Specktators, The - Jumpoff Lyrics

Alright Moe-T, let's have a little fun with this one
Turn my shits up, turn my shits up!

A-a-act like that
This that bounce, clap like that
Girl how you not in the front with a back like that?
Back in the booth like boo-ya who-ya
Gonna call when I rip like this
Thug down (pop pop) when I get like this
'Cuz ain't no tellin' what I'm gonna hit
Gunnin' for the top
But I'm killin' everybody under me for the fun of it
Wake up, my wait up
Nobody I came up with touchin' me
So I drop 2-o-13 with the whole rap game
See if they want some of me
Fourth quarter, Kobe 'n shit
Jedi, I'm like Kenobi 'n shit
I know we the shit, been over this shit
I'mma take the game and bend over this shit
Took my time, mine for the taking
They broken records, I'm record breaking
You married the game, you took the bribe
I crashed the wedding, I took the bride
And the cake too, no stopping me
Only time I break is when I break through
And I'd stun these dudes
But lately I don't got shit for them boys to relate to
I'm from that murder mit
That dirty glove, that cap city
No one was at my shows unless I brought them cats with me
First show split twenty bucks with Moe-T, Q, Daggs, and me
Last show I big boy, when I left I had three stacks with me
Now who grinding like me?
Tell me who working like us?
When this show arrive in your city
Tell me who get off of that bus

For the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff
Who ready for the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff?!

To the races, back to the basics
Back to this rap shit, back to the basement
Back back way back, I'm 'bout to park with it
Back to the future, hop out the car with it
Back in the spotlight, parallel park with it
I'm-I'm out here, what's crackin'?
Rappers got that ammo clackin'
I just keep my camo saggin'
Dodgin' all the bee-bees
You were catching Zee-zee's
I was serving you like BNB
You a mix of two wack rappers
I'm a mix of me and me, shoot at me like C.O.D. or TMZ
But either way I'm blowing up like TNT
Stop that shit, it's my time, it's my time
I'm hungry and I'm eating all the emcee's like wontons
Spit 'em out on the sidelines
Give 'em pom-poms for they whole team
Get 'em all yellin' MVP
I'm like Bron Bron for the home team
Messed around got a triple-double
Timeout, we in the huddle
"Coach give me the biscuit, I'll give you the basket
Double team? Triple team? I ain't gonna pass it"
I'm an assassin, beatin' defenders then I beat the clock
Pick up your jock, pick up your jaw
Before I pick up your lady, make her my [?], make her my queen
You a pawn, I'm a king, I'm a beast of an emcee
I break even, I beat odds, don't bet against me
I could take a dead crowd, step to the mic and bless it

Then we jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff
Who ready for the jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff?!

My rocker, off to the doctor, I got the fever back
Kings of the old school think they got the game locked up
I got the key for that
No more guest house (we kickin' in the door)
I'm calling all my people, tell 'em (what it's hittin' for)
No more taking 'no' for an answer
We bossin' up, as if 'Familiar With Floss' wasn't floss enough
They make promises and they give you a lot of probs
But they want ten percent of me and that is not wassup
I've been workin', (workin'), workin' (workin'), workin' way too much
And this money that I'm making, this is mine, you can't touch
I'm so wavy, I'm so wavy, I'm amazing, I'm so crazy
I'll be grinding 'till I turn my Chevy Prism to a 'Cedes
I'm saying though, lately I've been laying low
But lowkey, I'm living the life I've been praying for
High lights, high beams, highways, high life, high stakes
You up in your girl's purse, she all up in my place
You told her she can't see me, she just call those blind dates
Who you really mad at? Why you up in my face?

Jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff
Man you better jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff, jumpoff

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Specktators, The Jumpoff Comments
  1. A Fat Penguin

    The beginning 22 seconds are bad but the rest is amazing

  2. Speedy R6

    Can i use this for a montage? ^^

  3. KrypTic

    i came from zackgoes ;)

  4. Nile4Win


  5. Kavah MxM

    still bangs

  6. sähkövikane renu

    zackgoes Anyone?

  7. Desolate FN

    Whos here from ZackGoes?

  8. James Crady

    i mean beginning

  9. James Crady

    i think the reason that this dosent have alot of likes is because of the begi

  10. Mr. Chewz

    This shit goes hard. 😜👌

  11. DANNY -KxK

    put it on the radio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Che Ruby

    Yes the best song in the album 💙

  13. J.J Thomas

    logic g eazy and packy

  14. Gtrlos

    Logic, g eazy, and packy would be lit.

  15. Tom McIntyre

    Haven't heard this for like 2years When it was actually Spectators lol. Before the name change

    Jay Jones Gold Chain

    Taylor Egan name change?

    Slightly Asian

    Aurelio Palos they used to be called "The Specktators" now they're called "Packy"

    Steel Eagle

    Taylor Egan Same, a bunch of the tracks were still saved under "Specktators" lol

  16. Bernard Ewing

    This dudes a BEAST!! Makes Eminem look utterly stupid. ( Which he kinda is...)

  17. Mike MovieMaker45

    What a awsome song

  18. Bred

    ive been listening to this for a while and it deserves more views. really good song

  19. The Trollzor

    this song will make me jump off a....diving board ;)

  20. Grognak Barbarian

    those goose bumps will go away in a minute

    Jared Davis

    The same thing happens to me

  21. Vincent Trayvilla


  22. z3ke_sk1さん

    anyone know where I can find the instrumental?

  23. Alejandra Guillen

    Logic and packy should collaborate

    Diego Dominguez

    They should

    The Penguin

    And Witt Lowry


    so true

    Pure Orbt

    +Alejandra Guillen that true

  24. Dakota Morgan

    Bro u need to make more stuff like this good job so far this is one of my fav

  25. Cole Woodward

    got the speck all up in my playlists.. :P

  26. MrLawyer Snoots

    I have to say, this is my new song for when I walk home.

    And for the 17 people that disliked this...


  27. TheBlackRaven

    kinda feel there should be a collab with logic and packy


    Packy, Logic, and G-Eazy should collab


    +Pygmy The Goat I don't feel like G-Easy has the same flow. But that my opinion.

  28. Tri Le Minh

    dat flow + beat. Holy shit.

  29. Tom Vogt

    This song is the shit.

  30. Armani ಥ_ಥ

    Kinda reminds me of G-eazy

  31. Travis Synnestvedt

    Makes me shake my body in a flailing mnotion.

  32. Kushwooki

    The Specks put fake rappers to shame! ( im looking at you Lil Wayne -_- )

    Jacob Hamrick

    I know tight


    Check out my channel for a bass boost.

    Dead Memes Are For Normies

    +BART_MERC k subbed


    +JAY LENO sry may have deleted it. can't find it.

    Dadae Davis

    Is this supposed to be a joke? Shut your mouth, bitch. Lil Wayne is GOOD! He just sucks with young money, but back before that he was a king. And, his song with Chance the rapper! Oh my...

  33. Anon ymus

    Where the instrumentals at cumon guys hooka bro up haha

  34. Muziqh

    What's up with the name change on the video?


    The Specktators is a label now and packy is the artist


    Understandable, thank you.

  35. Spiffy_Or_Mike

    I love you guys 

  36. Trevin Perera

    So fucking dope!

  37. Merse

    Specktators lets goooo

  38. Whos Kaoss

    I want the specktacle XI

  39. Sub Nova

    Everyone better have this shit on Replay! dope track no doubt!

  40. Anttii black

    Bass go hard

  41. Jordan

    Dat Stroodle Noodle.

  42. Peter Royals

    Sounds a lot like Odd Future-Orange Juice

  43. Joe

    Floss as hell!

  44. Antonio Peña

    Looks like he turned his shits up

  45. Diamond Young

    Eminem got some competition..

  46. Horn Milk

    Eminem has been beat

  47. QbzzCA

    damn, that some good shieeeeeet

  48. Beastreso

    This and groovy chick are probably my favourite :D

  49. jlmd59

    I am impressed guys. I can't keep up with this, I have to listen several times, but the words are clear and I like this one too. Keep it up. Persistence and love the journey... xo Unc J

    "I'm gettin' good word from my bros, sayin' skies no limit." (that was probably lame, I tried...: /...but seriously, u r a hit! That's a 54 year old man talking!)

  50. Maap,Have A nice Day

    make a music vid. for this one

    Nathan Beeler

    The fuck do I say your name lmao.

  51. lRecon

    im from that murder mit that dirty glove that cap city

  52. lRecon

    DUDE! I've been waiting for Eminem to have some competition 

  53. Justin Manry

    If this doesn't get a music video I will be throughly disappointed

  54. jacor54

    Awesome :]

  55. TheSuperjuan59

    My favorite song from this album

  56. Anders Forster

    Love you guys

  57. JmacYoMom

    Eminem got some competition finally...

    Aaron Briggs

    +ItzRandomName it's been two years and that shots funny af 😂😂


    Too bad the spectators fell off when the crew did lol


    Eminem sucks

    Venom 680

    So you guys are saying this guy can spit 11.4 syllables per second y’all wrong

  58. jeremycrow42

    Great song! Everybody check out groovy chick too!

  59. jeremycrow42

    Great song! Everybody check out groovy chick too!

  60. Euphoric_ Dubu

    Groovy Chicks my fav

  61. GusMiccy

    FaZe Stroodle brought me here


    stroodle boy is sik af

    sähkövikane renu

    NFKRZ o shit nfkrz

  62. Kenlin Davis

    Ethan Bartlett look at comments

  63. john almasi

    Favorite rapper right here ! Been a fan for years

  64. iWaffleFTW

    Best song on the album? 

    in my opinion, yes cx


    +iWaffleFTW nah that's without a doubt defining moment

  65. Sin ModzZz

    "shoot at me like C.O.D,"

  66. Lucas Johnston

    whoa.... eminem watch out

  67. Amigo648

    1:56 shoot at me like cod

  68. Amigo648

    This in the top 5 speck songs for me

  69. Kevin Pichardo

    The "jumpoff" is the launch of their careers.

  70. jack30172

    Love this song! :)

  71. Kevin Pichardo

    Favorite spek song

  72. jewel1116

    jump off what

  73. AnEvilPrinter

    2 best song in the Parlay

  74. Carter Donald

    610 likes to 1 dislike speaks for itself !!!

  75. LimitedzEdition

    1 dislike wow! I love thia song.

  76. Jeremy Nabors

    who ever disliked this i will find you and destroy you >:0

  77. Jake Miller

    Who's the bitch that disliked this

  78. SgtSnazzy

    this song is so dope should be #1 on everything

  79. YaBoiAthwomp

    1 person doesnt have people at their jump-off

  80. xiBenjiii- V

    Dope song man

  81. Bradley Madrid

    Everyone should share this on facebook and make these guys next big thing because they definitley are

    A.E.A.T Production

    i am going to do that right know

    Alec S

    Did it right after I heard it.

  82. Nathan Guevin

    This is what I like able to listen to a whole album, Moe-t you kill it with the beats and Packie you flows are insane man Keep it up!!!!!!!

  83. xVendetta _3

    My favorite song

  84. killerxnova

    Loved the whole album keep making more


    Need instrumental

  86. Bernardo Munoz

    2:14 is the start of the best verse

    Akula - Class

    my couch didnt give me the biscuit :(

  87. TheOcasax

    Who is going to the show in minnesota. If u r kik me @theocasax I need sone questions awnserd because im under 21 and its at a bar I need an adult right.

  88. mikey190kmc

    Great song to play basketball with

  89. Manny Pena

    For some reason this song gets me pump up!



    isaiah heinze

    yes please!


    @isaiah heinze we would love that

  91. Chaotic Carti

    Love this song!!

  92. Oliver Molloy

    this and groovy chick are the best of the parlay.

  93. steelersfanmri

    Best song ever by The Specktators!!

  94. Monlam Tehshar

    one of my least favorites from the album, but that doesn't mean I still don't like it. I just prefer the other songs. Keep doing what you do Speck :) 

  95. WassupXD lil cuh

    Parlay is the best album. They literally killed the game

  96. Chaotic Carti

    I'm tight they not coming to NY for the tour... :(

  97. Spencer Geller

    Top 5 speck songs

  98. Nick Frame

    One of my favorites :) love the beginning 30 seconds