Sparks, Will - Rainbow Stylin' Lyrics

City rooftop, summer nights
In your tank top, rainbow stylin'
To the beatbox, spinning round
And you looked so cute there rainbow stylin'

City rooftop, summer nights
In your tank top, rainbow stylin'
To the beatbox, spinning round
And you looked so cute there rainbow stylin'

Sun rising, still asleep
Lay beside, hear you breathin'
Last night girl, like a dream (Hey!)
Never felt so good, sleepy smilin'

All this love, saved up for nothin'
I never felt so blue
And all this love, rainbow stylin'
All this love, saved up for nothin'
And this'll do me no good
And all this love, rainbow stylin'

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Sparks, Will Rainbow Stylin' Comments
  1. Nightwaiter



    Lol im only here bcs of rainbow stalin saves the world


    Guys give us a listen

  4. Trance Privilege

    I was in Work on terrible Hangover and for the first time i Heard the track in radio that was best moment in the whole day totaly take me over ...

  5. María Querube Espino


  6. Jesus of nazareth

    I Think ill make a video with this. To test it on My big speakers.

  7. Kevin miramontes

    2 seconds in looking nice

  8. Luis Felix

    excellent song, I invite you to listen to this song entitled "Breeze"

  9. Prem Arnold Sebastian


  10. Ram

    If you haven't seen Will Sparks Live, youre missing TF out! :)

  11. Jack PROUDLOCK

    fucken goog song

  12. romain zambotti

    super !!!!!!!bravo


    Yeee 🇮🇹

  13. james semaj

    heavy, loving that ol sparksy bass. Coulda used that noise in the drop abit more though.

  14. Boogy Man

    This was terrible.

    Jaxson Warner

    You must have alot of talent then aye

    Boogy Man

    @Jaxson Warner don't need talent to realise it's a shit track

    Andrew A

    Boogy Man fuck you look at you’re loser as life



  16. Beverley O,sullivan

    Just gotta see this guy. his drops are just infrikinsane. Awesome

    Denis Ruci

    He'll be in Athens, Greece July 10th

    Beverley O,sullivan

    Denis Ruci aww cool cheers

  17. Hardstylehero

    what a fucking choon

  18. Sam I am

    This is sick as fuck!!

  19. Moca ASMR


  20. Iskandar Zulkarnain

    Damn the first drop is so heavy 💯🔥 🙌

    Sándor Ardeleán

    Daaamn so hard bass line
    Killed my ears but amazing work ⚡⚡⚡

  21. Benylol69


  22. BEST MUSIC WITH DanMarqu3s

    HARD! 🔥🙌


    😍🔥 Enjoy, live your Life and listen Music! 😍🔥

  23. Wumpoツ

    I miss the good old melbourne like when wil sparks made a song called fingers and acid rain and even flutation or somthing

    Kike Burton

    Wait till his new incoming releases 😉

    Jaxson Warner

    100% his old skool bounce sound was awesome. However that was the past, it's now growing into a way more technical edm era. Music isnt just about loops or that certain sound. Artists / producers are finding much more creative and a hell lot more technical ways of making sounds. Will is purely trial and error making something he hasnt before. And hes fucking amazing at it

  24. Estebann :D

    I'm so fucking hoped

  25. SohaibIrshad

    you mofo! what a sick beat yo! <3

  26. Vláďa Letenský


  27. skitzenAU

    drop is fat as fuck. perfect

  28. Empact

    First drop is tough, well done Sparks & Similou!

  29. gabriel godinet


  30. Whyski Eau Tiède


  31. Sándor Ardeleán

    hell fckin yeah Will this is amazing <3 <3

  32. Jason

    Unreal. 🔥🔥

  33. Alpha Bounce

    Just a Complet Work Awesome Collab Will Sparks😍🐺⚡

  34. 666 Boye

    oh gosh ive been waiting for this song since yesterday 😭

  35. Myers

    He went back to his roots <3

  36. Yessica Grave Astorga

    Will sparks foreve <3

  37. Jose Dario Corredor Cruz


  38. Jannes Oeli


  39. Alexander Liu


  40. márk tóth

    Best friday morning ✌️