Sparks, Jordin - Work From Home Lyrics

Tell me why one day seems so long
When you're gone, ain't no sun
No waves in the ocean
What if I could just make you my child?
I would be so defloated, I need a promotion

Boy, when I get home, I'm a work hard
Cause you work hard, like I do
I'm a work hard when I get home
Cause I work hard on you

Boy, when I get home, I'm a work hard
Cause you work hard, like I do
I'm a work hard when I get home
Cause I work hard on you

And now it's just a million miles away
But now I'm right here

In yo face, in yo place, air is ventin' up
There's nothin' left for me to say
Comin' here, we need to play
To fulminate and be the same
Oh, baby you're with all my energy
And oh, workin' until midnight, fall asleep

Boy, when I get home, I'm a work hard
Cause you work hard, like I do
I'm a work hard when I get home
Cause I work hard on you

Boy, when I get home, I'm a work hard
Cause you work hard, like I do
I'm a work hard when I get home
Cause I work hard on you

And now it's just a million miles away
But now I'm right here

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Sparks, Jordin Work From Home Comments
  1. Cory Palmer

    This is better than work from home by Fifth Harmony smh

  2. Sean Jenkins

    Why didn't this shit hit the club?????!!

  3. Sean Jenkins

    The transition from catchy pop to R&B wasn't great for her.

  4. Rylie Woods

    Joeybodenbffftonylegandobfffgood rt

  5. Sandra Yates

    Sounds like sparkle

  6. Sandra Yates

    Shut the heckling up

  7. Sandra Yates

    I love her songs lol😗😗😗😗😗😀😗😁😚😗😗😗😗🚸🚸🚸🚸🚸😚😀😚


    Love this song soooo much!!! GOD BLESS U JORDAN SPARKS


    ##JORDIN 😘

  9. trudence

    2015 Truly was a good year, I Absolutely loved this album😍 Played this sooo much it’s crazy

  10. The Music Box

    Really superb! Although I wouldn’t expect any less from you. ;-) hmmm …time to work on some of my own dreams. 😮 💚❤️💓😀

  11. Andrew Burns

    Really not much to say other than WOW! Really love this song. Time to get back into the studio myself.

  12. Camila Cabello

    no copees a fifth harmony

  13. G.T MUSIC

    fifth harmony copied her

  14. shaquice Carter


  15. DeAnna Mckinney

    this was everything

  16. jinglejangle234

    Fifth Harmony could never

    DeAnna mauzee


    Cory Palmer

    FACTS this song is 10 times as better and original. True talent goes unnoticed.

  17. xcatastrophic

    5h ripped off

    Cory Palmer

    Definitely, didn't even change the title. That's why all their careers got screwed over in the end. God sent that KARMA their way.

  18. EhYyYO

    #Abiili MUSATUU

  19. Ziyed Hamrouni

    sounded more like work from heaven

  20. CEdot

    but jordin did her thing on this song though

  21. CEdot

    I could see 5h recording this. Mani would open the song with the entire first verse. Lauren gets the hook. Ally gets the first part of the second verse and Camila could finish the verse. DJ would get the bridge with Camila finishing it off again. imagine their voices. i personally would rather hear them on this song than the other one.

  22. Saul Diaz

    fifth harmony copied this songs title but both sound so different

    Saul Diaz

    @MrGreyjeep oh ok


    +Saul Diaz fifth harmony didn't copy Jordin Sparks song

    Jones 81

    Saul Diaz people are fuckin crazy


    @Jones 81 😂 😂

    Jones 81

    MrGreyjeep youtubers are retarded af

  23. Aleesha Rose

    Fifth harmony petty


    how are they petty????

  24. adam martz

    lol u coped fith harmomny????? nice try

    Royael The Artist

    Umm she made & released her song 1st so sit yo ass down somewhere

  25. keanlockes memes

    Hehe I just came from 5H's music video. Made me remember about this. <3

    Semaj Hinton

    Some one had made a video of this song but 5H's picture and I thought it was their 5H's song leaked early. And I didn't know it was Jordin's. If 5H had did this song. It would be a hit. It's much better than their actual song

    Trix Rays

    +Semaj Hinton totally!

    Abi O

    +Semaj Hinton I watched that video too! And then when fifth harmony released their video for the song I was like "whaa who's song was I listening to". I slightly do like this better

    Farrah Monshey

    same here!!


    same lol

  26. Desmond Lee

    Fuck it up Jordin!!! nice work

  27. Eric Warugongo

    worth downloading

  28. A&M45

    I LOVE B.O.B

  29. Yellow Synth

    the producer was high when he made that beat

  30. Dynasty McKinley

    all these negative comments she does not need if you dont like that your freaking opinion but just saying bad stuff about her does not make since she wants your opinion im sure of it but just saying stuff like "I hate this song", she pretty much doesnt care likw "Yawn" c'mon she loves all her fans but if you truly love her too stip being stuck up and just keep that to yourself k? Im her fan too but if I dont like something of hers that does not mean comment something you will regret as one day you will probably meet her and she'll look at this and say your that person ghat said this now bye

  31. Jordan Ricks

    god i hope this will be a single cause this song is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Meloetta’s song

    Yayyy! Finally a song off the album I like😻💋

  33. 420Diesel

    One of my favorite songs on the album

  34. Maxiroc

    This song is pretty good

  35. Isaiah Ford

    the woman of my dreams, with a voice oh so sweet.

  36. Jerrica Rush

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  37. Sharhonda Montgomery

    Bob killed this track like always

  38. java watson

    Her vocals on dis song are amazing

  39. Ntuthuko Mlambo


  40. Chiko Kamfwa

    i love this song   Jordan Sparks

  41. Ama Ebong

    I'm glad she starting back up again

  42. Blakedabmb13

    Amazing song keep up the good work ✊

  43. eyecan8

    Love the beat Jordin! I think you are so talented and beautiful, keep singing !

  44. imen sfar

    yessssss lukly

  45. spursgirl

    Not a good song...sorry!

  46. annalise garcia

    Needs a dope music video!

  47. Serenityblu23

    This last couple songs I have liked from  her then then the last couple cds she has had out with the exception of no air.

  48. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    She's calling her next single "How To Make Your Dick Bigger in Just 3 Easy Steps."

  49. Luka Puka

    Jordin, I am your biggest fan from day 1, I say this because I love youl. Please get new producers/management. Your new music is not doing your voice any justice :(

  50. BattleShots2521

    2:50 :)

  51. Sheena Prescott

    I Like It ;)

  52. Victoria Vaughan

    People don't hate on Jordin. I believe she worked hard on this album. And every song she puts out there is a great song. For me I love this song because I love the way she sings it ☺ I could tell this album is going to be great! ☺

    Miss Dominique

    I know it

  53. Clarence Bonner

    apartments are so gr8t.

  54. Tonho Saturnino

    Jordin Speak with us. Please we love you

  55. Judy Coulton-Bennett

    Jordin I'm one of your biggest fans so i pretty much enjoy anything u put out. Let the next song be a ballad from the album to shut up some of these not so open minded people

  56. Ab Ab

    Wow 👌

  57. itonyfy2

    Sounds like Mariah!

    Aaliyah E

    itonyfy2 at first i was like nope....but now that i actually listened to it good it sounds like a mariah song from 2011...

    Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    itonyfy2 Definitely ...specially in Era "Rainbow " 1998-1999!

  58. Vocally Gifted

    Ok they better SERVE the dance floor!

  59. Myland Moore


  60. sniperaaron

    It's B.o. fucking B!!!!

    Jason Lujan

    L.o fucking L

  61. IRN

    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ayyyeeee

  62. Kendra Cole

    B.O.B murdered this track 👌👍👍 this is my joint, Jordin slayed it 😁

  63. Channel Bop the builder

    This song is nice man!

  64. Queen B.L.U.E Perfection

    Best song so far on her album I really like because the other two not feelin much but I love her tho

  65. Mariana De Assis

    This has always been a favorite, so glad to have this full version. And it has BOB! This is so so good!!!

  66. 3mshaw

    Is this the edited version?

  67. Matthew Bullock

    I cannot wait until August 21st!!! The rest of her album is going to be amazing!!! I'm so excited!!!

  68. Jess Mack

    The line "What if I could just make you my job, I would be so devoted, I need a promotion" alone just makes me wanna find a man 😍 this is like a Cater 2 U Part II that you can twerk to & I LOVE it! #RightHereRightNow Album out August 21st.

  69. eric aurora.

    YESS! Can't wait for this album!

  70. Jeremy Acosta


  71. Laura

    Tbh im really sad. I love you and all your past music. But im not feeling any of the stuf youve been putting out. And its not to say its bad, i just think musically you're no longer an artist i enjoy. Which sucks cuz there arent many female artists i truly love n support anymore. I guess ill always support you cuz ill still always listen to your old stuff. But i couldn't wait for new music 😢

    Iris Pierre

    I feel you😔 it's not bad but I rather listen to freeze, battlefield, no air, now you tell me etc. I wish there were songs like this in 2015


    Wait for the full album :)

    K Marie

    I feel like what's sad is when "fans" won't allow room for change with artists they enjoy. I think Jordin exploring different sounds and vibes is a good thing. She's becoming her own artist and not the one Simon Cowell made. I say give her time and listen to the full album in a couple of weeks before simply dropping her. She still sounds different from most artists which is a great thing.


    @Kelsa Johnson i definitely understand change and growing into her own sound as an artist. But im just simply stating its no longer a direction of music i enjoy. I'm definitely not just full on drop her and I'll definitely give her whole album a listen, and any future music a listen. But so far ive replayed her new songs multiple times trying to like them and it isn't working.


    If u love the Battlefield album please go listen to it. No artist stays the same...ever! I love her change

  72. Engmann Regina Naa

    Nice one there.

  73. Rigo Mendoza

    Love you Jordin, this album is gonna be 👌

  74. Iris Pierre

    ❤❤❤❤ I could use some ballads and high notes lije battlefield lol


    You should listen to "They Don't Give" its a classic Jordin Ballad

  75. Tiffany Williams

    We are. The first 25 to listen to the song yeah

  76. 3mshaw

    1st!!! Amazing song Jordin!! This album is gonna be amazing!! Love ya!