Sparks - Now That I Own The BBC Lyrics

What was I thinking, what was I thinking
What was I thinking, what could I have been thinking
It's going one time, it's going two times
Sold to the gent who wears the stunned expression

As I took it off their hands
A five pound note was changing hands
As I took it off their hands
I had plans, I had plans

Now that I own the BBC
What am I supposed to do with this thing
Now that I own the BBC
What am I supposed to make of this thing

All this power, all this glory
All these DJs and all these lorries
What was I thinking, what was I thinking
What was I thinking, what could I have been thinking

Hey Rupert Murdoch, help me out
I'm flying blind, I'm flying blind
You know the way to lay things out
For the refined and unrefined


Hey Ted Turner, help me out
I'm flying blind, I'm flying blind
You know the way to work things out
To colorize and still feel fine


Make of it what you will, make of it what you will
Make of it what you will, make of it what you will

Should we go brighter, should we go lighter
Should we go whiter, go left or righter
What was I thinking, what was I thinking
I wasn't drinking, what could I have been thinking


Make of it what you will, make of it what you will
Make of it what you will, make of it what you will


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Sparks Now That I Own The BBC Comments
  1. Johnny fae Denny.

    BBC... Shower of shithouses.

  2. mickey kraemer

    Die Songs MY WAY und BBC hauen die ganze PetShopBoys Scheisse in den Sand. Die können eh NUR Kopieren

  3. Saber Chamaoui

    Now that you own the bbc,sell it!

  4. Egidijus Kumpauskas

    Damm it finaly find this old song after 20 years 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  5. 06hatter

    how the fuck wasn't this super popular, oh wait, reality. oops

  6. Patrick Thape

    This Song is the 3rd Single from the Sparks Album Gratuitous Sax and Senseless Violins, The Ship in this Video Looks like Titanic. Only with the Name BBC. The Song Now that i own the BBC was Released in Autumn 1995. Greetings from Germany!

  7. Anthony Hitchman

    Don't know if anyone else feels the same as I but I seriously think sparks should be put in the same category as Elo as an out there band doin there own thing superbly well and no-one covering. Because they can't.

  8. Locustboy

    Where can I find this version? The one on ITunes has a worse sound quality.

  9. Revol 228

    Я помню когда первый раз её услышал и мне не понравилась эта песня, а сейчас думаю:
    Почему она мне не нравилась , ведь песня очень крутая .

  10. Revolution Radio

    two brothers

  11. Revolution Radio

    Wonderful song

  12. Себастьян Перейра

    То чувство когда ты увидел это в детстве и думал "Он что, правда хозяин BBC? И даже снял клип по этому поводу?"

  13. Janet Broadley

    Hello sailor!

  14. Jason Devon

    Tell the truth on BBC news for a change, that's what I'd make them do.

  15. Janet Broadley

    All the nice girls love a sailor x

  16. Илья Васильев

    Охуенно! просто нет слов!

  17. Rojina Aktar

    Russell and Ron being ardent anglophiles will hopefully make the US sit up and take notice.......

  18. Rojina Aktar

    Catchy hit. Was it released in 1995????

    Anna Backman

    November 1994.

  19. Dominik Macek

    The second best song by Sparks. Best is "When I Get to Sing My Way".

  20. Marius Gervinauskas

    Answer: burn it and save us from tv license lol

  21. Djamesie mc

    Going to see them LIVE... I hope they play list,, THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES<<

  22. Djamesie mc

    do my comments get deleted lol,,

  23. Christoph Grambach

    i have the single :)= . nobody of my bunch of friends liked it! really not one,just me

  24. Djamesie mc

    MAKE OF IT WHAT>>>>>.....

  25. Jennifer Young

    This is a great song with a FABULOUS singer

  26. Djamesie mc

    No wonder these guys are still going.... STRONG

  27. Djamesie mc

    I say Again,, MAKK...

  28. stigward duke

    If I owned the BBC, I would make five changes.
    1. Axe Blue Peter.
    2. Axe Eastenders.
    3. Axe Top Gear.
    4. Bring back the Closedown.
    and 5. Play this track in my honour.


    So, destroy the BBC?

    Bitsy Brown

    i think you will that Jimmy Savile already did that...

  29. Made in 80s

    как всегда - шикарно..что тут еще говорить)

  30. Djamesie mc

    Make Of It What You Will,,,, Fire at WILL!!!! x

  31. Djamesie mc

    PS The Petshop Boys Dont Have A look In,,,,x

  32. Djamesie mc

    Do You Think they Knew Something??? Sparks Are The Best,, x SO GOOD>>>>> X

  33. Alnares Quatro

    Ахуенная песня! Искал её лет 20!


    Ja tozhe. videl na MTV v 1990x

    Someone in the comments

    И на питерском шестом канале крутили.

    Олег Матрук

    Тоже лет 20 в голове играла)

    Martin Schulz

    Тоже долго найти не мог:)

    Владислав Смирнов

    Последний раз я его на музтв в 1997 видел ! Не бейте детей, что бы они вас не спрашивали !

  34. LJG

    Absolutely fantastic song though!! :-)

  35. LJG

    Wonder what the ACTUAL BBC thought of this when they saw this???

    Andrew Demetrius

    They hated it and didn't play it


    Their loss

  36. Radek Trousil

    Old...but cool :)

  37. Janis Varnavskis

    one hit wonder are this band. WHEN DO I GOT TO SING MY WAY.


    When I'm with you was a massive no1 in France they have had 10 big hit songs in the UK including a Number 2 song check it out yourself if you want facts

    Redcrop Uk

    Why would you call Sparks one hit wonders ? I'm guessing you're not very old but all the more reason to be savvy with the Internet and Wikipedia ....and the other obvious question ....what's big hits got to do with it anyway ? ..and since when were big hits and quality music automatically considered to be the same thing ? Most of the best music of any decade is rarely a list of top ten records...sorry to state the obvious but Sparks have been a brilliant band for over 40 years.

    Janis Varnavskis

    i only know and remebe my way. i am 27.

    Redcrop Uk

    'When do I Get to Sing My Way' was a minor hit but a great track, you were only 7 years old when it was released, that's really impressive that it registered with you...if you're curious check out ' This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us ' .....' Amateur Hour' .......' The Number One Song in Heaven ' ....these sounds were way ahead of their time and genius

    Djamesie mc

    you must be lonely,,, love you tho,,,

  38. LobesterAL

    What was I thinking?


    what am I suppose to do with this thing?

    Bitsy Brown

    Make of it what you will....

  39. Glamourleichensack

    BBC = Big Black Cock? ;-)

    phill mills

    Thats actually what the song is about, most sparks songs are sexual innuendo.

  40. zeke's owner

    Can the BBC be privatized? If so, I'd like to see what the next owner does with it.

  41. Kamil W

    Trochę niedoceniona piosenka...A szkoda bo jest super....

  42. jmedia1

    And just one of thankfully MANY Sparks rebirths!

  43. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Eh.. just a thought... If I were Britain since britain is the one who owns it right? .. so why not have the public vote on who manages the bbc each year... gongress get also one guy in and a single random selection of volunteering persons to be one of the three who manage sailing that ship each time... blah bleh. dunno.. maybe.

  44. Nuno Gonçalves

    I bet this is the song Rafa Benitez ears when he is making Real Madrid's tactics

  45. Jan Trzeci Kowalski

    2:07 młody Kobuszewski

  46. Wayne Gagnon

    nobody on this planet can't resist to wiggle and bob your head to this beat. classic SPARKS

  47. Shodan

    I can imagine that the British elite plays this song at their parties.

    Vince Bevis

    Is that a German joke?

    Decco Major

    Lol... fail.

  48. Godwhacker

    Sparks more relevant than ever- really hope they do this live with FFS

  49. Victor Ha

    The Pet Shop Boys look so different here


    who's Pet Shop Boys?

    Ben Attwood

    British Synthpop dance group.

    Decco Major

    Oh dear me Victor, you need to know what your talking about before you post. That's rule no 1.

    Anna Backman

    How come so many people with no sense of irony and humor even bother to look through comments to a Sparks video?? 😖

    OH_I _Will

    Anna’s hilarious

  50. MiaSqueaky

    Awesome song!

  51. Benjamin Bowling

    I'm glad that Ron Mael did away with that ridiculous Charlie Chaplin mustache.

    Milo Čestmír

    Bat Bowling agree to disagree

  52. Ирина Алонова

    Ура вспомнила как группа называется

  53. ViscountSinistere

    Excellent song , actually better then excellent and the video brilliant !

  54. я искал его 20 лет


    +dima29061982 Точно так же))

    у нас в ярославле на городском телеканале видел пару раз ни группы не знал ни названия песни а на майл ру ответы подсказали

    Tim Kubb

    То же самое хотел написать, коллега подсказал, 20 лет мучительных поисков

    VinvinZ Z

    @Tim Kubb надо так делать :название песни всегда почти в припеве, я таким способом нашёл не одну любимую песню, названием группы.


    Ja tozhe. 25 let.

  55. Xavier Quiñones de León

    imagine owning the BBC and all their 78 shellac records a dream...superbe SPARKS

  56. ian pepall

    Good song still sounds like classic Sparks

  57. james mclaren

    so good..... . U know it...x

  58. Sergey Magell

    !!!  Good Band  !!!  Nostalgia  !!!

  59. PrestwickRock

    Great song. Shame that it's the Bitter Together mob that own the BBC these days.

  60. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    I´m an alphamale 32 this year.. not a big big.. but still a big one and very good though i say so myself  :)..  I discovered them like two years ago from an ex cop in a sobriety house downtown Reykjavik and i fell in "musiclove" with these there then Sparks, or was it these two genius brothers (knew nothing of them and thought it was a lady (though deep one as such) singing but it was a crazy dude wqith exellent humour and his awesome bro .. and others probably who helped makes this awesomeness a possibility, Is it all sparks? :)) we´ll never know.

    Sparks-Propaganda [Full Album] 1974
    Will not turn my back on mom or my Earth :) unless im going for a travel, then its not even figuratively (or i could just have a rotating cockpit if you wanna get technical on interpretation and lawyer it up with not a shred of intelligence :)
    I´m an "all eater" on music,, but it has to be good. so here´s some.
    Thanks (i take it back, . there are shreds, but.. and with them the stuff is stronger. yes, ok theyre col too, but only science is as usleless as only whatever you call the force ) :) hehe ty sparks !! awesome stuff you made

    James McLaren

    You found the best
    . Listen to the words of this song.....

    Vince Bevis

    Are you a shemale lover?☺What the fuck!

    Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    In all the possible ways to answer this.. (which I should not do so honestly cause its a stupid question and deserves a stupid mocking answer.. instead i said to you..) have no Idea why I use this one.. It turn out I had a confirmation of a negative report from my sexy brain when offered large sum of cash to sleep with one such just the other day ;) But If I were I´d be like hell yeah! but I´m a guy who loves women :)
    maybe I read but the few first lines of what I said there... I am not atm able to. listening to an audiobook read by simon jones atm called The Salmon of doubt, very.. rocked.. you could say atm ehm....
    . I respectfully admitted that I could only roll one way and I diffused the situation by annihilating any trace of horny from the person harassing me by starting being very universal gumbo like so often.. just talk and talk and talk about the universe and what its made f andwhat is possible and stuff.. u know when nothing intelligent or fun or even interesting is going on.. >) then I gave a hug to my friend and sucked the rest of his stuff and started again to .. word missing... pending.. Word describing one getting equalized by ones effort of uneffort and relaxation and getting to the positive inside in a way..again.. after for example beeing goofed into taking in a rock hard round thing. brown .. mean looking.. big acidmethheroinblender (i never buy this kinda shi). I am a patient man I believe but it was tested that night rather hard.. indeed I aggree with what I have heard about that object in circulation since then.. (probably not circulating anymore. . all finished lol_) that it draws in front the worst of you// its a dang >P well atleast I once again confirm that I am playing for the win for the children in any shape or form probably in any dimension but I mostly focus on the very not solid enrgey ball we are on.and call The Earth (in english *(Jordin´´Jörðin in another language)) indeed I am totally good in bed though.. I have been said to be the best ,, cant say >) .

    Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    @James McLaren .. Dude Cool name" ... 

    Still singking into the depths of theyre genius... atm for example I listen again t tis song... :)

    Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Singking (best applied to sitiation of eppreciation and describing the in depth enjoyment and understanding and shit one gets from diving into genius :)accidentally invented by me so anyone can use this phrase any time cause I own it now.. what ever anyone says.

  61. Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly

    The bros done good at The Union Chapel! Brilliant! You know what they say, there is no Sparks without Fire!

  62. punchcar

    The remix by Motiv8 is better...check it out

  63. Mr309GTi

    Now that I own the BBC...What am I supposed to do with all these Paedo's

  64. Guy-Paul Mitchell-Dwelly

    Me too! I think they are better now that they are producing their own material but still highly underrated

  65. forever666forever

    Mama Mia! Ronald must have had an extra spicy
    Mr. Brain's moment just before 2:25.
    Real men like women with Brains.

  66. burpo

    Love love love it.

  67. jmedia1

    Vintage SPARKS!

  68. frencio&masi channel


  69. Sergey Magel

    ТОР люблю спаркс ТОР

  70. Erik Hanson

    BBC stands for big black cock

  71. Sandra J.

    I have always thought this song is about finding a "gift" within :)

  72. roby rocaoinas

    them i like. easy listening .!

  73. Julia Schaefer

    I wish I could whistle like Ron Mael.

  74. ViscountSinistere

    This is a totally brilliant song and especially now with the the BBC facing a massive crisis should be re-released ...great for remixing but the video is stand alone storming !
    Cannot get this tune outa my head cause is qualiteeee !!!!

  75. Gobbychov

    thats coz its a motiv8 remix.... who also remix PSB's!

  76. The Other Doctor

    No! Pop songs?- Bohemian Rhapsody. But, You really have 2 no about music 2 understand. But, Sparks? Gotta be 'No1 song in Heaven'.

  77. The Other Doctor

    Not bad. Certainly not my fave Sparks hit!

  78. TheNightFlyer

    Quality! Love it!!! ;-)

  79. TheMrPangloss

    One of the best tunes ever made.

  80. grimgroove

    If I would own the BBC I'd broadcast this song non-stop.

  81. ega95jch

    @TheLisa272 Genau, mein Freund!

  82. Ludger Wilmott

    I'd like this dedicated to Captain Schettino!

  83. nickcarver91

    Back to 90's, huh? I really miss those times.

  84. netwhistler

    love ya dudes... :)

  85. jmedia1

    The album was worth waiting for - since '89!

  86. John Warner

    and they don't know how to use the Internet in Pittsburgh is that what you are telling me? LOL

  87. EuphoricDan


    lol I live in Pittsburgh... I have no idea.

  88. John Warner

    Isn't the IT Crowd a Channel 4 production?

  89. Hollandia777

    In the mid of the 70's Russel sung he bought the Mississippi River (of course that don't include the towns or the ppl 'round the Mississippi'!) :D Well, it seems BBC is in his hands as well... Wot a rich guy! :DD

    Anna Backman

    Also planning on buying The Amazon, The Mississippi needed a friend! O M G! I love these guys 💖 💖
    I never figured out how to "ship" The Mississippi west... It seems... wrong, somehow. Ship the river in a ship or river the ship in.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  90. 06hatter

    I wasn't drinkin what could I have been thinkin

  91. EuphoricDan

    First step:
    Replace Matt Smith as The Doctor

    Second step:
    New season of "The IT Crowd".

  92. Macey MacCreary

    they don't play this in the USA. thanx for ht eupload, i love it!:)

  93. pogsquatch

    Hey Ted Turner help me out !

  94. mehoff jack

    All Sparks songs are enticingly strange. They are so cool imo.

  95. Will Millinship

    1 person had other plans for the BBC

  96. dacrlit

    I bought CD1 and CD2 of this song.

  97. Martiiin2008

    very nice music.. :)

  98. Lina Baužytė

    i was searching for this song for 3 years.

  99. fatpizzaman

    @spacyfreak what's so bad about them, apart from not being remembered by the general public other than "This Town", "Beat The Clock", and "Amateur Hour"?

  100. MrKittytoenails

    @spacyfreak my tribble,s your tribble