Sparks, Will - Another Land Lyrics

I don't think you understand
That this how we want to dance
And if you're in another land
Just let me take you by the hand

Just let me take you by the hand

I don't think you understand
That this how we want to dance
And if you're in another land
Just let me take you by the hand

I don't think you understand
That this how we want to dance
And if you're in another land
Just let me take you by the hand

Just let me take you by the hand

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Sparks, Will Another Land Comments
  1. Envidios Music

    Crei que sonariabmas chida para mi pero si esta cheta

  2. Omar Adrián Delgado García

    The best song forever 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵🥵

  3. Sumant Naik

    I mentioned INDIAN girl 😍😘

  4. Jasmine De vries

    Will sparks😍

  5. likeg6 ihavenoname

    i actually disliked this song but now i am starting to like it again

  6. po pun

    2018? guy

  7. renxo

    1:23 Drop button

  8. Carlos Morales

    2018 👍🎇🔊

  9. Ponciano 83

    The 2nd drop its better than 1st

  10. YounGsta Music

    Somebody makit REMIX? becuse im will :D

  11. The Cat

    Will Sparks = Grant Gustin?(2:24) Kappa

  12. Andrés Alejandro hkd

    Increíble, genial por Sparks, ¿por qué será que en mi maldito país (Colombia) no se escucha esto ? Cierto, por el asqueroso reggaetón. Que envidia por aquellos quienes pueden estar en discotecas y conciertos y no escuchar la música de mi país.

  13. Smart Arsed

    2 yrs later and still pumpin

  14. Ramon Melendez

    That lady is ugly af yuck 😧😧

  15. PoweR-is EveryThinG

    yes for the music no for the video

  16. Sagu Englep

    Dance is life♡

  17. Dilber Bayburt

    its 2017 and still been wondering if he was stoned in this video 😂😂.. song is still amazing tho 😍💖😍💖👌👌

  18. Nikollloz

    This beat makes me crazy ! :D 1:24

  19. Rodrigo Grave

    2017 and still one of the greatest songs I ever heard

  20. Igo Alves


  21. Igo Alves


  22. Luis Acevedo

    fack yiu

  23. Dank GHØÜL

    When your trying to be a sassy bitch 0:45 to 0:47

  24. raniedayze

    Fuck ya!!!!

  25. AD Vad

    Spark's best tune and well..worst video! :D This is so awful, just ignore it!

  26. glupschi pup

    1:53 - 2:38 best fucking part

  27. Sadman Sakib

    this vid looks like stolen from someones phone.....indian bi*ches everywhere

  28. Artur Possi

    wooow \o/

  29. Samuel v

    this guy is good!!~

  30. Innocuous Block of Wood

    They don't seem to be fazed by the fact that they were spontaneously teleported into a fucking forest.

  31. stardust.0

    Is the other land "yesterdayland" ?

    Michael Nygren

    +stardust.0 That made no sence at all..

  32. The Fabulous Hipster

    i never heard the original song. until tday

  33. Lukas Surendorf

    muss man sich mal gönnen

  34. MrLovely

    the best song off all time ✌👍❤

  35. Aramis PM

    Ah Yeah!

  36. Karlii Romero

    porque todos sus temas tienen el estilo de Deorro?

    Oscar López

    No es estilo! es el mismo subgénero, "Bounce" no confundas!

    alvaro mc

    +oscar lopez lo que es no tener ni puta idea de lo que una escucha xD

    Oscar López

    @alvaro mc Si!

  37. Apex

    Amazing song

  38. Alice Paschall


  39. Alex EDM


  40. DYMOK ™

    holy shit fuckin awesome

  41. Jakob Rossehaug

    I dont think you understand that this is how we make real music!

  42. Siavash Kianpour

    Will sparks sickest cunt alive!!!

  43. paul latterligt

    cool with something new

  44. John Kappy

    This song got my attention while working out at the gym the other night. I grew up listening to 60's 70's 80's 90's ... disco and I kinds like this song. Dance all night to this beat. If you like this check out Black Box.

  45. Atreus013

    This song and red foo's juicy wiggle slightly sound a bit a like In Beat, just slightly

  46. Simion Selim

    yooooo gut

  47. Josip Oršolić

    so weird...

  48. Vladimir Mrkvica

    velký hudební potenciál,ale vše hozeno do koše dvouma takty

  49. salvo magg


  50. No Name Found

    OMG!! 1:22

    Younes Berrada

    +_ DARKX _ same reaction

  51. DJ Swim-Bass Official

    nice <3

  52. angel mendez

    Worst song of him ever

  53. Trumzon!k Music

    ah yeah so what!

  54. aEsThEtiC mEmE

    This is soooooooo bad!😒😣😫😨☹😶😪👎👊🙍🙏🙅💔👳these Asians are perfectly out of minds

  55. Eliot

  56. Septhoz

    Another Land 
    una canción para alocarse xD

  57. s you

    not one of his best, but its okay

  58. Zed Ark

    Q: is the Will Sparks voice??

  59. Ricky Lahey

    Asians cant DANCE

  60. Jesus David Coneo Monterrosa

    Will Sparks....

  61. sebastian

    Will Sparks does it again! And by that, I mean that all his songs sound the same :/  Made some clean swipes from Bourne and Ah Yeah..

  62. Helen Jeffs

    can you hear me

  63. Liba

    If you like crazy music like this, check out Desembra remix of this song on soundcloud, you won't be disappointed :)

  64. Helen Jeffs

    l love thes song

  65. SæsiB

    Does anybody know what the dance move at 1:23 is called when he goes on his hands?

  66. Nina Barnsley

    For some reason I thought this was gonna be the #Selfie song xD

  67. John Doe

    One of the best remixes of this track is this one

  68. Falco Doe

    This guy killed it!

  69. TheGamingNationTGN1 | Minecraft, Gmod And More

    should be called: Athletic Asians

  70. Nathaniel Hickey

    he sampled his own song ah yeah, what the fuck, what a gay cunt

  71. Dj Koopa Kid

    What about a dropppp!!!! Will ur crazy

  72. Elias Maidana

    The Best ;)

  73. Stinky_Pole

    i like the toothbrush remix better to be honest lol

    Marcel Winkelmann


  74. Jesus Fadul

    this is my new remix

  75. Jesus Fadul

  76. SwissRiven

    The Toothbrush bounce =) love it!!

  77. Michael Wentworth

    The toothbrush version is better.

  78. rhys

    Will Sparks is aussie his from melbourne

  79. Matt Linsley

    Not bad :P

  80. Martin Lindhjem

    I had no idea Will was the actual vocalist. That is so damn dope man!!

  81. Justin Epic




  83. Melonie hope

    Express yourselves! Only true way to grow!

  84. Josh Baldwin

    I can feel it

  85. Rajdzu TV

    BEST :D

  86. Interscene

    my favourite song ...
    thanks will sparks

  87. Don't ask my name

    Timmy trumpet - savage. My another favourite song from melbourne bounce <3

  88. Guillermo Ramos

    horrible vocals 

  89. Dj Mavm12

    es mejor el instrumetal del video.!

  90. Danny Patto

    e questa.. spacca..

  91. HooksandBeats

    And hook,,,

  92. HooksandBeats

    Sick beat!

  93. Jonax Morales

    sounds like pyramids dropgun and dvbbs¡¡:

    lechaud production

    yeah ... take all FL project of pyramids, fuck all notes, add vocals and we have this beautiful song XD

  94. Invalid EDM

    You do not understand the euphoria I felt while listening to this. I have a whole new respect for Will Sparks. 


    You should see him live! The energy is insane

    Fabian Ramirez

    @DeadMowFive exactly what i was going to say I've seen him live 5 times so much energy is his set. I'm going to see him again this Saturday

    Invalid EDM

    oh man i need to see him ;-;

  95. DJ DWY

    New producion hope you like friends