Spears, Britney - When Your Eyes Say It Lyrics

I love to hear you say that you love me
With words so sweet
And I love the way with just one whisper
You tell me everything
And when you say those words
It's the sweetest thing I've ever heard

But when your eyes say it
That's when I know that it's true
I feel it
I feel the love coming through
I know it
I know that you truly care for me
'Cause it's there to see
When your eyes say it

I love all the ways that you show me
You'll never leave
And the way your kisses, they always convince me
Your feelings run so deep
I love the things you say
And I love the love your touch conveys

[Repeat CHORUS]

But when your eyes say it
That's when I know that it's true
I feel it
I feel the love coming through
I know it
I know that you truly care for me
'Cause it's there to see
When your eyes tell me
I know they're not tellin' lies
They tell me
All that you're feelin' inside
And it sounds so right
When your eyes say it, say it

And the words that say take my breath away
No song ever sounded so sweet
I love every word that they say to me

[Repeat CHORUS]

But when your eyes say it
That's when I know that it's true
I feel it
I feel the love coming through
I know it
I know that you truly care for me
'Cause it's there to see
When your eyes tell me
I know they're not tellin' lies
They tell me
All that you're feelin' inside
And it sounds so right
When your eyes say it

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Spears, Britney When Your Eyes Say It Comments
  1. Patricia Hyung Jungkook Seokjin

    I love this song of Britney is one of my favourites and I really miss my ex his eyes say it that love me more 😔💔

  2. Mana O Hawaii

    Such an underrated track! Great times to be alive! #highschooldays

  3. 영원히사랑안해

    It's good song of Britney Spears!!i love all about for Britney like music.that is perfect album is Oops!! I did it again.i really really like it.

  4. Simona La Rosa

    Mamma mia che atmosfera 😍

  5. Brian Hung

    Still listening in 2019, I miss her.

  6. Grinada

    This was a very special Britney song for me. Memories, feelings, life changing events. Hearing it again, heart skips.

  7. ember michelle

    I loved her second album. Good old days.

  8. กฤตนน ศิริบูรณานนท์


  9. Thaís Silva

    Amo tanto 😍😍


    It's missing the final conversation between the girls at the end of the song!

  11. Evan Brett Spearritt

    best romantic song ever ...Even better than The lady in my life from MJ.

    Julien J

    sorry but Michael Jackson is so much better he's the King

  12. Ane .C


  13. sheii lormoon

    I miss my high school life😔

  14. Cezao Vevo

    2018 and this song still one my favorites love songs. <3
    Honestly, she still beeing the same and cute girl, but doesn't need prove nothing for anypeople. She deserve all respect for share with us this masterpiece :)

  15. Arturo Juárez Música es Vida

    I love this song above the others even if the first 2 were so much famous, in this song she says the first words whispering... oh god, in a way i wish any girl could had said to me sometime, but i had nobody in school time.

  16. Bella 1989

    This song is written by Dianne Warren.😘😍

  17. Karol Valarezo

    Hello :’) watch My Cover when your eyes say it ;’) ❤️❤️❤️❤️ https://youtu.be/3fY8LFjCbU8

  18. Britney Dicsion

    2018 😍❤❤ still gets me .. love this song

  19. Taki Taki GO

    Britney Spears - When Your Eyes Say It Album Lyrics

  20. Chad Charming

    That base violin towards the middle and end of the song was everything. I don’t know if it’s called a base violin but it’s a violin lol what is it called?

  21. Chad Charming

    Still my favorite song

  22. Maria Handy

    Listening in 2018

  23. Washington Nascimento

    This song is so wonderful and take a peace sensation. She is a angel singing... 😍❤❤❤ The world was so cruel with her, she was just a simply girl...


    Britney o su equipo no siempre eligieron los mejores temas para que fueran sencillos, como ejemplo esta esta canción que es mejor para mi que Lucky o Don't ley me be the last to know, otros ejemplos son inside out o brethe on me (creo que no lo escribí bien bien perdón jaja)

  25. isis Pardo

    esta canción me da pena y me gusta😢

  26. Valton Jackson

    My favorite from this album 💜✨
    One of my most favorites she’s ever recorded actually.

  27. The Land Of New Adam

    That's what I call high vibration music.

  28. Meriem Medjber

    Hamza 💖

  29. LaChele

    Yes, I like bubblegum pop, dammit. I know this damn girl couldn't sing outside of the studio, but hey, she did what she could and she ended up making a ½ way decent album. I enjoyed it and this was a cute lil' song. And she was hella pretty on the album cover. I was a sucker for good packaging.

  30. Robin Hall

    💞 LOoooooVE THIS!!! 😘 🎶 PRETTY VOICE and SONG!!! 💋 🎶 🎶

  31. chango dv


  32. Angel Blade

    Brittany Spears

    Angel Blade

    Female singer......

  33. scotlad11

    remember buying the tape in the airport and listening to the album non stop for the 7 hour flight home


    esta britney no volvera! era simplemente perfecta.

  35. A.G. Jaxx

    this song always gets me,...if someone dedicates this song to me,....i dont know what would I do

  36. Shirley Coelho

    Nostalgia ❤️

  37. Lilian Silva

    my favorite from the álbum.

  38. Argenis Tortoza

    When people ask about my favorite song of her, I have no doubst to answers "When your eyes say it"!

  39. alexisnik199111

    2017 ...

  40. HL Watts

    I haven't heard this song in 16 years. Crazy how I still know every work. Childhood memories...

  41. princeoffriendship

    This song was filmed and directed by Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris. It was supposed to be a single but instead they choose some other song (not sure which one). I wish they would release it now on vevo! It would be an awesome surprise!

    Darling Santos

    princeoffriendship don't let me the last to know

    Crafting ranger

    Darling Santos they used that for promo for her next album

    Jessica Bourdage

    Crafting ranger no Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know was the 4th and final single for Opps.

  42. Keith Johnston

    that you love me with words so sweet

  43. Keith Johnston

    I feel this song thank you britney

  44. skurinski

    This song was gonna be the last single from the album but was cancelled

  45. Marco Antonio dos Santos Júnior

    love, love, love this song.

  46. Danyiel Says

    i remember being in middle school and listening to her ballads before id go to bed🙈👀🙌

    Brittney Banks

    Daniel Figueroa me too...😂😂😂

    Danyiel Says

    Brittney Banks love her honey

    Sebastian Esquivel

    OMG! I used to do that as well before going bed I played it in my Discman. hahaha! weird generation! lol

  47. Hero_Cat78

    Beautiful song <3

  48. Higor Schneider

    Love Britney

  49. JuLy NekoGirL

    LOL, I though she said "I know that you truly care for me
    'Cause it's embarassing " instead of "I know that you truly care for me
    'Cause it's there to see"
    I remember when I was like 11 or 12 years old listening to the first 2 discs of Britney. Beautiful memories, and this song is beautiful for a special person in our hearts

    Thiago Souza

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA DEAD. You made me laugh!

  50. EduFelix

    It should have been a single... an amazing ballad. This one and "Where Are You Now", from the same album. By the way, it's her best album EVER!


    it was actually gonna be one, but was cancelled

    Smokey Smoo

    It was suppose to be a single and she recorded a video for it

  51. Lifestyle with Danielle

    yes!!! when the pop music was amazing and complet Britney, Christina, Backstreet, Jlo...

  52. Emmanuel Guerrero Reyes

    alguien sabe si iba hacer 5to sencillo ? y es cierto que tenia video oficial?

    Alonso. Rayo Aguilar

    Efectivamente hiva a ser un single pero estaba en devate con girl in the mirror pero esta ultima no aparece en la version final del album solo en la edicion europa, asia y australia.... Asi que fue descartada y la primera no estoy seguro..solo se que britney ya era sumamente exitosa y la agenda se la termino consumiendo cuando se dio cuenta ya tenia su tercer album listo.

    Jon Del Rey

    No me acuerdo cómo fue porque lo leí hace muchos años pero si iba a ser el último single del álbum hasta se grabó algunas escenas pero debido al poco éxito de dont Let me be... Decidieron no lanzarlo aparte que Britney ya estaba preparando su tercer álbum

    Jon Del Rey

    https://youtu.be/bSBrPGB5BF8 acá hay un vídeo nose si así iba a ser el original pero al menos se veía que tenían algunas intenciones en lanzarlo como single

  53. Andrés Millán

    is it true that this song has a Music vídeo?

    Ronnie Felix

    +Andres Millan Untrue

    Andrés Millán

    +Ronnie Felix really? don't make that


    No one seems to have contacted the video directors so we can't say that. But Britney and Jive were contractually obliged to put it out as a single as Diane Warren made them to before giving Britney this 1994 written track. After the less than promising sales of Dont let me be the last to know they must have passed.

  54. José Lucas

    <3 I love it.

  55. Paul Brum

    As a longtime fan of Britney Spears I will definitely say this: She nailed this song right there. This would have been the last single from Oops I Did It Again, another amazing album. Brings back memories, and yes music at that time was and always will be a lot better than the shit music that's played today.

    Aлександр новачек

    totally agree 👍👌

    Crafting ranger

    Paul Brum atleast she's still doing her own thing and not following trends

    Thiago Souza



    They made a big mistake not releasing this as a single.

    Consuelo Alvarez

    Paul Brum yes but dlmbtltk is a good single too. This album is so good

  56. Jase Whear

    still amazing

  57. CR1257

    Listening to this 1/1/2016 😌

  58. Claire1rocks

    Queen Britney nailed this song. Love it.

  59. megalexantros

    Though in dont let me be the last to know she says that he needs to say so shell know its true.

  60. Ben De la portilla

    man I would like to live for just one day in those times again.. when britney was everything and even more!!! we were all young and innocent though!!

    Ben De la portilla

    +Gorkem A I feel u man!! love the nostalgia!!

    Eliu Misael Pascual Tapia

    When Britney delivered amazing vocals, in that sense her firsts two albums are the best ones :)

    Thiago Souza

    I'd love to live for just one day in those times again

    gonzalo mercado

    Yeah i Miss this brit
    Btw nice pic :)


    I couldn’t agree more. This song brings back so many great childhood memories

  61. Eduardo Torres

    Lejos el mejor tema de Britney!

  62. Rey Benkos

    Britney should release a double disc.... one with dance songs and another with ballads like this!!!

    Heriberto Chavez

    Great idea !!

    Thiago Souza

    YES, please

    Eu fantástica maravilhosa

    My dream... 😢❤

    Randy Jones

    what's a ballad exactly? plz educate me.

    lory master

    Randy Jones a slow and usually sad song

  63. Daniel Guillermo

    Words from the heart

  64. BorEdZz

    Ah yes, the good ol days of middle school. The times when life was simple n carefree.

  65. rita loca

    quanti ricordi :)

  66. itsmejunar

    ive heard this before... Highschool

  67. Cat Videos yay!

    I remember me and a girlfriend would sing this when we were so so young never had a bfs before we would listen to this and gush about when we would fall in love one day....ahhh childhood :D


    +ApocZak This is exactly what I would do as well! Too fall in love one day... Oh the years that have passed. :)


    did the same with a friend of mine :) memories

    Mana O Hawaii

    So were millions of other fans! Was pretty damn sad when she had her mental breakdown 😢

  68. Juanita Mundo

    I used to like britney so much when I was young. My walls in my room was covered with posters of her no lie. I had this album too. I still love her. You go britney!

    Juanita Mundo

    90 kids


    mark anthony laroya so did i & im a guy too

    bob ryan

    I'm a 32 year old guy... My room is STILL covered in her posters. (which also means I still live with my parents :D).

    Stephen Price

    Memories 😢

  69. Beth Tamaray

    I love britney spears ..all her song it was favorite when i was teenager till noq

  70. Johnny ENG

    My special day song.

  71. LirozLoveTheStarks

    this is my fav' song from Britney Spears EVER!!!!! this song makes me chills 

    Julieta Pusino

    me too it's beautiful!!

  72. Steve f.

    Still on my favorites from her :)

  73. Winand Fluche

    Soundtrack de una época de mi vida..escucharla aún me traslada y me hace revivir cada sentimiento bonito y puro.... Inolvidables e insuperables emociones!! *A y *W

  74. fadi sakaan

    Britney filmed a music video for this song but it was never released. :(


    They should release it!!

  75. DemonessSapphire69

    Britney Spears is a memory that will live with us.

    No matter what. No matter the year. No matter what happens.

    You know that we all look back towards the fond memories that we have of Britney Spears. And her songs. And her videos.

    You know it. Don't deny it.


  76. Sol Spears

    Brit :)

  77. dudeitskory

    this is like the sweetest song ever

  78. Chung Bui

    I'm not sure what you mean with "some things" :)

  79. Chung Bui

    I didn't notice how amazing this song really is until now -.-

  80. Bamelive

    I was listening to it 14 years ago and when I just heard "when your eyes say it" I got such an awesome feeling inside of me...

  81. william calderon

    agree with u

  82. william calderon

    love this song <3

  83. Marquis Reed

    She needs more sensual songs like this

  84. Gizametalman

    I'm not a Britney's fan. I'm not a BSB fan. I'm not a Nsync fan.
    Just one in a million?

    Do you know what am i?

    I'm a 90's fan. That's what i am.

  85. davi santos

    i love britney
    and everything her make

  86. ipodtudo

    One of her best songs!

  87. Cristobal Eduardo


  88. Ashley F

    this reminds me of JR HIGH! lol i was the biggest Britney fan haha


    I really adore this song! It was my favorite song on the Britster's second CD. I love it for various reasons and one of them was that it was written by one of my favorite songwriters, Diane Warren. This was from when I had total crush on the Britster! Seriously.

  90. nay nayy

    beautiful song.. she is a beautiful person and i wish the best for her <3

  91. Rashanda Grier

    a great song.

  92. BlackoutStripped

    i saw it on Wikipedia it sayd "When Your Eyes Say It" (2001) – It was planned as the fourth or fifth single from Oops!... I Did It Again, but was unreleased due to unknown reasons. It was shot in January 2001 by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris.[24]"

  93. Matthew J.


  94. BlackoutStripped

    this was supposed to be 5th single from oops i did it again but then it got cancelled but there is a video to this song it was shoot early at 2001

  95. chikahoshi

    lawls, life is never innocent. :P

  96. chikahoshi

    I like the cello part. It makes the song even more awesome. :DD

  97. David Jones

    Ahh those were good times... when life was innocent

  98. stefonae2

    I agree with you

  99. faaaduma

    ppl were fucked up in the head even back then..O:O
    who would say such garbage about this amazing music??
    fuck haters..