Specktators, The - Blue Eyes Lyrics

[Verse 1: Packi]
Okay. See, see
I was never looking for someone to call my lady
But you came into my life and all I can think about is you lately
That free spirit, I like
You just keep it up, and I might
Turn one night into a lifetime, making you feel alright
You're fresh off of that break up, and you're living life for yourself now
Independent, that grown woman, you too mature for that meltdown
Single life and you 'bout it
Friends got you surrounded
Act like it's a coincidence, you always at the bar that I'm found at
It's cool though, I'm right there with you
Nights like these always get your hopes up and those walls down
Fell right back into love, go figure
But you, got me, feeling it, too
I don't know if it's just the ambiance, or that record on, or it's you

[Hook: Knox]
I'll be blown away
Into another place
When I see your face
And your blue eyes, your blue eyes
The stars come crashing down
I'll still be around
Cause I can't help to drown
In your blue eyes, your blue eyes

[Verse 2: Packi]
I'm all types of caught up in this moment
Don't want it to end and we go our separate ways
Ask your friends if they'll let you stay
I'mma need another minute of your time to blow your mind and make you mine
I swear I've never done this previously, so please don't leave, I know you'll miss me
That's a garuntee, you'll stay there with me, we'll be care and free, love
I'm addicted to everything you do, I'm in need of that drug
Ocean deep in those blue eyes
Not a cloud in those blue skies
Looking at you, I think I finally found out where that truth lies

[Hook: Knox]
I'll be blown away
Into another place
When I see your face
And your blue eyes, your blue eyes
The stars come crashing down
I'll still be around
Cause I can't help to drown
In your blue eyes, your blue eyes

[Verse 3: Knox]
My love goes on, and on, and on [2x]
My love goes on, and on, and on, and on, my love

[Verse 4: Packi]
My love goes on, and on, and on [2x]
My love goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on
And I say, don't fight, don't fight the feeling
Don't fight, don't fight the feeling [3x]
My love goes on, and on, and on [2x]
My love goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on [fade out]

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Specktators, The Blue Eyes Comments
  1. Chris Bosh

    Damn 2020 and this still bang

  2. Moretreats

    Damn! It's been awhile since I've heard this song but holy fuck I used to jam this shit!

  3. enrique matinez

    It’s 2018 and still jamming to this 👌🏻
    best MW3/BO2 days😩

  4. K Dog

    Still jamming to this y'all.

  5. A D V M T R V P

    Still here.

  6. Morgz Holtz

    The shit right here

  7. tranq

    Damnnn the nostalgia. I remember listening to this song back in the mw3 days.

  8. Nuclear Flame

    my love song

  9. lugiabos

    Reminds me of my crush

  10. Pukar Dhakal

    The Nostalgia is real

  11. Vicente Garcia

    The Feels.

  12. Justin Gibbons

    people are worried about Shit on the radio when that garbage is just what it is. the future has been here for a while

  13. SlimWaveTV

    packy is dope.. i just came out with a song called "blue sands" would meen alot if you guys could check it out

  14. Halo Hawk

    You guys can certainly go places with the right connections, I like your music and thank nobodyepic for the sub and like

  15. Trigger FishHD

    68 people were born with an ear deformity

  16. Laura Browning

    PackyRaps makes me wet 

  17. Just a boring old orange

    I just wanna thank nobodyepic for sending me and The Specktators for the awsome banging tunes


    same lol

  18. noblesse 216


  19. big meech

    anyone else notice that clayton kershaw and packy look a bit similar?


    @***** Confirmed

    big meech

    @Amaze Fear because ive been a fan for roughly 4 years. i should change my picture though, i don't listen to them as much, i've kinda moved on but still got love for them

  20. Renate Swinkels

    you are the best man

  21. ItsMrRage

    Haha, damn, I love you guys and your music!

  22. Jr Castro

    Man i love this song there a girl i know and she has blue eyes i with i can sing this to her

    COOLboygotskills GB

    Jr Castro OMG my crush also got blue eyes😂👈

  23. adrian montero

    i cant find any songs by xnox the hell'

    Its Bluee

    @adrian montero i think they might be the singer.

    adrian montero

    @Its Bluee  the chorus?

    Its Bluee

    @adrian montero Yeah.

    Reptilian Superhero

    +Its Bluee lol dumbass

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  25. Matt Grier

    Nobody epic sent me here this is awesome

    Morgz Holtz

    Matthew Grier sometimes brothers send you to where or what you need

  26. whats-normal-anyway

    Is it me or does this song seem underrated?


    Very underrated

    Emilio Valdes

    @StretchySpaghetti #3sp00ky5me

  27. Dylan Flake

    My ex has blue eyes....

    K Dog

    Ouch. Sorry man.

  28. aidanosaurous

    59 people have brown eyes


    @LowkeyBeatz nobody cares

    Reptilian Superhero

    +xIpodTouchGoeroex 1 year later and I care


    @Reptilian Superhero congratz on that buddy


    +Reptilian Superhero you're welcome basement dweller


    aidanosaurous I have hazel eyes

  29. JOKESALOT100

    Love this song my favorite!

  30. Don Rayner

    New subscriber. Dirty Mitten stand up!!

  31. IAmThe5013

    i sent this to my girlfriend a while back. this is an amazing song.

  32. shascore23232323

    first song i listen to from the speck and ive been hooked since!

  33. NWR_WaY2hY2BfLy

    always doing good with the songs and always will

  34. Ginger Paroj

    or you can go to their website and get all of their albums for free

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    Good song

  36. David Reyes

    The crew

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    eunit589 Sounds more like the child.

  38. A3n Nebla

    i hear Yah ):

  39. toby t

    i know :'(

  40. F U E G O

    Don't say such things. You can get any girl, it just depends how you get them to like you. I understand how you feel, I used to be anti-social, just playing games and shit staying home. You just have to try and go out and talk to them, even if you get rejected, at least you tried haha. Just keep trying man. You don't want the bitch butterflies!

  41. Joshua Tabasco

    NobodyEpic :D

  42. Kawaii


  43. Ian Wilson

    Dude Life Isn't just about girlfriends, It's good times and happiness. Don't give up man

  44. Braxton Freeman

    there's a free download link in the description..

  45. ChantakeyHD

    i hook up my iphone go around town and play it!

  46. ChantakeyHD

    Speckzzzzzz FTW!

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    this needs to be on the radio :]

  48. Thomas Pranks In Public

    Dude download free music and then go tubidy free music :)

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    NobodyEpic brought me here

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    Yeah i have a girlfriend, the sad thing is... she has brown eyes...

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    it's on iTunes

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    *You're an idiot.

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    Blue Yeti for the Blue Eyes :D

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    Great songg

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    Pretty brown eyes by Cody Simpson. It has blue eyes but not as awesome as The Specktators <3

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    aww yay for blue eyes ^.^

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    in every video he says those are his friends the specktators

  62. Lee Stride

    This song is damn good

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    green eyes are better

  64. ben11soccerQc

    Colorblinds like me :(

  65. Dalton Burns

    so you could drown in her brown eyes... Brown ocean? No, blue eyes-blue ocean

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    If only I had a girlfriend to sing this to. Forever alone

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    Hazel or green

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    noboady sent

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    Nice BTF shirt, I used to have the same one (I accidently spilled bleach on it)


    NOPE5390 I kid in Africa could have drank that bleach

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    who likes girls with brown eyes?

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    nobody perfect so im perfect

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    I think blue eyes are prettier than brown eyes

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    nobody is epic i am nobody

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    "Go die" is a lot more hateful than anything I said

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    I just love this song I wonder why. ..

  76. zachgokc

    There are more brown eyed people than blue eyes, that is why there is more hot brown eyed people because brown eyed is common.

  77. Double D

    Make a brown eyes version, since most of the hot girls have brown eyes

  78. Bobaloobi

    You can't think of ANYTHING else to say so you copy another comment...

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    His profile picture says a lot about how much he pays attention to important details...

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    Yeah, I almost accidently linked this to a girl with brown eyes. Glad I double-checked her Facebook pictures!

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    "Alot" is not a word.

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