Spears, Britney - My Baby Lyrics

Tiny hands.
Yes, that's you.
And all you show,
It's simply true.
I smell your breathe,
it makes me cry.
I wonder how,
I've lived my life.

Cause without you,
How did I get through,
All of my days,
Without you?
Now living with you,
See everything's true,
My baby, it's you.
My baby.
My baby,
My baby.

With no words at all,
So tiny and small.
In love I fall,
So deep.
So deep.

My precious love,
Sent from above.
My baby boo,
God I thank you.
God I thank you.

[Chorus 2x]

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Spears, Britney My Baby Comments
  1. Laura Helyeiova

    Why isn't a video for this, too? (Someday I will understand)

  2. Tracie Attword

    Sweetest song ever. From a mother.😍💖💖

  3. Rafa Nascimento

    Owwwnnnnn Meu Deus... 😢😢😢 Que música linda! Fofa! ❤🥰🤗

  4. Hera Black

    this song makes me cry even though im not pregnant nor a mother

  5. Amanda Ruiz

    For my kids

  6. Rebecca

    Her voice at 3:11 😍

  7. mi me

    When I was born my mom and dad had to go back home in a empte carset

  8. Jake Ruiz

    Play "Just Like Me" by Britney Spears after "My Baby" By Britney Spears.

  9. Rosana Côrtes


  10. Javier Ávila

    QUEEN 😍👑

  11. jordan84

    “The Smell of your breath, makes me cry.”

  12. Ryan Ho

    she should perform this

  13. יהודית מאיר


  14. Britney Spears VIP Hungary

    QUEEN! <3 <3 <3

  15. Tania Burnard

    Ooh & I used er the circus very babies

  16. Gabriel Mendes

    The worse song of Circus.Heard unsual you,is the best

  17. Ingrid

    3:12 omfg Britney, that voice! 😢😢😢 I can picture her rocking her baby in her arms, and just smiling and being thankful for that aaaaaa why I'm so emotional? Hahaha This song is so beautiful, first time I listened to it. I had to come here and say something cause IT'S SO PRETTY I'M GONNA CRY HAHAHA

  18. Svetlana Parker

    15 years :-)


    This November was the 10th anniversary of this song

  19. popsingerstar

    brit's boys were the only good thing she ever got out of that piece of shit kevin

  20. Alex M

    La canción más honesta y personal que ha escrito. Refleja perfectamente todo lo que sintió cuando perdió la custodia de sus hijos.

  21. Felipe Miranda

    3:11 oh britney <3 <3 <3 <3

  22. Luki Gatto

    I love her voice in this sweet song. ♥

  23. gregor mackenzie

    whenever someone tells me Britney can't sing or write I make them listen to Everytime, Let Go, Someday & this and they change thier minds 💙💕

  24. Britney Spears

    The only Song on "Circus" that I don't like

  25. Lemon Kiss Lily


  26. ♡ SAD GABRIEL ♡

    and they still say "britney spears can't sing"

  27. seanjaye94

    That last little run reminds me of 'Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know'

  28. xxxTIN0xxx

    Knowing that Britney wrote this song warms my heart, she should have shared her inner feelings through music more often. What a sweet voice by the way.

  29. Kelly De tudo um pouco

    l Love my baby 😍

    Scott Sullivan

    kelly A pimentada 🙋😊

  30. soniahmath

    #Britney #Glory #BritneySpears

  31. ProblemChild

    I smell your breath, it makes me cry


    Orangely ASMR

    I smell your breath, it makes me die

  32. CellarDoor

    So deep so deep 😍

    Scott Sullivan

    MariahCareyVEVO1 😊🙋

  33. MaximumKittyTyphoon

    my mum told me to watch this video because it made her think of me because im going through a really hard time right now please support me through this i would gratefully appreciate it

    C S

    I hope things will get better for you :)

  34. Queen Jennifer

    I'm in love with this song. Love you Britney!.

  35. Francislaine Santos

    simplesmente perfeita, amo essa música.

  36. Gabi Ribas

    melhor musica do album circus

  37. NotSoTypical

    And Britney wrote this song!

  38. atlnikka

    This song is so damn beautiful I really wanna cry I love u Britney

  39. Arlette Lecomte

    Godney <3 <3

  40. Prashanti Maharaj

    Her life was a 'circus' until her babies made her get through it.
    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

  41. Barbara Ortega

    Sounds like trip to your heart

  42. Bubu Bibi

    The most perfect song of all time!

  43. Jord C

    the last note gets me every time

    Tea walker

    YES !!!!!!!!!

    James Martin

    same here <3 she has a beautiful voice and other people dont really hear it

  44. Paulina Leszkowicz

    Wow, her voice 0:34-0:39!

  45. Juanmiguel Gervacio

    this is one of the best track in her album im proud to say im forever britney stan :)

    xx Aivanna x x Spears xx

    @Juanmiguel Gervacio uyy ...ikaw ba yung sa the battle of the fandoms ?? kasi kung ikaw nga ako yung c cassandra nelle spears xDDD tandaan mo ??

  46. Cynthia Roley

    there was only one other person helping her write it. get a grip. she still wrote it.

  47. Cynthia Roley

    This is the sweetest song ever!

  48. ddffghij

    this should have been a fucking single! and with a video!!! i could totally imagine a video for this song with just a montage of brit and pics with her and her boys :)

  49. gjenkins1120

    I love that song I play it for my babay so she will go to sleep

  50. Michael Marcum

    I think anytime they start making her albums I think there should always be songs that she wrote cause those are just pure and trust

  51. Nikki Breanne

    Yes! I do have to agree, I love her music, instrumental! She can sing really great when she wants to. =/ xoxo =D

  52. Nikki Breanne

    Not all by herself =/ xoxo

  53. wsherifc

    Britney has the best musical instrument ever . Love most of her songs and personality.

    Wish she comes back with wonderful songs and times.

  54. Los Simpson

    Perdon que te corrija pero HAORA britney es una mujer mas responsable,amorosa y madura :) se que britney paso por malos momentos como la drogadicion :( pero desde que ella regreso con su nuevo album femme fatale ha estado alejada de las drogas, ella misma lo dijo, haora se dedica a sus hijos y a su carrera. ademas asi mismo britney dijo que sus hijos fueron su mas grande ispiracion para salir adelante :) Britney ya esta de regresoooo!!!! y es una mujer muy linda <3

  55. Nikki Breanne

    I think she still has problems. but she will always have one or two songs that I love.
    I hope she grows because even when she was younger she wasn't all that of a nice person. That's how she came across to me :( :P thank ya

  56. Jeff Sterling

    I love lol

  57. TheIdo1992

    And they say she can't sing and it's all autotune! She has the sweetest voice and personality!

  58. hfarmer96

    So sweet ...:)

  59. Lesley Alfaro

    Say Selena Gomez 5 times clap 5 Times post on 2 vidz then check ur voice

  60. Angela Nance

    I said I have to listen to this everyday since I first heard it and that's what I do. One of the best songs ever made!!!! Then it's by #BritneySpears...queen. Then the message in it is so much greater. :)

  61. Lauren Mancuso

    worst song on the album

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Lauren Mancuso fuck off jealous piece of shit. She don't have a bad song on ANY cd that she's ever recorded other than make me which wasn't even ruined by her. Make me was ruined by the stupid no talent piece of crap g easy.

  62. Richard Pearce

    criminal isn't a ballad it's a mid-tempo song but not a ballad.

  63. Jord C

    i love the end note

  64. Myrillina

    bellissimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. anke il testo .. <3 i love britney <3 by savio

  65. Rafael Teodorico


  66. Victoria Marcano

    que hermosa cada dia la amo mas & no me arrepiento de amarla<3

  67. TheShikaidou

    there are no tags lol

  68. Mella Petkauskaite

    Her Voice in this song Amazing. ;}

  69. L Ryan

    Her voice is so powerful on this track!

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Ryan Bently her voice is equally just as powerful here as on literally anything she's ever recorded in her entire career

  70. Jord C

    i love the end

  71. Victor juarez tello

    my order os best albums of britney spears: oops...i did it again,baby one more time,in the zone,femme fatale,circus,britney,blackout is the baddest

  72. Dror Magen

    I knew she wrote it! its so honest and emotional!

  73. noah0099

    i hated femme f. jive cancelled her real idea for the album

  74. Jordan Boxall

    People think Britneys manufactured, this machine with no emotions who just releases dance music with an autotune voice, they're so wrong. SHE IS TALENTED, listen to this song, listen to Everyday and Everytime, they're so heartfelt she does have a voice! People slate her all the time but don't actually realise how much influence she has had/ in the music industry. Rihannas Talk That Talk has a Femme Fatale sound to it, Britney made Dubstep mainstream. Woah i'm rambling on, ANYWAY LOVE YOU BRIT!<3

  75. smi2012

    This song is sooo sweet!!! Without the auto tune, her voice is like a angel!! So disappointing femme fatale doesnt hav any ballad, only the midtempo 'criminal'..

  76. Lauren Cottrell

    This song proves that she doesnt need autotune, her voice isn't the strongest voice, but its light, its easy to listen to and its unmistakably Britney and we love Britney. I think the producers on Femme Fetale over did the autotune, she doesnt need it.

  77. 100stacy

    Sean and Jayden mommy loves u so much

  78. Tayler Crocker

    @scorpiogirl100 tiny paws

  79. liv saunders

    @scorpiogirl100 omfg lol


    I'm crying. She's so talented >.<

  81. Justin Pineda

    imagine someone said "this is filled with autotune, she sucks and cant sing and has no talent" id be like wtf haha idiot

  82. astridverastegui


  83. Rosemary M

    @scorpiogirl100 Your not alone...:)

  84. Salma Parwa

    this is such a touching and emotional song

  85. 1Misstwilight

    hope britney hads more babies and write song about then

  86. Joman82


  87. jaeani heart

    its like i was pregnat i have 1 kid

  88. Bones Gonzalez

    God, if people only listened to this song... I'm sure every hater would stop hating her. This is marvellous :')

  89. ricardo souza

    if she puts the music with vocal sound, it would be much more respected in the music, but she so full of these loose AUTO TUNE

  90. TheShikaidou

    I love her songs like this. She needs songs like this on Femme Fatale!

  91. anclax

    so nice! thx britney

  92. N96 adawi

    @LexCastle lol sure but be good mom

  93. laura salle


  94. laura salle


  95. laura salle


  96. laura salle

    i love the line 'I smell your breath...' hope dis ent in da morning doe!!! HEHEHEHEHE MAWNIN BREFF!!!!!!!!!!

  97. N96 adawi

    @scorpiogirl100 lol i laughing now but it's cute (:

  98. Bárbara Monteiro

    I love music!

  99. Gabi Bonwoart

    me da sono *--* I LOVE U BRIT