Sparks, Will - Psycho Lyrics

Auf den start war
Auf den start war
Auf den start wartet

Auf den start war
Auf den start war
Auf den start wartet

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Sparks, Will Psycho Comments
  1. MatteoCapa96

    Who's here because of his instagram post?

  2. Brandon Villatuya

    as long as I don't label it psy, objectively I think it sounds fine for what it is.

  3. Jesus Presley

    this is not psytrance. this is melbourne bounce. and it's fucking gay

    Colgato Aldaco

    ecs di xd


    like den track wenn du auch auf den start wartest!

  5. Ocyris

    German Vocal ,, At the beach waits '' in english hahaha

    Hanz Brummer

    @Spudermen "Auf den START wartet" -> "Waiting for the launch/start"


    +Hanz Brummer "[...] is waiting for the start/launch" would be even more correct.... because actually this is not a correct german sentence.


    @Hanz Brummer Meinst du ? Unser english friend hat schon recht , wäre ja gramatikalisch falsch. Es ist beides möglich irgendwie 

  6. Ben Daniels

    Fucking love Will Sparks!

  7. Harrold Stepreal

    nice animation :3 for best song

  8. Fauzi Rahman


  9. PentaMurder ESP

    this melbourne minimal completly killed me


    and psy, but totaly agreeeeee

    PentaMurder ESP

    you gotta love low bpm psytrance tooooo

    devor vonti

    I agree too