Spears, Britney - Dear Diary Lyrics

Dear diary
Today I saw a boy
And I wondered if he noticed me
He took my breath away

Dear diary
I can't get him off my mind
And it scares me
'Cause I've never felt this way

No one in this world
Knows me better than you do
So diary I'll confide in you

Dear diary
Today I saw a boy
As he walked by I thought he smiled at me

And I wondered
Does he know what's in my heart
I tried to smile, but I could hardly breathe

Should I tell him how I feel
Or would that scare him away
Diary, tell me what to do
Please tell me what to say

Dear diary
One touch of his hand
Now I can't wait to see that boy again

He smiled
And I thought my heart could fly
Diary, do you think that we'll be more than friends?
I've got a feeling we'll be so much more than friends

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Spears, Britney Dear Diary Comments
  1. Avi Greene

    Do you think "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" could have had some influence on this song?

  2. 영원히사랑안해

    That's good memory in a teenager listened music Oops!i did it again!!i 💘 this music album.

  3. My Space

    I used to listen to this song when I was a teenager and look now I am 32, time flies

  4. madworld52

    Its crazy how she uses that baby voice here! Like she wants to use her deep voice here but they force her to use that high pitched voice

  5. Axel Brand

    Real Hip Hop

  6. keysl88

    Reminds me of Love And My Best Friend from Janet’s first album

  7. popsingerstar

    this is such a beautiful song :)

  8. Liz Veronica H.A

    Querido diario hoy conocí a un chico jajaja la clásica de todas las jóvenes de 15 años cuando les gustaba en secreto ☺️😃

  9. Mihaela

    this song is good because of that very good keyboard

  10. Mihaela

    she had a nice wasp like waist back then so what happened no more workouts then or too many pizzas a ha ha retire girl let others sing

    H P

    She had children. She works out all the time and looks amazing, are you jealous or something?


    @H P nah can't be jealous I have not ruined my body with kids

    H P

    @Mihaela lol then why are you being so nasty to another woman about her body? You sound like a very insecure woman... 😂


    @H P you need to chill cyber bully no one. I was saying a truth which obviously shocked you well you do not have my pic so no idea if I look better or not so do not lose sleep on it ok take care cyber bully cow

    H P

    @Mihaela haha ok jealous woman cow 🐮

  11. noemistephanie93

    man this song is so cheesy but cute in a way

  12. L. T.

    The greatest love song of all time.

    You Tuber

    L. T. Lol

  13. JSmoove175

    I miss my sister SMH she played this allot when I was 9 yes old

  14. trippnboi

    To be 15 and young & in love again ... 💔

  15. Ismael Aaron Casafus

    como.puede tener 32 no.me gusta esta canción es hernosaa😍

  16. Shirley Temple

    when teenager used to had diary


    Shirley Temple Now they have Instagram and make all their sht public. Times are certainly not getting better....

    Roman Gerken

    Shirley Temple Girl I still have a diary and I‘m an 15 year old boy


    now girls have vlogs to make money and get their feelings out, technology is a wonderful thing

  17. 영원히사랑안해

    i love this song and lovely for a her...i like her.it's such good at fan!!!!.

  18. Thaylla Galdino

    This song tells a lot about how I feel now.

  19. H81234

    I think this is the first song written by Britney allowed to be recorded and put on the album.

    16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan

    Im so curious its The first

  20. adnnestoradn


  21. Cheryl Baker

    We are beautiful transgender friends

  22. Levite Sharah

    my fav, the best ever!

  23. Jay yay

    Britney's voice is so beautiful on this! I can hear the mariah Carey influence on this with Britney's iconic twist. one of my favorite slower Britney songs as a child.

    Bloglv7center tv


  24. Daniel Chimas Barrera

    Es una canción única digna de una princesa

  25. Belvedere&Raspberry333

    A lot of these songs are sang and recorded on mute point by malevolent greys (Archons give them the tapestry and reptilians harmonize) << Icke is right that the modern internet is mostly alien moderated. You may hear them in a pleasingly synchronized fashion to offend your better sense. 

  26. Renato Razzino

    Nope! It isn't wrong for a male to like anything, just be yourself :)

  27. Skootle Bug

    with Jason Blume and Eugene Wilde.

  28. yharlin

    i believe this is the first song britney wrote

  29. Gizametalman

    Do you like other's guys pennises?

    Axel Brand

    Gizametalman yes

  30. InsideOut

    Her voice...must be an angel <3

    Hello there

    She is an angel💕

  31. tye kristopher

    no being gay is when you like the same sex not a song... either way nothing wrong with it

  32. Kirsty Mann

    I wish more people knew this Britney

  33. Matthew Austin

    13 people don't have a diary.


    Hey, nice to see a familiar face. 😃


    I actually started writing in one again recently.

  34. Eric

    Hells no! Once you think about it, all of us 90's boys were either listening to Britney, or Christina Agulara or Jennifer Lopez, or Selena etc...basically we used to love all those women, and to this day I still find them nice to listen to. :)

  35. TheFamilitchi

    totally not, britney's voice is just awesome, the song is beautfiul and relaxing and you can totally relate to it , thinking about a girl :)

  36. anna4tory

    It's so very right.

  37. Henry the 9th

    is it wrong for a male to listen to this song?

    Mellis Holland106

    Henry the 9th no tf

    Erik Baity

    No because there is a girl that I feel the same way about right now

  38. Mau Di

    this song was the reason i started a diary of my own :D

  39. Amy McDonnell

    i remember listening to this on tape >.<

  40. dreamdiary

    This takes me back to my childhood :D I was not able to speak english at all but I knew all her songs by heart :D I sang every syllable without understanding a single word. Haha thanks, Britney, for teaching me English.

  41. RoundenBrown

    This is a gangsta track, right here.

  42. Tally403

    omg, this is so sweet!

  43. Rashanda Grier

    a great song.

  44. chananigans

    I used to listen to this song in middle school. Over a decade later, this song is still just as relevant now as it was to me as a pre-teen.

  45. Sabs28

    This song makes me cry every time :')

  46. ValentinaOficialChannel

    and I was 14 :P

  47. Cindy Ameg

    Omgosh memories of when I was 6 <3

  48. Trep711

    No it dont make him gay

  49. heylovex3

    i used to related to this song:D

  50. scr1231

    I was 11 when I first heard this song.

  51. Vincent Joshua Tigas

    No, you just have a great taste of music (I'm a guy too.)

  52. No Refunds

    As a guy, if I know the lyrics to this song, does that make me gay?

  53. Oreyda Cortés

    And I was 1 year old .-.!
    But still lovin it♥

  54. maiosmusiclover

    I miss this britney!!!! fuck femme fatale I want this back!!!!

  55. siggie999

    This song makes me cry everytime lol it always reminds me of me childhood love :) I wish all Britney's songs could be as awesome as this :D

  56. Harry Su

    I feel so young again listening to this song.

  57. Hillary442

    ugh this is like my life story :(

  58. meatlover456

    aw i wish i was 7 again:(

  59. Anthony Tonio


  60. Alli Laweson

    I remember being 5 and having my compact cd player, With lipstick on and one side of the headphone to my lips, singing this song in the car always pretending to be her.
    I also remember this song was about my neighbor, Haha. We were so in love growing up.

  61. MASQUEdas

    i love britney. always have and i think i always will....it takes somethinfg special to keep one girl listening to you from preschool right to college

  62. luz stella ocampo alzate


  63. DiscoverPlatinum

    omg. everybody was so young! this song reminds me when I was about 18 or 19. I'm the same age as Britney. Same month, same year.

  64. Mkayla Brit

    so sweet i almost cried

  65. Miss Khan

    Reminds me of when i was 10!! i love Britney!!! <3

  66. Kaile Grevious

    This reminds me when i was like 6 or 7, had every album. die hard britney fan <3

  67. Minh .Phuong

    that's beautiful

  68. Veronika Spiessova

    @missChocoverest best comment ever :D

  69. fd dfs

    omgggg when i was 6 :') this was my jam still is brittttt <3

  70. heylovex3

    this was my favorite song<3

  71. tessy0504

    ten years older than when I was that lil child and still brings tears to my eyes

  72. spiffynibbelz193

    This is so nostalgic. I remember listening to this when i was about 9, thinking about this boy i used to have a crush on lol

  73. Kakazinho81

    Absolutely fantastic song!!!!

  74. Kevin Davidson

    This song is just a flashback to when I was 7 :D


    I remember finding Britney's first two CDs on my parents' music shelf when I was like 9 years old. I totally loved this song and now I still like it. =D

  76. Tiffany dela Cruz

    haha this song came from my first CD i ever recieved :)

  77. jowder82

    we miss you britney ,,,, come pack with thies songs.......

  78. Juan Marino


  79. karate1022

    this brings back memories of all the guys i've ever liked or had huge crushes on, and how they thought of me as just their friend. Kinda sad when i think about it. but hey life goes on, and i did have some pretty hot boyfriends

  80. Kay Leigh

    Oh wow.
    It's like a movie or something, I got a flashback of making my own music video to this on my own when i was about 8.

  81. Jenny Lam

    this song brings back memories..

  82. Stacy H

    OMG this song is so me, this is exactly what happened to me DX

  83. JustMe

    @singingstar01 for me too! memories !

  84. Yaya

    this is so spiritual

  85. Jessliz55

    this is so sweet and innocent britney spears, wow what a difference

    this album is kinda nostaligic to me, i remember listening to it on a bus ride i went on, it was dark and raining, i remember i was so innocent then and related to the songs so much

  86. AutocratBrat

    Dedicated to someone spacial.

  87. MegaBabyboy13

    I love this song, it´s beautiful

  88. singingstar01

    this was the first cd i ever owned.....

  89. Jessica

    @lettuce300 Same here.

  90. kasey85

    @grooveman69 Thanks, but how do you know?

  91. Vincent Arroyo

    @kasey85 It was in 2000

  92. kasey85

    @grooveman69 Do you when that took place? Late 1999? Early 2000? She announced it in February of 2000, so I'm curious when she did it.

  93. kasey85

    Recorded in either December 1999 or January 2000. I wouldn't as know exactly as she didn't record anything between December 24, 1999 and January 2, 2000.

  94. 16 Janeiro 1993 RocketMan

    the sweetest song ever

  95. Willy Huangal

    @smexykitten1000 yeah me 2, but people change and i love her new stuff 2, yeah i love sometimes like crazy but i think we all change in a way... so. :)

  96. Willy Huangal

    I can't get him off my mind...

    Tell me what to do

  97. tye kristopher

    Such an innocent song, cute,