could it be your first time maybe?
Last time lover (lover)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me
Last time lover (lover)
Do you wanna be my last time baby?
Could it be your first time maybe?

[All (Geri):]
Last time lover (Treat me right)
Loving under cover (All night)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me
Last time lover (Makes me feel good)
Loving under cover (Like you should)
Do you wanna be my last time baby?
Could it be your first time maybe?

Last time lover (Treat me right)
Loving under cover (All night)
Do you think I'm really cool and sexy?
And I know you wanna get with me

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Spice Girls Last Time Lover Comments
  1. Louise

    i cannot stop thinking about this song. so smooth so groovy

  2. Klos1neMN

    Best song on the album.

    Oracle 2020

    This and Naked are my faves so out of the box.

  3. andrew turvill

    I often play this to people and ot tell them who it's by, when they say that was awesome I tell them it's the spice girls and they dont believe me. Wannabe was their most known song but they could really write excellent songs which is why they went from one hit wonder to world conquering

  4. James Jones

    Nice bass line! :)

  5. 4doni5 (Adonis)

    Ah my kid memories were the best!!! They were giving TLC vibes high key! Ole T-BOZ vocal variation on the verses

  6. kakekobo

    It took me up to now to know this song

  7. Michael Murray

    why didn''t geri like randb she had a good voice for it like mel b as well these songs suited them

  8. Su Rocha

    Minha infância ai. Amo Spice's até hoje. 2019.


    dj jamal brought the spice girls album at zia in las vegas nv and it was the last copy im a lucky bastard im gonna use this album as a secret weapon

  10. Yuuki Takemoto

    "Pure electricity... in my pants."

  11. a m

    only this song spice girls won't sing live in front of their audiences.. why ?

  12. Nipplasia

    This album was 🔥

  13. Didyer Zarate

    Fucking LOVE this song, beat is smooth AF!

  14. MegaMetalManX

    Goddamn, this is possibly one of the raunchiest songs I've ever heard in my life. I swear, it's perfect for any sort of make-out or fuck session. I wonder if that's what they were going for when they wrote and composed this, so that people could have it playing in the background while they're having sex o.O

  15. andrew turvill

    This doesn't even seem like pop music, it's funky deep and very very very sensual

  16. Naty Bats

    "And I know you wanna get with me"!
    So sexy and catchy!
    This song gets me right in my feels.
    I played it so much as a tween.

  17. know thyself

    Souls. I mean alot white and black women sound the same

  18. Stephanie Knowles

    They should re release this song now.

  19. Agostini

    Ahhh Spice Girls... Everybody's favorite guilty pleasure.

  20. cuddlefuddle

    They need to perform this on tour in 2019!!!

  21. John Tripler

    Spice girls loving your music is so absolutely beautiful you ladies are the best female performer of all time always truly enjoy your music love ya ladies

  22. Ariana Morais

    In that time was a K7! ! ♡ Nostalgic

  23. DayvidDavis

    This song is a carbon copy of TLC'S 'This Is How It Works'.


    That's what I thought when I firstly heard "This Is How It Works". This is almost a rip-off, the entire structure of the song was copied (including the rap). I think it's the only song from their album that wasn't a Spice Girls-eque song and must be one of the reasons why they have never sung it live. It's one of my least favorite Spice Girls' songs though.

    KingJo Show

    It sure is but hey they fit in with the wave at that time. R&b soul would’ve ate this up

  24. Gislaine Grazielle

    mel b a melhor

  25. Joyvan de Sales

    Great song. 😇😇😇😇

  26. Vegas Channel

    2500 years later and I'm still so move by this

  27. Vera Leal

    Like tlc this [email protected]!

  28. Serenity Black

    Words can't even begin to describe just how in love I am with this song. Gonna keep on jammin' to it. It's so sexy, and now, my favorite song by them. Amazing 😍💞

  29. Fluffy Panda

    Sex for the ears

  30. Pablo V


  31. J Jay

    Lol Spice Girls are the first girlband I heard and even as a grown 25 y/o I still love them. I don't hide that fact.

    This song's too groovy and sexy.

  32. PeTrA RoCkS

    this song could be about a booty call or someone being the one and only person they want for the rest of their life. LMAO. never realized how perverted this stuff was till I got older. I was only 8 when this music came out ahahaha. and the parents turned a blind eye to the music. for a girl group with a young audience you would think they would do something more appropriate. oh well. this is my favorite song from them. I love the song move over too

    KingJo Show

    PeTrA RoCkS TLC was young and their music was very perverted 😂

  33. Zos Ma

    Mel B sounds a lot like T-Boz from TLC in this tune


    Fun fact this song was actually pitched to TLC but they turned it down


    @machinedrum17 How do you know this?

    calena jackson

    Omg yes I never heard this song before but it’s kinda dope and it does sound like tlc ☺️

    Nicole Weltman

    I was JUST thinking that when I found your comment! Lol.

    Nicole Weltman

    I can almost hear a bit of left eye with a British accent in geris rap too.

  34. Lorena Maroja

    my childhood ❤️

  35. Vô Địch

    好像还少一个歌曲呢!spice girls 还少一个歌曲。

  36. Hayley Chang

    Now I know why I was a horny kid

  37. Jimmy The Clown

    Now I know why Richard E. Grant thought they were Black American Girls lol

  38. Kim Katz

    the coolest girl band ever

  39. Leon James

    Thanks for the uploads and these songs are waaay better than alot of todays music.

  40. Maxime Tondji

    Titre super avec love tong spice girls meilleur group pop des années 90 . Merci beaucoup

  41. smck 2016

    This song proved the group could make good songs without the vocals of Melanie C. Song for Her aswell.


    Melanie C is in the chorus with her low notes, she's soprano so she can do it. This song isn't a kind of song that she could do, is R&B, the voices for this taste of songs are Mel B and Geri.


    @Paula FLOR VLASICH Correct. Plus, to be completely honest this song wasn't a Spice Girls-esque song at all. Everyone hears TLC while listening to this, no just due to its style but because it's a rip-off in disguise. It's a copy of TLC's "This Is How It Works" released in 1995. The album "Forever" was R&B and produced by Darkchild but it was original precisely because of Mel C (1) and Emma (2) that gave to the songs a distinct unique sound that no other R&B girl band had. For the same reason other R&B songs from their first albums sound unique (Naked, Denying, Something Kinda Funny).


    +xxxTIN0xxx yeah, Even when MelanieC sang with Left Eye Lopez (RIP) "Never be the same again"; she does the high notes and Lisa does low notes and rap.

  42. MonkeeJuice

    Haven't heard this in ages

  43. Viola Lockhart

    i was a baby when these guys came out
    (well 7 months)

  44. jr w

    Accent melts

  45. jr w

    You don't know how to treat me

  46. LBT

    Miss the old days growing up in the 90's was the best. So many 90's groupies these days.

  47. Corey D. Arnold

    The woman I marry must be versed in Spice Girls.

    Natalia Mikanowicz

    Corey D. Arnold best comment ever!


    Literally what I told my bf actually lol if he doesn't know them I'm out. Thankfully he does


    i.e a woman of class, taste, culture, and knowledge

  48. Angel Jenkins

    ahhhh highschool memories when I came out gay lol

  49. Jeremiah Pilon

    such a good hot song😁

  50. kroakie4

    It's been almost 20 years since I've heard this song. It feels like the first time.

  51. rachael t

    Bummer they never preformed this live. Banger

    Hector Mendez

    As much as I'd love it live I see their point in not promoting it. When they recorded this and much of the dirtier bonus tracks like bumper to bumper they didn't know their fans were going to be 10 year olds and you can see they distanced themselves especially from this song. Thou a valid argument can be made about "forever" being overly sexual

  52. Nocturne22

    "started getting burning hot, I've found my pride not easy, slowed it down I said stop"

    YES to the Spice Girls teaching consent

  53. Brian O

    Wow. This took me back. This is the only album where I liked every single song on it.

  54. Chiko Tembo

    2017 and im not even ashamed fam! this was a grovvy track for me. loved to go to bed to it back in highschool

  55. Skunky Stinkerson

    Wannabe wasn't the best song on the album despite it being the most famous and iconic.. Last Time Lover, Naked, Love thing, Who Do You Think You Are, Something Kinda Funny, If You Can't Dance- these songs are the spiciest and the best in my opinion but i still like Wannabe (mainly the live versions)

  56. FlyingMonkies325

    God i miss music like this, 90s were good times :) i still have both Spice Girls album CDs lol.

  57. Straka Adam

    as a child i never understood they were making funky music, i like it so much years ago, in a different way

  58. raf

    first time lover
    do you think i'm a vir gi ni ty

  59. CaapriceTube

    Cant deny this album was LITTTTTT!!! 🔥🔥 Every tune was a jam and great production!

  60. Casey Shannon


  61. R E Iウサギ

    is this a sample of all night long by the mary jane girls or am i just high ? lol

  62. umrilifenChrist

    When pop music was considered cheesy but still very much musically sound, relevant, really delicious & loads of fun.
    I had this cassette. Then I got the cd later, & then the movie, & the dolls, & their candy! Loved them!

    Naty Bats

    The lollipops omfg !
    I just had a tween flashback!


    Me too, what a great time to grow up

  63. Neshawn Ghavamian

    What is disappointing is that people who like funk/soul/r&b music will, most likely, never give the spice girls a chance to fill their lives up with this ocean of funk.

  64. Greys

    I still have this album in cassette. Still their best album.

    Neshawn Ghavamian

    Greys let me get that tape! Haha

  65. evgeny razumov

    good sh!t

  66. sleepy dank

    remember when this album came out in 96 me and my best friend were jumping on the bed was 8 yrs old and this song was palying on the cd. we started laughing in a embarssing laugh when they say cool and sexy

  67. noemistephanie93

    dont get me wrong i love the spice girls but MAN what were parents thinking of buying their kids such an adult and sexual cd?! i mean yeah they had the kid appeal but they were so innapropriate! lol


    @***** there is an actual video of her admitting it. im not the type to believe that stuff but that video really shocked me


    @***** of katy perry admitting to selling her soul to the devil


    @***** believe me, i dont believe in this conspiracy shit but if u look up katy perry admits she sold her soul. its a real video! im not lying, i have no reason to lie


    who is "extremely religious," Mel B?


    @Brittany B im not lying and obviously you're thickheaded as hell since u wont youtube it. which means u know it can be true but u dont wanna be wrong

  68. jeymey

    this song is sexy and fire af

  69. Joan Rico

    OMG brings back memories

  70. 03bgood

    The Spice Girls are so much better than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj all combined! I have fond memories of listening to this in the car with my mother and sister when we were kids. I miss the 90s so much!

    Fluffy Panda

    I miss the 90's too :(

    Brian O

    Question - Why would you even compare the Spice Girls to Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or/and Nicki Minaj? One - those 3 are all solo artists. Two - N.M. is in a totally different genre.

    And before you even think to wonder, yes I am a Spice Girls fan, been and still is. Just making an observation.

    And I like you also miss the 90's.


    I remember jamming to the Spice Girls way back in the day with my best friend. I think I'm going to buy their albums and listen to them again. Then I'm going to surprise my bestie with them too. We are going to relive some good times!


    Brittany B, Nicki Minaj is a hip hop and pop artist. I don't even have to be a big fan to tell you her genre/s. -_-


    You can add Miley Cyrus and of course Taylor swift to that list of girls a who will never hold a candle to the spice girls too.

  71. Aaron Dixon

    god I feel stupid listening to spice girls but damn they nailed that 90s r&b TLC type vibe right on the head


    and then YEZ by geri lol.

    Alejandro MD

    You don't have to. This album is really timeless, it has a really good R&B/New Jack Swing vibe.

    Happi Smilez

    @Alucard8319 I was gonna say that, bcuz ppl think Spice Girls are for girls and boys would make fun of u for liking them if u were a boy. That's the same with any 90s boy band like BSB, I kno my friend's brother was ashamed of liking BSB. She told me that he didn't want her to say anything to his friends about it.
    I say like what u like, if ur "friends" make fun of u for liking the Spice Girls, then they're not a true friend.


    Happi Smilez  Exactly. Thos ain't your friends. A true friend will RESPECT you. Even if you aint at the same page. It would be very crazy if each person would like the same thing. Those simpletons are somehow ruling the world. did you notice that too?

    Happi Smilez

    @Alucard8319 Right! I've noticed,we need less followers and more leaders. Ppl shouldn't be afraid to be themselves just to please these non important fool's! If more ppl were happy with themselves we wouldn't have all of these dumass trends that's gonna die anyway.

  72. Luhê R

    this album is the shit

  73. Elaine P

    My musical tastes have changed ALOT but this album was worn out by me and my best friend when were young. These girls were our inspiration for becoming independent! Girl power!!!! 😂😂😂

  74. Shari Taylor

    love this song!

  75. michael gayle

    This is a groove! Saw them live in 97, very different to the kinda shows I was going to but it was a great night!

  76. Skunky Stinkerson

    this is the sexist spice girls song.

    Skunky Stinkerson

    a lot of their songs are quite sexy but i think this one tops all of them.


    @Skunky Stinkerson While I agree have you ever heard the song, "Bumper to Bumper" from the same era? It was a B Side and...whoo.

    Skunky Stinkerson

    @Klos1neMN yes I love bumper to bumper and that is a hot song indeed. it's so seductive


    @Skunky Stinkerson You replied! Currently listening to "Stages" by Mel C. A great album if you haven't heard.

  77. NellyBelle

    This was the shit!!!! Spice Girls was the fuckin group!! Use to play this album out!!


    @NellyBelle Yass girl


    @***** Say Hello!!! Lol


    @***** yup I love throwbacks!

  78. cuddlefuddle

    Geri and Emma usually sang a lot together - their voices blended well


    Personally that's exactly what I don't like about this song, Emma and Geri singing together in the chorus. I find that part of the chorus annoying. Apart from that I love Mel B's verses.


    xxxTIN0xxx There bit is actually one of my favs

  79. cuddlefuddle

    Fun fact: originally this song was called 'first time lover' about the girls losing their virginity. had to change it cause of complaints.

    Mother Laura

    Chrissy Kotova same since the 90s! 😂

    Charles St John

    Lol 2 become 1 was also about virginity and using conforms before sex

    RanDoM TaSk

    That's crazy cause I remember they changed Victoria's lyrics on 2 become 1 with the "boys and girls feel good together line"

    Ramon Maldonado

    @RanDoM TaSk Yeap. Because they had a very large LGBTQ+ fan base, so they changed it to "love will bring us back together".


    @Ramon Maldonado I knew they changed the lyrics!! I keep trying to find the original version I have but can't find it. When I heard the same song years later I thought, "I swear that wasn't the original lyrics."

  80. Coco DeVille

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I wish I had a chance to see them as a kid :(

  81. Janil Carralero

    Still listening to this jam in 2015! Fuego!

  82. sillysongbird

    Omg hahaha i was singing this but i knew exactly what they were saying!! ;) i was like bad

    Skunky Stinkerson

    @sillysongbird lol. most 10 year olds would have no idea what the lyrics mean haha.

  83. Mara Ram

    love this song, such a sensual and elegant tune. And I must say that Mel B does a great job on this song because she is singing really low notes.

    Richard Umana

    I love this song it gives me a TLC feel

  84. ChristinaFan4Lyfe

    On Repeat!! *X*

  85. Daja Trenčanská

    geri was the best !!!! :) 

  86. James M

    Go try The Mama tribute, That's a tear Jerker

  87. James M

    Got me thru a lot of miles drivin around the woreld in a Tug Boat

  88. Amethyst Lotus

    @Skaaaa yeah it's baby saying "do you really think i'm cool & sexy"

    Helii i

    @PorcelainKillaDoll Baby and Ginger together saying

  89. My Precious

    Geri's sexy rasp.

  90. Bootlebat

    This songo sounds alot like Mary Jane Girls- All night long


    it is lol


    IT REALLY DOES!! I bet Geri was responsible for this copycat

  91. LightDarkness

    "The album has sold over 23 million copies worldwide" the copies are 28 :)

  92. 740126

    I love Spice Girls, I LOVE  EMMA !!!! :)

    Flavio Dupim

    740126spice girls

    Ian Christopher Alexander

    Me too Emma is a cutie.

  93. Life's Good

    This beat is so damn sexy ....

    Skunky Stinkerson

    +Life's Good.....
    this song is underrated.. everything about this song is sexy, from the bass. to the rhythm, to Geri's rap.

    Dude Watches Kpop

    Underated? It was #1 the whole world over [back then]. lol This beat is litty!

    Skunky Stinkerson

    the album this song was on was number 1 everywhere

    Naty Bats

    Always will be a #bop.

    John Dunstan Dear

    The last time. Lover

  94. Berry Swisher

    I was a sporty and scary fan. They had the best voices. :-)

  95. jermaine davis

    @mathmss agreed!!!

  96. Jasmyne Carter

    its ginger rapin