Specktators, The - Defining Moment Lyrics

They want me to say it all
I've been waiting for the moment

I ain't slept in months, got a lot that's on my mind
'Bout to take the ride of my life, a lot up on the line
Life got it's moments, some of them define you
Like losing the love of your life to try to find you
Numb to it now, can't feel a damn thing
Far from reality, closer to my damn dream
Far from family, closer to my damn team
More and more it feel like the same damn thing
And so I ride for my brothers til the wheels fall
I'd told 'em we'd be stacking paper till it's real tall
People whining about the hands that I deal y'all
Go and get it on your own, I don't really feel y'all
This shit is cutthroat, I ain't never been the type
But if you carry dead weight, it's hard to get your money right
And so I'm on a diet, I've been cutting back
I was giving everything and getting nothing back and I'm through with it
I still remember sitting in the car
You would get emotional, I never felt so far removed
From the feeling of having to make it better
My mind is all in the future, I left my heart in a letter
I'm cold now, everything we had is old now
Least that's what I tell myself, it helps me on the road now
We used to talk about everything
Now I feel like when we talk again, someone will have you in wedding ring
It's like my best moves hurt the ones close to me
They be asking when the hell did money mean the most to me?
Since I got a taste and I left the comfort zone
Now it's either money or blowing up everything we've grown
This rap shit feels like everything I've ever known
Locked up in the studio, never picking up my phone
It's always some bullshit, I just need to be alone
I don't want no distraction, I been in my zone
Word is we getting love in the city
Funny I feel it's like all I wanted from the beginning
And now I'm too far away, figures though
It's always been motivation for me to get bigger though
Friends were ashamed of my little hobby until the women they wanted were digging my music
And now they all be thinking it's chronic
Pardon my trouble of separating real from the fake
Everyone gassin' me up, I just be needing a break
I just tell it like it is and they be feeling a way
They say I'm trippin, I say I'm finally feeling awake
Too much at stake, I ain't playing no games
People guessing the suspects, I ain't saying no names
It's family biz, you suckers don't know what family is
I promise I see it clear, told the team we on the verge, guess that we'll see this year
My fear is I'll get everything I wanted and nothing I need

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Specktators, The Defining Moment Comments
  1. lahhbrandoo

    This still bump to this day

  2. YoItsRetro

    This deserves way more than 126k views

  3. babloo1666

    nice dude

  4. Trevor Tatters

    Damn how have I never heard this art before

  5. Roger_ OG

    love this song 👌💯

  6. Let's Be Real Here!! ADOS

    Just like Eminem he'll NEVER get any spins in NYC, the birth place of hip hop and hip hop culture. Wypipo hate us black yet they try so hard to be us.

  7. Let's Be Real Here!! ADOS

    The white side of Drake.

  8. eppiem14



    the only reason i seen this song was because vh1 black ink

  10. spag bol

    Who else came back after Pack's IG of this?

  11. Derek Miller

    ahh, Michigan in June

  12. Veronica Cabrera

    just wanted to say I bet you'll get there I mean know days music btw I'm a fan love your song's

  13. john lua


    AzTeck Raps

    john lua nice

  14. Docbyars




  15. SamitoD

    This is by far my favorite song amazing guys. You all deserve success I hope you find it.


    +SamitoD lol why is a fellow mineman here buddy, c you around young man

  16. PixelGamer

    Is that Song copyright?


    +Noob Plays123 No it is not copyright or No it is not copyright?

    Tuba man

    +PixelGamer it's not copyrighted but I'd leave a link in the description when you use it


    +MrPetunias Thanks.

    Noob Plays123

    sorry thats my brother idk if its copyright or not

  17. MC Eddie

    Among the best rap songs i ever heard. thumbs up!

  18. Sunshine In Africa

    I feel like he could have done a lot more with this, ending wasn't that grat

  19. Yung Bling

    i want that shirt :O

  20. Jelmer


    still the best!!

  21. KpNiTGaNgStAA

    Keep doin your thing Packy, love this song! Real shit get at him

  22. The404Studios

    ✄╔═══╦═══╦═══╦══╦═╗─╔╦══╦═╗─╔╦═══╗ ✄╚╗╔╗║╔══╣╔══╩╣╠╣║╚╗║╠╣╠╣║╚╗║║╔═╗║ ✄─║║║║╚══╣╚══╗║║║╔╗╚╝║║║║╔╗╚╝║║─╚╝ ✄─║║║║╔══╣╔══╝║║║║╚╗║║║║║║╚╗║║║╔═╗ ✄╔╝╚╝║╚══╣║──╔╣╠╣║─║║╠╣╠╣║─║║║╚╩═║ ✄╚═══╩═══╩╝──╚══╩╝─╚═╩══╩╝─╚═╩═══╝ is Key

  23. adrian montero

    Show less

    why does YouTube allow people to have names this long? This is kind of ridiculous don't you think?

    Lol fail. You copy and pasted the "show less"

    BnC Ronin

    +adrian montero nice thumbs up

    adrian montero

    LOL facepail sad face :( :(  

  24. Eric Delannoy

    "I dont want no distractions, I've been in my zone." yup feel ya

  25. dethwyshtv

    "everything i wanted and nothing i *need*" <--- great line

    digging the music, and the lyrics are more legit than anything on the radio today. keep it up

  26. ragian caucasianftw

    i dont understand why there not big there real they dont talk about some fake shit they have never lived they talk about real stuff not about getting drunk and smoking weed the real i hope they get signed soon cause the good on some real shit 

  27. BnC Ronin



    Mystical Ronin why would u waste ur time doing this

  28. Damian Garcia

    I listened to almost all of your music and i dont see why you havent blown up yet. The shit you spit is fire, like its better then 90% of these big time rappers. All they rap about is havin a bad life growin up wen half of them lived upper middle class but you dont do that shit, u keep it 100 thats wats up. Keep goin youll make it big 1 day 👌

    Louis de funes

    cette musique aura son succée t'unquiette pas xd


    @Damian Garcia Amen

    Sunshine In Africa

    His shit is good but a lot of hos music is getting whack. I like the older stuff and I realize he has to grow more as a rapper but I can't get down with all of his music. Most of it yeah I'll agree it's fire

    AzTeck Raps

    Damian Garcia I've downloaded all his song features and speck sixteens

  29. Nick Smith

    Best album you ever made...So far

  30. Mufti Hossain

    Packy and Moe-T are both dope as hell, but shit get Packy some eyebrows for christmas

  31. Enrique Pintor

    Shiiiit this song makes me love the shady weather..hot tea..and a blunt..keep up y'all two thumbs up to my spectators!!

    shawn carrol

    specktators not spectators u dumb shit

    Enrique Pintor

    Must been a typo ...ma bad didn't know it was serious

    shawn carrol

    +Enrique Pintor spec or speck who givs a shit his music is still fire af

  32. Destiny Music

    Good rapper but Logic is way better

    Yung Bling

    +Rap Battle no xD

  33. YoItsRetro

    I'm not gonna lie, he's dope

  34. Last Night

    were the fuck is the views... 

  35. Rakitha Weerasundara

    hes average in my opinion. rappers like g eazy and logic have that raw sound, this guy sounds fake.

    Adolfo Leon

    Then gtfo why are you on his channel hater


    Aha I love all three xD

    Destiny Music

    Nah Logic is better than G-Eazy and Packy


    @Rap Battle Pfft, yeah logic is the king any day but all three are good :-)


    G eazy is wack

  36. x Trixy

    i love speck this is there best songb

  37. austin jordan

    Yo everyone Iam a Minnesota rapper that's right Minnesota I've been thru a lot but I just want to shut all these people that doubt me if u ever wanna hear me then just comment of this

  38. thump2319

    Second realist shit you ever wrote.

    Wesley Willian

    what is no 1 ?


    Wilt Williams I know this is 3 years old but it's worth putting it out there.. Thank You In Advance was his best

  39. doodledo2

    thought he was black....

  40. Dion Arnold

    They should be bigger than they are.

  41. Ninja4Hire

    2 chainz

  42. Justin Gates

    Was this filmed in Michigan?

  43. ZonK Darragh - ThePDPStudios

    You're lucky no one thought your hat said "1d" or you would have got run over

  44. FridgeratedMicrowave

    I'm writing my defining moment paper while listening to "Defining Moment"

  45. Jordan Lozano

    Man these guys are so good!

  46. DaRealBoondock

    Packis got one of the coldest flows. Moes got one of the sickest beats. This is a great team. Specks 👍👍

  47. Merse

    He is not going to enimen he is going to be better #specktatorsnation

  48. hoshkid

    My favorite beat since "What's the Deal"

  49. Whos Kaoss

    I want a speck 16 soon

  50. Veel Y.

    awsome ending
    :d <3

  51. Itz Bunsy

    Next eminem

  52. Queen Sandra

    Walking alone with this song in your ears makes you think ♥

  53. Rhys Jackson

    I like a huge wiener in mah mouth

  54. Dean Carey

    Im Irish nd i think ive heard lyk 16 people say der de only Irish fan

  55. Andrew Richard

    you guys have come so far haha..friggin awesome.

  56. Tris Sadowski

    No shit it's lip singing its a music video

  57. SaMmY3DZ

    This is sick

  58. John Appleseed

    Wear can I buy that beanie? The closest I can find is this: http://shop.nhl.com/catalog/product/CCM_Detroit_Red_Wings_White_Vintage_Cuffed_Knit_Pom_Beanie?source=pjn&subid=3578

  59. TwoDynamic

    These should be way WAY WAY WAY WAY BIGGER !

    John Buchanan

    Then share them on every social media site you can and we can make them bigger!

    Lance Crisostomo

    Wassup declan didnt expect for u to be here

  60. Austin Macias

    Holy Crap.... My new favorite Speck song, just an amazing song

  61. redinater1

    Mo-t where ur arms go man?

  62. Duncan Spani

    Love the vid. Keep up the good work!!

  63. Devante Smith

    I stayed up all night listening to your music and I just found out who you are best music I heard in a while

  64. C B

    Probably the only Mainer who listens to them haha

  65. Aiden Ward

    Yet to find a song i dont like from these, dope af.

  66. diondre harrison

    I dare for somebody to say white people can't rap

    Devin Gordon

    Any white person can rap, they just have to be good at it :) some people consider me "the whitest kid in our group" when ive outdone them in some random rap battle for fun. You have to know rap to do it. Thats why the specktators are awesome at it

    diondre harrison

    Right... I consider them the best that's ever done it

  67. Aaron thompson

    This is shitty

  68. Jennifer Lopez

    This song just blow me away

  69. CrazyWolf66

    Copyright unless you post what song it is and who the artist is.

  70. OhDezro

    This is so much better than most rap now and days like lil Wayne most rappers only talk about money and drugs,idiots


    No offence but i feel like the vidioe doesnt match the song but wat do i know about music by the way love the sweater i have 1 like it

  72. Fizzy patrick

    He sounds like logic kinda

  73. Dylan Baker

    keep up the epic music i love it you should do a music video for either jumpoff or somebody to love

  74. Angel

    Can I use their music or will it be copyrighted ?

    Emil Oystervich

    probably not stuff from The Parlay since it isnt free. songs from the free albums you should just ask them, see if they bother :)

    Sin ModzZz

    as long as you CLEARLY specify that you do not own any part of it you should be good. 

    Cole Sullivan

    It's on soundcloud, so yes, as long as you give credit

  75. Null

    It is that's how they do music videos the play the track over a soundless mouthing

    Ethan Bove

    Thats how every music video is

  76. Ty Franke

    Make a music video for Groovy Chick now, I wouldn't mind seeing some Groovy Chicks ;)

  77. Oisín Brenock

    Are they uploading this to soundcloud. This is the shit

    Oisín Brenock

    ok. thanks dude. coz it is a freaking epic song

    Nathan Ambrose

    I know, my favourite from The Parlay is Jumpoff this is like my 2nd favourite tho. And sorry if I spelled Favourite incorrect I'm Canadian :)

    Oisín Brenock

    Im irish so its kinda hard to get the parlay without a credit card. Im also probably the only irish fan. No one here has heard of them

    Nathan Ambrose

    Haha so sick dude.

    Xander McFetters

    @mad irish leprechaun it's on deezer

  78. Methelone

    new fav song 

  79. AndyZULUL

    I like this kind of weather where there are snow everywhere but I can just wear a hoodies and won't be cold

  80. elbin

    You should colab with moosh and twist

  81. Костя Лашков

    I'm from D4

  82. Monte Marck

    Your content is getting better amd better keep it up

  83. Tooth Pick

    I just realised I wasn't subbed... I guess that's what happens when you have two accounts

  84. D 7

    Like groovy chick and forever feel

  85. AnEvilPrinter

    Wearin 2 chainzzz

  86. Willow Castle Group

    Great video!

  87. Tomato Soupra

    I love this song but hate the ending.

  88. Adam

    That's how music videos are made with lip singing

  89. Jack Mulcahy

    More than anything... I want to see them do good

  90. Tj Dicesare

    Yoooo it's ya number one fan of the specktators comin at ya, you guys should make pacific time next, it's your number one rated song on the parlay

  91. Swish

    Hey Packi can you do a freestyle over the devil is a lie instrumental i know you will kill it!!!

  92. Mixux

    Flosser than ever

  93. Ben Stevens

    You deserve way more subscribers

  94. connor moore

    i think this is lipsingin


    I think you slow

    Pedro Duran

    It's supposed to be that's how you make a music video you record the video lip syncing and the input the audio

    Cole Sullivan

    I think little kids like you shouldn't be listening to this music. It says bad word, you know.


    o rlly?

    Boosted MFG

    im sorry to tell you but almost all music videos ar lip sung

  95. Rezzify

    a Vid For Charge It To The Game

  96. Andres Hernandez

    Let me shoot/edit Pacific Dreams! Come to California!


    They live in California...and were you trying to refer to their song "Pacific Time"..?

    Zeke Wilson

    @Robotfilmz123 which they already released a video for xD

    Andres Hernandez

    @Zeke Wilson Yea i know that. I commented that 3 months ago.

    Zeke Wilson

    @Andres Hernandez my bad, didn't see the date

  97. Pnw Pd

    You guys are amazing. Ive tried my hardest to personally spread your name, even though its small I want to support you. For all the hardwork and time you put in these amazing albums. Keep doing what you're doing. 

  98. B-Paul

    Dope as always!

  99. Chaotic Carti

    Packi u look a lot Like Hova cakes