Specktators, The - My City Lyrics

As a kid I had dreams of getting big
I didn't understand then but I'm getting it
I was fitting in, working on standing out
Now when I'm on stage they pull their cameras out
I know it feels like the beginning, of you
I been laying the ground, work a minute or two
Much as I do it for me, I do it for you
I do it for success what a beautiful view, I can't lie
True to my crew, they been there through it all
They were there on the bench, they'll be there when I ball
I'm a man of my word, got my hand on my heart
Nervous as hell, but I got everyone playing their part
And it'll pay off, winning just in time for the playoffs
Sick as hell but I'll never take a day off
Say off to the races, and now I'm gone it's a different level
It's a pedestal that I'm on, something that I asked for
No complaints round here, top gear ain't no second place round here
Take a look at the kid, listen to what I'm saying
This shit is from the heart and when I'm talking I ain't playing

Imma go and get it
Pick it up and bring it
To my city
Go, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city
Imma go and get it, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city [x2]

Me and the team waited the world
Hugging the chos, dating my girl
Tryna make it for the nights that
We stayed up, work it, plan it
Only option, make it happen
Coulda bought clothes, instead bought a studio
Hometown boys in an industry
That's who you know, but we gonna make it anyway
I could do this shit all day, and guarantee we do it our way
I swear this life ain't for the weak, it's a lotta stress it's a lotta beef
It's a lotta love, and a lotta jealousy, it's a lotta sifting through the bullshit
They telling me, but I know, I know
It ain't s'posed to be easy, if we're not there
We're damn close believe me, got a lot on my mind
A boy gone on the road right now, but the show goes on

Imma go and get it
Pick it up and bring it
To my city
Go, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city
Imma go and get it, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city

Uh, okay the countin on a Speck kid
When I get it imma show em what that first check did
Used to only imagine now I can make it happen
I got em clappin, shit I can make a living off of rapping
Wow, What an epiphany, look at what you did for me
It's been a struggle, but I wouldn't do it differently
The good and the bad, up and the down
What would I do if the people in my city weren't around

Imma go and get it
Pick it up and bring it
To my city
Go, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city
Imma go and get it, go, go and get it
Pick it up and bring it to my city

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