Spencer Davis Group, The - Trampoline Lyrics

I don't need directions
I can see the course
You don't need to whisper baby
I've heard it all before
Hate and lemon under your nails
I don't need protection
I don't need to show your telling tail

I don't need your prohibition
I don't need to score
You can keep your liquor
Baby that's for sure
Whine and silver under your feet
I don't know what moves you
I can't even see when i'm on my knees

Baby give that quiver to me
I can shoot an arrow through anything
Please don't give me your reasons
I'll never need them when I'm on my trampoline

I have seen the devil
Looking for the chord
I can make your carbon copy
Sullen and adored
Mercy and ashes under your hair
I don't need revisions
I don't need to fill
What isn't there


Tolerance is petty
Misery is bored
Someone slipped the combination
Underneath the door
Tongue and courage under your skin
I don't need your resolution
I don't need to sort what could have been


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Spencer Davis Group, The Trampoline Comments
  1. shemanic1

    A 45 back side I spin a lot, great intro

  2. sylvia dean

    wonderful .saw him live at the Wheel

  3. Blues fan

    Loved it when it came out, still love it now. Stevie Winwood was barely out of his teens (if that) when he composed this great little number. Makes you think.

  4. Jake J

    A portent of things to come for Sir Winwood.....

  5. Galericulus

    Excellent track.

  6. DudleyMod

    Lends itself rather well to "The Block" old boy !!

  7. Backstreetboy52

    Massive Wheel record, still holds together KTF

    Jonathan Phillips

    Right on Ktf