Spencer Davis Group, The - When I Come Home Lyrics

I gave you my heart right from the start, yeah yeah
I gave you my heart now you tear it apart
You wrote me a letter - you found someone better
Better than me, this I can't believe

When I come home, tell me all about it
When I come home, tell me all about it

I work all day earning my pay, yeah yeah
I work all night to make you feel alright

When I come home, tell me all about it
When I come home, tell me all about it

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Spencer Davis Group, The When I Come Home Comments
  1. eisenhertz

    these where the days,good old times!

  2. manchild3479

    a good single from 1966.why is there nothing like this now???????????????????

  3. Elliot Pierce

    This song is very soulful

  4. manchild3479

    still a great band............................................................

  5. Paul Allan

    The 60s before LSD :o)

  6. Benjamin Matthews

    I'm using that line "No, I'm Dusty Springfield" in future. Great song!

  7. Edith van Loo

    beautiful.. love him and his songs for ever..

  8. Brix Montiell

    beautiful steve winwood.. love him! <3

  9. Madeleine Hague

    'Looks like a goofy movie, but par for the course in the 60's, as a lot of bands appeared in movies (Herman's Hermits, Small Faces, etc.) after the success of "A Hard Day's Night".  In another scene, Steve and the boys do "Nobody Knows You When You're Down & Out" in their PAJAMAS - hilarious!  (But the performance is wonderful).

  10. Stephen Goss

    Nicholas Parsons at the end, for just a minute... (ha ha).

  11. 竹野彰人

    young steve...

  12. Sue C

    Is this from Where The Action Is?

  13. Tysons Accosta

    It was always The Beatles this, or the Stones that....but Spencer Davis Group was always my favorite British group from that period.

  14. Rob Marsh

    Obviously Steve Winwood's playing a Strat, his brother Muff is playing a Harmony semi acoustic bass, I think a Harmony H22. Spencer Davis's guitar looks like a German Framus Vintage Hollywood.

  15. therotiv4

    what is the model of the guitar and the Bass?

  16. fab60s4ever

    I Love this !!!!!!

  17. Tony Brown

    Oooooooo scary :) I was only 16 when this movie came out ( says he shivering in embarassment :)

    Reb Short

    You're lucky. This movie was made for you then.

  18. Tony Brown

    Hey "bouillonbeefcube" :) Was this from a "made-for-tv" special ?