Specktators, The - Charge It To The Game Lyrics

I know you think you bad, I know I told you that
We could do some things, but don't let it go to your head, girl
You looking at the come up, everything the same
But we about to blow and so tonight we charge it to the game

Charge it to the game, charge it to the game
Charge it to the game, it'll never be the same
Charge it to the game, charge it to the game
Charge it to the game, want the money and the-money and the
Charge it to the game, charge it-charge it to the game
Charge it to the game, charge it-charge it to the game
Charge it to the game, charge it-charge it to the game
Charge it to the game, it'll never be the same

Don't let me get in my zone, don't let me get in my zone
You can ask me about other girls but don't ever get in my phone
That's how you lose me now
'Cuz I got a buzz hotter than a bad bitch up in a jacuzzi now
When I'm on the come up, I could buy the whole bar
So I did, and my boys like "Excuse me? How?"
Damn, I'm a loose cannon these days, success got me used up
Got a few people hanging around me I ain't never seen and a couple things I ain't used to
Gotta get a grip before the kid slip
Drop the ball, the come ups, the process, not to fall
But I never got shit when I shopped at mall
But I couldn't choose a fit so I copped them all
That's ballin' to me like Hov callin' to me
Saying hold the Roc up but that's stallin' to me
I've been waiting patient, ain't hear my songs on the radio station
Ain't it ironic how they get a boy to run around
But they never wanna give me rotation?
Ain't it ironic how they hesitate to get me on the stage
And I get a standing ovation? Yeah
Proving 'em wrong since day one
So when they tell me that I ain't got the money for it
I tell 'em that I know, but I'm coming for it
Running for the pay dirt, say word I don't [?] my bank broke 'cuz
But I play her, so please don't say shit to me
Everybody telling me that I better slow down
Even my people can't get to me
I just


Charge it to the game, want the money and the-money and the
Fame and the fortune, rolling down Rodeo breaking necks
I don't make no friends, I make connects
I'mma go from taking shit to taking meetings with execs
I've been hot since'97, word to Flex!

I am a problem, I'mma keep knocking until somebody open up
I'mma get a mill at 25, I did everything before I was old enough
This ain't a front, this ain't a flex
This is me saying I'm next, this is me knowing I'm dope, saying I'm blessed
This is me feeling myself, this is me banging my chest
This is me going too far, this is me losing myself
This is me drinking too much, this is me losing my health
Rap game underdog, going on the heavyweight champ
I ain't losin' my belt!
You can take it to the bank, bet that
Charge it to the game
Used to spell the name wrong on flyers, now it's on the check
They know my name, yup
Moe-T said it's time to step my-my game up
So when I look back on this year, this gon' be the year we came up


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Specktators, The Charge It To The Game Comments
  1. Carl Winston


  2. Frxshy

    still fire in 2016

  3. RakosPvP - Jordan

    who is originally from nobody epic or the crew, if so you are a true fan and a dope person - 2016

    ANBU Shogun

    Yup that's where I first heard them! Nobody was the first to put the songs in le videos

    RakosPvP - Jordan

    @ANBU Shogun yep!

    RakosPvP - Jordan

    @ANBU Shogun that's some 2009 shit XD


    I still remember finding the link in nobodys description


    i am i still watch them and listen to the specktators

  4. Zach Files

    been listening since DAY ONE #1

  5. alex jones

    terry brought me here

  6. CommunistCoffee

    Damn I'm a loose donger these days.

  7. f r o z e n e m o t i o n s 2 0 0 3

    Driving throught Toronto during the night in a lotus riding around with this playing


    +creperassassin123 eh thats what i do but in my Corvette im form the 6 too

    ANBU Shogun

    I jam this in my Prius ...


    @ANBU shogun now thats some gangsta shit right there!!!

  8. Kek

    How are these guys not big?


    +Kek no clue..

  9. The404Studios

    No body Epic Brought me Here

    Static Fusion

    3 weeks ago? hahaha

  10. Vincent Gazzara

    Moe- T brought me here 


    Great song...

  12. RLSxImaginez

    yes we know the crew brought you here. but can you please shut the fuck up and enjoy the music for how it is

  13. Matt Palcowski

    Pandora radio brought me here.

  14. Clash With KickAss


  15. ChrMagno


  16. roberto ochoa

    speedy and his dipshit friends sent me here

  17. Trae 74

    I love how he studders charge it to the game it sounds so good :))))

  18. LeQuack

    Sidearms4reason intro in nobody's best sflw

  19. LUKAZ G


    ChaRge Digital


  20. jake reed


  21. Killadelphia






    Adam Mc Nally


  22. Darcy Devine

    <_< THE CREW BOI >_>

  23. DogBalls PlaysFNV

    Yo! 100,000 views!

  24. Jensen Hawkins

    Only reason I'm here is cause of Sidearms. He's the best.

  25. Vox

    I feel like this song video should be placed in a strip club lol

  26. Sammm


  27. andrew stew

    D20 got me here

  28. Lucio Vasquez

    Ayee Where Can I Get An Instrumental On This? Because This Beat Goes Hard!!

  29. doodledo2

    first time i listened to this i was high and it was so fuckin dope

  30. lil jcpenney

    Packy killed it!

  31. FranciscanoBalili

    The Crew brought me here

    MRM #rhodsey

    @andrew stew same

  32. ProLandscaper

    D20 brought me here

  33. jake reed

    Wonder if the crew bought any one here

  34. phibs

    this song is so awesome ! <3
    i love it and i can hear it all day ! <3
    pls make more music like this and thanks for this song <3 

  35. TheLoco Everymen

    Specktators ft Logic WELCOME BACK REAL RAP!

    DyzR Ohh

    Can't even imagine how good that'll be

  36. SKYRIDER023

    I'm probably the only who thinks this, but how sick would it be if the Specktators did a collab with MGK

    mark Leblanc

    I agree


    Please, no. They are so freaking different. MGK is on some dark gangster shit while Packy's always been about good vibes. Just no.

    II xVoid II

     Lmao have u seen their new album?

  37. The Fortunate1

    SideArms brought me here!!!!!!

    Alex Reyes

    @***** well this one does

  38. Luca Stampacchia

    SideArms aye

  39. Matty Stratton

    Just found about these guys, listening to everything from them, there sick :D 

  40. Harry Goldsmith

    Shout out to g18sprayandpray he didn't send me here but he has a whole playlist of specktators on his channel. Shout out to kyrsp33dy as well he's a "friend" of g18s and I'm subed to speedy

  41. kevin perrone

    Love this song

  42. iNeedaC00ckIE

    They could make a really good music video for this :)

  43. Keego

    No1 cares who brought u here just listen to the music

  44. Dylan Ashtin

    NobodyEpic brought me here.

    Now I freakin love this music!!!

  45. Venomous Pythons

    Thanks to the crew for showing me this :P

  46. Jake W

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. The crew brought most of us here but we stayed for the music... right?

  47. Whos Kaoss

    I want the specktacle XI

  48. fargo jiffy

    dually jess k-p, nails did, hair did, who the fuck is named duallyyy?

  49. Bradley Richardson

    i love finding new music on pandora

  50. Jacob Wells

    I am a problem,ima ceep knocken entill sombody opens up,CHARGE IIITTT!!!

  51. Jay Shippey

    Beat is fuckin sick. But it just doesnt work, please no hate comments, just an opinion

  52. SKbePablo

    I already knew the specktators when they made mack daddy in the building but g18 also brought me to the great song

  53. Callmeclev

    They should do a song with icejjfish

  54. Gary Newsome

    G18 brought me here

  55. Matthew Stubblefield


  56. TheRemington887

    G18 and mr.nobodyepic brought me here

  57. Abe

    Fuck G18


    @AMysteryTree your mother looks like a flattop

    fur & feathers

    bitch u look like a gay ass


    @lauren cathcart i'm sending your mother a screenshot of what you replied. watch your language little girl 

  58. tim van neck

    G18 !!!!!

  59. IPrevaI

    Nobody epic brought me here. Awesome music!!! Keep up the good work

  60. Christopher Robertson

    This aint even close to Funk Volume

  61. Bailey Ambrose

    OMFG i love these guys keep it 

  62. Im a big deal

    G18 bought me here

    Zach hall

    @VoidOfEnigmas Shots fired xD

    Charlie Bowen

    Dolphins have a good taste of music

    Im a big deal



    That wasnt a good comeback at all

    Mr. J

    @nfxCoffeeBreak BURN

  63. Austin Pickett

    That bass drop! Man it gets me everytime

  64. Caroline Prakash


  65. Theskateboarrd

    nobodyepic got me here

  66. Chris Ash

    Go duet with e dubble

  67. beatmaister

    my cranium repeatedly executed the back and forth motion through out this exceptional musical performance.

  68. Cringe Videos With GTA

    G18 brought me here well pretty much the whole crew

  69. therearemypants

    The charge it to the game shirt looks dope

  70. MGDavis0304

    Why aren't these guys big time yet? They will be household names in a few years, hopefully. They deserve it

  71. Thies Müller

    They will be millionaire in a few years 👍


    I agree bro bro
    They will make it in life!!!

  72. TheYungPanda

    I want to see the Specktators collab with G-Eazy that would be too dirty!

    Aqua Bass

    Hell No, This is great competition for G-eazy. Lets throw them in the pit see what comes out I think its a great opportunity for both to raise their game even though Eazys new album is dropping soon and well his recent stuff has been A+.

    SloMo DidIt

    dude i was just about to say this

  73. David Espinosa

    D20 brought me here!

  74. Ser_Salty

    Crew brought me here!


    Well nobody epic is in the crew and in specks sooooo idk anymore

    drew schowalter

    @TheKING are u retarded

    duck Tape

    @TheKING no he aint


    Notch brought me here..

  75. Sentarry

    ♫*"ah, Charge it, Charge It, Charge It to the Game..."*♫

  76. Joel B

    Luv dat song and refs

  77. Ares

    b.o.b starts like that repeating it

  78. Hardens Burner

    when it says charge it to the game i think of sidearms\

  79. Juan Martinez

    Oh yeah

  80. TrollinThtGuyChester

    I remember when I subbed at 15,000..

  81. cameron price


  82. 3ni Rob


  83. Matteus Steininger

    Nobodyepic has this song on his intro i think

  84. Shane

    Best song on album

  85. Jaziah Figueroa

    i went to their concert... it was awsome! :)

  86. Shockwave

    "Charge it to the Game"
    When something doesn't go the way you want it to or you do something wrong, and there is nothing you can do to change it. Don't worry about it. Just put it in the past or. . ."charge it to the game".
    I lost 500 hundred at the casino last night! Oh well charge it to the game. 
    I cheated on Kim last night, I didn't mean to but it just happened. Oh well she will never know, charge it to the game.

  87. JellyfishAman

    Lets not forget to thank Moe T for producing such a sick track!

  88. Nick Barrera

    I thought of a song similar  with a chorus like this when my friend and I were rapping rhymes in class one day.

  89. Ez Plants

    specktators and chris webby collab

  90. BeaterMan

    sounds like macklemore, o, uh no, go jus cos i go and charge it to the game!

  91. joelnielous

    You guys are getting better and better keep it up!!

  92. Mark Opr


  93. luckyboyftw


  94. Sentarry

    So hooked on this Song 

    ♫*"ah, Charge It to the Game, Charge It to the Game..."*♫ <3