Specktators, The - I Want This So Bad Lyrics

I want this so bad
Sometimes it keeps me up at night
My friends hit me on my phone
But I make up an excuse, so that I can stay at home
Cuz I…
I’m not stupid man
They can’t see past the fact that I’m still Packi Duda man
So if I told them I was workin on my newest jam
And I couldn’t make it out tonight, would they understand?
They don’t get it. But now I got fans. And you’re the reason I spit it
And if I ever make it, then you’re the reason I did it
I hope that you realize, that it’s because of you that my dreams are alive
I want this so bad
More than anything, I swear it’s true
But when you stand out, they try to embarrass you
That’s fine, I got a passion for this rapping thing
And even though it’s scary sometimes, I feel it happening
But it’s a race against the clock now
My hand’s a door that everybody says is locked down
Somehow I feel like I possess the key
We worked too hard for this shit not to be our destiny
I want this so bad, I can taste it
What’s a goal till you chase it?
How could I be complacent?
When you put all this faith in me…yeah
I feel like we can make it

I want this so bad [8x]

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