Specktators, The - Off The Leash Lyrics

Uh, oh

Oh ok then, you bull it? olé then
Go 'head and chase your tail I'mma tell the beat to play that
They let me off the leash, they let me off the leash
Everybody here to see me give me ten percent at least
And I do it for the masses, let a young dude preach
Crew full of refs, so they let a young dude reach
Through it all, get the bar, take your verdict, I'll leave you all
On the phone, with a girl who prefer to call me
I'm busy though, oh we want a feature, but who is he though?
The circles that I'm running round, these spinners got me dizzy yo
Tell me if I'm blacking out, too late no backing out
Used to be a quiet kid, but I'm used to bragging now
Since I started rapping went from Packi no to Packi now
Beating up the beat, went from Packi dude to Packi ow
And I ain't backing down, I'm laying up
Even when I let the beat breathe, I say enough

Now when I perform, they paying up
I want the attention though, and they can't pay enough
I want it all, put me in the game I want to ball
We just make 'em nervous in the summer then we kill 'em in the fall
I'm a Speck boy, aka better than you any day
I'm all up in your girls radio and getting heavy play
And lately, I've been in the studio like every day
Competition sleeping while I flow until the levy break
Oh my, heaven sake, get a load of this kid
Step into the batter box, take care of my biz quick
Too sick, I don't give three shits, make em forfeit
Give em high five, hit the door quick
I'm hesitant as ever, but I'm better than I've ever been
Represent the people and I've never been the president
Every day I'm better than, the last one, no spot up in the game
But I'm coming after anybody that has one

And I don't think they'll ever understand me
You can understand me though
I ain't even start rapping till I was like eighteen
It was just a hobby, now the plan b is looking like a probably
I put music over most of it, fam over everything
Now they going hand in hand, I'm seeing what my talent bring
It's a lot of balancing, hope it don't fail me now
If I don't make it they could tear me down
Went from flows on flows, to shows on shows
I need more time though, to expose my bros
To the fine things in life. like chos on chos
A bank account that's got Os on Os
Thats six figs at least, off sick lines and beats
And never worrying about rent time and eats
Its out there right? I'm 'bout that life
If it's out there then I'm all about that life

About that life, about that life
If it's out there then I'm all about that life
About that life, about that life
I'm all about that life
About that life

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