Spencer Davis Group, The - Midnight Special Lyrics

Get your ticket at the station, get your dinner on board
Well you know I have to leave you but I don't wanna go
Let the Midnight Special shine its light on me
The Midnight Special to Santa Fe

If you ever go to Houston, oh you better walk right
Well you better not stagger and you better not fight
'Cause the sheriff will arrest you and he'll carry you down
You can bet your bottom dollar, you're penitentiary bound

Wake up early in the morning, hear the ding dong ring
Go walkin' to the table, see the same damn (thing)
Let the Midnight Special shine its light on me
The Midnight Special to Santa Fe

When you wake up in the morning, hear the rooster crow
Don't wanna work but I got to go
Don't wanna leave my baby, leave her all alone
'Cause when I get back, she may be gone

Get your ticket at the station, get your dinner on board
Well you know I have to leave you but I don't wanna go
Let the Midnight Special shine its light on me
The Midnight Special to Santa Fe

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Spencer Davis Group, The Midnight Special Comments
  1. Alan Lane

    What were they thinking???? Hope they were paid well for this....!!!

  2. PaulLonden

    Interesting to see Spencer Davis doing the vocals.....Proof that his career took a nosedive when Winwood went off with Traffic.

  3. Nick Lopez

    Thank you for posting this classic. I’ve never seem it. Just wonderful.

  4. BackToTheBlues

    Blimey - it's Mr Pastry!

  5. raphael rousso

    Steve Winwood 's one of the most talented and coolest guy of the 60's

  6. 405Lenny

    Thank for posting this!

  7. Randall Kennedy

    Check out Every Little Bit Hurts by same line-up.

  8. phill power

    WOW every week I watched the midnight special

  9. Spencer Davis

    I never knew this version existed!

  10. Maria Linietsky

    I don’t play bass, but I know that Muff Winwood is deliberately miming his bass playing wrong! Also, why is Pete York wearing an old-timey military jacket and no pants?

  11. B uppy

    Steve Winwood was one lanky kid.

  12. Amy Collins

    Let the Winwood special shine its light on me.

  13. cass cumerford


  14. Jeff Hoon

    look this is the worst version of the Midnight Special but I do like most of there stuff it just does not live up to Sam and Dave Mr. Foggerty

  15. miniaturesun

    I love that little hand gesture Steve made at the end of the song.

  16. David M

    Earth people strange.

  17. Biltser Victor

    Yes ! I like it-

  18. jrfi orn

    That Mary Kay Strat Steve's playing is pretty cool!

  19. Richard Brubaker

    I've always wondered about Hooston!

  20. Madeleine Hague

    Check out "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" - from the same film. They sure grabbed a prodigy when Steve joined this band.

    Dwayne Wladyka

    Madeleine Hague An amazing musical talent. I saw Steve Winwood twice live, opening up for Tom Petty. A great singer, songwriter and multi-instrumental talent.

    Danny Hemphill

    Dwayne Wladyka I saw that same concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Steve was wonderful and Tom Petty was FANTASTIC. I put that Petty performance right up there with the Eagles myself.

  21. philip tucci

    great music & memories

  22. PaulLonden

    Although Spencer is still around..the career with his group stalled when Winwood went his own very successful way....

  23. Василий Зайцев

    #colour #spencer #davies #steve #winwood

  24. Susie196921

    This song makes me want to kick up my heels!

  25. Joe Mystery

    Had pleasure of meeting up with Spencer at a Sixties festival in Sussex County NJ around 2008. Very friendly guy and great musician. This is very cool.


    His name is actrually Edward

  26. L Duranceau

    The musician in the striped shirt (bassist) is Steve Winwood's brother, Muff. Spencer Davis has a great smile (1:50), wouldn't you agree?


    No I wouldn't!

  27. Jean-Pierre Huerne

    so many souvenirs

  28. Horst Fuchst

    Laska mojaa kde siii?chyybas mi taa de sii?

  29. rockisheaven

    i think spencer does a fine job singing, personally. it's just that when you're paired with a voice as exceptional as stevie's, anyone is bound to sound mediocre in comparison.

  30. Northern Lights

    Steve Winwood was just...cool.


    +Florence Nightengale And he still is :)

    Fast Freddy Muldoon

    He forgot to plug in his Stratocaster. :)


    And so cute

  31. John Jones

    This is it...the genesis of the whole fkn rock and roll movement. 

    Patricia Gullickson

    John Jones ? ??? you are crack!!!!

  32. Jonathan Nicholas

    Played this song with spencer a few weeks ago!

  33. max slamer

    Wow, people complaining about Spencer Davis singing lead for once, and about the drummer (Pete York) not being good enough. Based on a performance in a television show made almost 50 years ago...I'm most of all amused about Stevie "Wonder" Winwood being younger then than Justin Bieber is now...

  34. Kaveh Hassankhani

    Who is the vocalist? can anybody say it?

    Blues fan

    Spencer Davis.

  35. michmich1962

    Could someone please uopload the hole movie The Ghost Goes Gear, please. Saw this mana many years ago and want to see again.

  36. Georgebushpimps

    How can you do this song and not let Steve sing the fucking lead, thats just fuckin retarded

    Patricia Gullickson

    Georgebushpimps OK genius

    Brian Newell

    Well it is The Spencer Davis Group isn't it.

    Reb Short

    Fuck'n is!

  37. anotherold bailey

    Miming is always pathetic.


    Looks like they're enjoying the miming: all playing in the wrong key, strumming the bass like a guitar.

  38. b.r. ross

    Hey, don't be knockin' on Pete York--he may look dorky in this lip sync, but, then again, this seemed like a rather dorky video concept to begin with! Pete was a fine drummer--just not one who liked to fake it here, I guess (or is it "I reckon" here...) ;>)

  39. Peter Chapman

    The drummer for Spencer is a dweeb! Check his pulse to see if he's alive! SD was a great band and if they could have resuscitated this moron they might have given RS and ? a run for their money.

  40. zappatx

    His brother Muff seems a totally different personality - wonder why they didn't continue working together through the years..

  41. English/Lionheart

    @bowles123 one of then definately along with a few others ,there were so many in the 60s ,

  42. Léonard Michalon

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    Salut, vous aimez les sixties ? Ecoutez et podcatez mon émission "le super son des sixties" sur plum fm. Salut et faites gaffe au rock'n roll.

  43. bowles123

    Winwood - best talent from our shores ever