Specktators, The - Time Will Tell Lyrics

Uh, is it the Fall already?
Did I miss it all already?
Buried in my notebooks, tryna get it all down
Realest shit I ever wrote, I don't know if ya'll ready
On my perfectionist shit
Straight out the nosebleeds section and shit
4 years deep, we on new terms
Put my name in the election this year
Had to stay
Took a little personal time, had to meditate
I see you talkin' like you doin' somethin'
Get it all out
They only listen 'till I decide to ventilate
Fade to the background, I lay the Mac down
Don't gotta tell 'em where I been but I'm back now
Take cover, we make hits and make covers
And they put us in a box 'cuz they don't know what to make of us
But time will tell
You been so patient, I time it well
I take it slow
The offseason is my season just play your role
And I'll take it there
Underground but I hate it there
I look around like I made it there
And you didn't boy, but don't hate the player (hate the player)
I'mma get cake off the whole scene
I'mma break off the whole team
Women wanna get put on
So I look out for girls that take off the whole thing
Like what's the motive? I question it all
I cut off ties so I don't get involved
They wonder why it's just me
If I'mma give it anything I'm gonna give it all
It's like that
Nothing personal, maybe someday
We could turn a round trip to a one-way
For now, it's just Friday to Sunday
Once in a blue moon, tears on a runway
I know this the life for me
Couldn't tell you when it click, though
People always try to tell me who fake
Act like I ain't been around from the get-go
Just be real, be you, I need that
Send the bars to Q and get feedback
That's who I do it for
When I say my team, that ain't just talk
That's what I mean
Hold it all the way down
I'mma put us all on the map
I ain't made it but
I've been gettin' everything you get, plus some
And I get it all off rap
The Parlay

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Specktators, The Time Will Tell Comments
  1. Deric Torrent

    Play it at 2:35..... Mannnnnnnnnnn.

  2. Isaiah James

    So many memories within an album

  3. 2wenty 7even Beats

    Love this song so much, especially the ending

  4. Radu


  5. x Ditzee

    bumpin in 2018

  6. Final Form

    They still killing it, the passion is still there imo, and that's enough for me.

  7. Bailey Royer

    still introducing peeps to this

  8. Music Algorithm

    At his best!

  9. gay lole

    my fav packy album got dam

  10. A Real Door

    3 years damn

  11. fcf87

    2013 man,damn

  12. Bot Chris

    Dis album "The Parlay" is most definitely orgasmic

  13. [[Positive]][[Vibez]]

    Packy smashes tracks! One of my fav artists for sure, so addictive lol. Thanks for making such great music.

  14. William Garrett

    This song is still one of the greatest songs i've heard

    Music Algorithm

    William Garrett
    I agree. I listen to it everyday

  15. Emon Kandahari

    anyone else memorize all the lyrics?


    Damn near every song

    Jordan Albert

    I got respect for all of you. Hurts my heart coming back to this every other month and only seeing like 4k in growth

    Best fuckinf lyricist I've ever listened to and I consider myself a mixtapes connoisseur

  16. DCP Gaming

    When the Speck takeover hits, the world will be a better place.

  17. Zumy

    I like the spectators not this new packs shit


    Not this album all the new stuff*

  18. Johninatoooor

    cant believe this was 2-3 years ago. holy crap

    Riley Dunlap

    Cant believe this comment was 2 years ago

  19. Glenn

    Best song on the album I think!

  20. TheGhostHAG

    I loved everything before this album. I love this album. I dont like the new packy :(

  21. The404Studios


  22. Jordan Robinson

    This song is silk!!!

  23. Dash Sweezy

    I'm going to get this album famous!

  24. Berto De La Pena

    Where can I download the ablum

  25. Aleksander Pikusa

    I am the producer of beats you can hear in "Time Will Tell", "Forever Feel" and "PacificTime". People think Moe-T made it but here http://www.producerloops.com/Download-Black-Hand-Loops-Space-Voyage.html you can hear the original instrumentals. Black Hand Loops is a label which my mate own and I work at. We also set the soundcloud and facebook page for our band "The Almar Tree" and we are going to release free EP with instrumentals so you can follow us if you want to be up to date with our music.

    Anthony Garcia

    @Aleksander Pikusa kill

  26. Cody Armstrong

    Oct. 29th.

  27. Akula - Class

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  28. RemoteBattery

    How are the fellow specks doing today?



    Alexander Binz

    1 year later, still good :) thanks for asking

    Aj Barraza

    Great man. Still a banger.

  29. tyler doskocil

    hey packy stick w it man ur goin places, saw u on tour in AZ i was stoked bro! this shit inspires me to get on my grind too

  30. Ghost

    Sub to me I will sub to u

    Derek G.

    Hahahaha nope

  31. lulu BAL

    This guys are the best instrumental makers of the current hip hop scene :D !


    I wouldn't say they're the best but Moe-T is legit for sure. Probably top 10 with guys like Madlib, EOM, EL-P, etc.

    lulu BAL

    gonna check this out, thanks ;)


    @DylanProductions5 And Johnny Juliano! :D

  32. Alex Adrian


  33. Kyle Elliott

    guitar solo with that beat.. money !

  34. Evan MacNeil

    lol 1st comment in 4 months

  35. Saul116

    What happen to spectators is it packy now?

    Derek G.

    Yes, artist is now Packy and The Specktators is the label, they made a vid about it

  36. Rodneyp26

    The whole album is fire!!!!!

  37. Queen Sandra

    Love helping The Specktators ♡ people who I tell every day subscribe to them c':

  38. Adam Olszewski

    Love how the beginning sounds it gives me chills every time. The lyrics relate to me too 

  39. Joe Leyva

    The lyrics in every song in the parlay are all so fucking real

  40. TouchOAgony

    The beat on this song dude holy shit i love it <3 It's like, aquatic sounding... But so fucking sick! 

  41. Aidan Levy

    Where can I download ur stuff??

    Aidan Levy

    @Kingjaymeezie really?? I can't find it

  42. Duncan Spani

    The Parlay is the #1 best album I have ever heard. Not to mention the sick album cover. Keep it up. 2014 GO BIG

  43. Juan Hinojos

    love the beat

  44. William Perez

    Someone please put this song on music paradise

  45. Ronald Randle

    checkout my Childish Gambino - 3005 REMIX!!
    p,s Specktators are the best!

  46. Mihir Patel

    this beat is soo clean!

  47. john almasi

    Keep making songs ! There amazing !

  48. Vegasz

    Sounds good, even not in hd

  49. GitoBeats

    this song is perfect

  50. Greg Rant


  51. Greg Rant

     adASD asd

  52. ClassicCobraFTW

    Starts singing at 51 seconds


    48* lol



    Alec M

    The song isn't just about the rapping,It is also about the good beat!

  53. error


    Alan g

    Are you dumb?

  54. Jo 369

    this is awesome hope they go all the way #reachforthestars

  55. chad payne

    Yeah that guitar solo is Hard is fuck!

  56. Rob Gorilla

    When im in wrestling practice I sing these songs in my head!!! $uper good

  57. DylansWorld

    When this song goes for $15 again, i'm going to buy it. The autograph version would be cool and all, just cost to much for me right now. Awesome music, keep it up!

  58. Deo Marcano

    drake beat. love it


    Drake beat?

    Deo Marcano

    sounds like a drake song lol

  59. Santiago Moreno

    I like potatoes?

    joe king

    i like trains

  60. XxKHSEskimo25xX

    NobodyEpic brought me here!!

  61. bailey curtis

    Moe-T keeping it real with this beat i feel lost in another world listening to this its so dope same with breathe

  62. Joost-07-

    Just spend my last money on buying the full album <3 specktators


    Are u guys going to make anymore cool music videos? I like watching them because It lets me know your vision for the song


    See the one they just released yet?

  64. Terk Babe

    Nevermind ""parlay"" is pretty good tooo

  65. Terk Babe

    ""The Sunroom"" is the best.

  66. ThePauseman417

    I get to YouTube to mp3 this cause I'm poor. Thanks Speck

    isaac andre

    I hear ya bro, definitely

    Akula - Class

    it dont make u poor, its free sooo.......

  67. WassupXD lil cuh

    Speck4life homie #copyandpastethisifyouarespeckforreal

  68. Tony Vazquez

    The best song yall deserve hell of more fans

  69. Lotus

    Moe-t with the beats

  70. Nathan Morris

    Havent listened to it yet.. hasent finished downloading :D

  71. Luke Wilson

    Best album

    Luke Wilson

    You are so right!!!

  72. Matt Campbell

    Very good bro keep it up

  73. Anthony Van Roey

    I was surprised by all the new uploads. I didn't know anything about an upcoming album ( bad fan ). But this makes my day now I can listen to many awesome songs at once :D This is the first song and it already is sweet as fck  

  74. xXrawnwarXx

    I guess im happy that i bought the album instead of waiting 1 week, at least I support and help them by buying it. 

  75. cody banks

    dope as hell!

  76. Nihlus5

    Great intro to a great album!

  77. Rick McDick

    Very cool

  78. Hector Perez

    that guitar solo! ;)


    I hate that part ;) sorry

    Hector Perez

    don't hate playa, cuz you got no game! ;)

    C S

    Love it son

  79. I'm Hayley Sierra

    This is my favourite song on the album but everything is awesome as fuck

  80. Alex Clarke


  81. duck Tape

    @george QZZY I hate you

  82. GregBallerS

    releasing an album on my birthday!?!?! fantastic!!!=D

    Jack Murphy

    this album was released november 17th


    @Jack Murphy*December 17th 

  83. MrOLotsofFun


  84. saad afzal

    Amazing 👌

  85. Justin Hoang

    @george QZZY
    First to get raped by Santa

  86. JonFiya

    YA new album <3