Specktators, The - Fast Forward Lyrics

[Verse 1: Packi]
You’ve had your warning shots
It’s time for me to blow
I’ve been sitting at the light
Now it’s time for me to go
Off to the races. The pace has been set
I got amazing graces
Set to chase the days I forget the faces I met
And all the places I went
I want it to be a blur
I want these girls to love me
But I wanna be with her
I want it all
And I’m on the verge of attaining it
I’m breaking in the game
Spilling my heart
Leaving stains in it
Killing the competition
I’m a kid with an ability
You’ve never seen
Try to get rid of me
I’m like infinity. I never stop
I'mma be king
You tried to get to me
Look what you did to me
Brought out a monster
Brought out a beast
You are not to fit to be anything
Other than reason for me to spit over these beats
Fast pace livin'
Try to keep up
Rock your show
Jock your cho
Watch you sweep up
Then we’re out the door
Leaving town without an encore
Even our loudest doubters want more
So they

Try. To. Slow
Me down
But the world don’t stop spinning around
Try. To
Stop what I’m about
But you’re never gonna figure me out
Cause I’m on to the next thing. Pressing
Never resting
Till I’m the best thing
The midwest’s seen
So I keep on keep on
Till I find a place to rest my head
And sleep on sleep on
Gotta keep on, keep on
Fast forward

[Verse 2: JYoung The General]
They say the struggle isn’t beautiful
But you can see the lead shavings under cuticles
And no this isn’t usual
Beautiful. Seeing your loved ones know that you made it
Print in magazines planning your placement
Climb out the basement
Head for the attic where flashing lights is emphatic
And cameras smatter your actions. Actually this is happenstance
Havin' that sense of arrival then you rewind it
Defying the odds, idols you idolized go from giants to lookin the same size
Just wanted to change lives. I’m watching my life change on all of these plane rides
Went from the plain side to numbers exchanged, hi’s, goodbye’s
Family ties that I built on this strange rise to fame
I’m sustaining the feeling sealing what I became
Tryna break through the ceiling and put these guys to shame
Rise to fame, it’s due to hit computer screens
Why fast forward? I'mma pause and live beautifully


[Verse 3: Packi]
Fast forward to the better days
Private jet getaways
The day I get my cheddar straight
And every debt is paid
Fast forward to the good life
Fast forward to the day
That I find a girl that I should wife
But don’t cuz I’m livin’ life
Young and immature
Fast forward to the days
That I ain’t dumb and insecure
Fast forward till I’m PGA
Always on tour
If there’s a cure
For this
I don’t need it!
Fast forward to the day that I could be conceited
I don’t wanna be arrogant
I just wanna know that I succeeded
Fast forward
To the big lights
Big stage, big nights
Ringside seats at all the big fights
Life’s a box of chocolates
And I’m taking big bites
Fast forward to the day
That every left I take is right
Rewind to the teacher
That gave me my first sass
Now I ain’t back in school
But I’m taking first class


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  1. darkmg117

    2019 <3

  2. Zach D.

    1.25x, I'm loving it

  3. Mr Anonymous

    The line "idols you idolize go from giants to lookin the same size" gives me crazy goosebumps

  4. RiskyZeus

    The guy with the other verse is Jaushua Smith.... hes legit, listen to his stuff. he needs love fam

  5. Markush Gaming

    not gonna lie putting it on 1.5 speed is pretty cool the speed changer is so good for music

  6. DubKicker

    Beat by BengFang?

  7. shay cromwell

    who else found the specktators from Nobodyepic?

  8. TheTEN24

    my Fav Speck song listen to it constantly


    go to speed put it on .5 then at about 1:03 put it normal
    its sick


    @brando112501 false lol


    okay deluxe 4


    lol thanks


    lol okay then

  10. Jimmy Labrecque

    Instrument please ? :o

    I wish to practice my rap n rimes on this beast !

  11. Brandon Ledford

    Best song in the Transition by far. My 18th comment on this video over a spand of 2 years. Its such a good song. 1,000+ likes and 13 dislikes at the time.

  12. Char Aznable

    I was actually watching a Fallout guide video when I found this. The intro track to the video was the intro to this, so I used Soundhound and found this. Sick track. 


    i love fallout

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    Speck is Love,Speck is Life


    This comment deserves more attention than what its got. LMAO

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  15. CA motocross Connor

    My boy mrnobdy epic also now as Austin s he wrote this song about me


    You guys need to give credit to Nobodyepic and the crew (SP33DY'S CREW) they brought me here

    richard hoyer

    ive listen to there songs before but kyr and the crew really got me into them


    @richard hoyer
    Do you have animal jam or xbox im NinjaDu4e


    and animal jam im Deluxe

    Brandon Tyler Ledford


    Chris Rick

    @TheHONEYBADGER8 not just his crew theyre friends

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    Nobody epic sent me to them soooo long ago and since then I've been loving them <333 

  18. William Perez

    Someone please put this on music paradise

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    Brandon Tyler Ledford

    They ruin it for people who found them, them selves

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    Alec Chin

    Lol no one cares !


    @Alec Chin lel


    @Alec Chin It's another one, get rekt.

  22. Matthew Avina

    I love how ambitious the lyrics are, but how laidback the melody is. It says to me fuck yeah I'm going to do this my way.

  23. EndOfExpectation Beatbox

    People who say i was a fan before the crew are just as annoying as the people who said the crew sent me so shut the fuck up.

  24. ImSpeckzy

    @Rehgardless How the fuck does that make you a "true Specktators fan?" I find people like you even more annoying than those who say "Nobody sent me" t(-.-)t

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