Sparks, Jordin - They Don't Give Lyrics

Baby, baby, they say we ain't gon' make it
But I know they don't give an F about us
The way they hatin', it's clear that they can't take it
God knows they don't know a thing about love

If we're gonna make it through whateva
Don't let them hate
Cuz our love was meant to be foreva
No matter what they say

The one thing I know fo' sure is
I know they don't give an F about us
So why should we care at all when
God knows they don't know a thing about love
Love, love, about love

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Sparks, Jordin They Don't Give Comments
  1. Plasma mig _

    Why is she soooo slept onnnnnn wtffff

  2. Righteous Bear

    2019 anyone...

  3. Js Reviews

    I am obsessed with this in 2019

  4. Lucas H.

    Natural beauty Jordin Sparks. This song is amazing

  5. Sean Jenkins

    This song gives me Chante Moore, Tamia, Mya vibes. Jordin really found her vocal comfort zone

  6. ibro khan

    If jordin sparks is reading girl...i love you💓💓💓💓💓

  7. ibro khan

    Is this the latest song?

  8. Caíque Almeida


  9. arslan haider

    fav 😘

  10. Monika Wozniakova

    2019 i love it ...this song number ONE And JORDIN 👌👏😍😍😍😍😍 greetings from Czech Republic ✌️🔝

  11. Nicole Adesida

    This song is so good, I wonder why this song didn’t go far .

  12. Lilliane Nyakaisiki

    Why do I cry each time I listen to this song??

  13. Lambert Akwa

    My fave!!! I didn’t realise there was a video till today!

  14. G. Hega

    Who in 2018?

  15. Nonkululeko Nzilana

    So sad that today is the first time I'm hearing this song

  16. Jordan Villaruel

    I miss you Jordin Sparks

    Joshua Escoto

    Jordan Villaruel me too. Its been a while. Hope she's planning to release new music soon.

  17. Monika Wozniakova

    I love IT ..This Is song...And beautiful women... milion greetings CZ

  18. Francis Yankey

    This song really gets me emotional. Very lovely on there Jordan... we got your back!

  19. The Travelling Composer

    Not sure how I am going to find the time to work on my own songs, if I keep hitting the repeat button on your videos all the time! Really great! 🤗💖💛

  20. Andrew Burns

    Worst part of the song was when it ended. I guess there is always a replay button. I should be working on music as well. Although I am really in love your channel!

  21. Day Day

    She is so pretty

  22. jair hugues

    is better to put out music that comes from your heart rather than please a bunch of trolls who just want you to be one dimensional

  23. Monika Wozniakova

    I Love This Song... So much. I listen still. Czech rep. Greetings

  24. yslan Souza costa

    ainda lenbro do clip dela com Chris Brown

  25. Li Hg

    Beautiful :3

  26. NABI

    a wonderful song and a great performance! i wish you much more views, listeners and subscribers!

  27. Crystal Moncada

    She is sooooo GORGEOUS!!!!

  28. Big Homie Spade

    If this song doesn't make your soul cry, you have never been in love.

  29. Gina Harris

    I'm don't give a dam the fuss I really.don't cuss ..I really Need Some One Trust

  30. Gina Harris

    What do we do know a thing about us. I Give Us a super Plus... No One Need to Fuss ..

  31. KayCii Carter

    I love this song 😍💕

  32. Amber Mya Ricks

    It's nice

  33. Gordon Brady

    This song was underrated smh timeless r&b!

  34. tony foster

    fav love her and babyface

  35. Landc_dua_halsey 5HLipaKelly

    Please I need a Jordin Sparks x Normani Kordei Collab ♥♥

  36. Mkhuseli Ngum

    stunning Ballad!

  37. AVON

    this is a great song actually

  38. Oppo Fone

    please make another song typically kind of music like this.i love it

  39. Cardcaptor Sakura

    2 years later and this is still so underrated. Such a beautiful song and her voice is magic.

  40. Alaizah Brown

    my fav song

  41. Jerome Raiford

    This cd was on repeat for like six months. One of my favorites

  42. Elisson Rocha

    eu amo você ❤

  43. Lholho Maxaba

    first time hearing this song and i love it....just so mellow

  44. nebunule54

    I have always said,,she has so much talent,,so much potential but the song writer is not good to make a song very catchy,,,,she needs help to succeed,,,Ariana Grande,Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato are popular because they have talent and a very good song writer,,sometimes the singers want to put her own lyrics but it doesn't help it doesn't matter if they write with their heart but the songs they write mean nothing for the rest of people,,it has to be catchy to sell no matter the talent they have .

  45. Bruno Cavalcante

    I love this song and video. Jordin is perfect!

  46. Kamari Lea


  47. Aaliyah E

    sounds like aaliyahs voice but with a mariah ballad

    Aaliyah E

    and mariah high notes!

    Cee-Cei Thomas

    Aaliyah E Aaliyah could hit high notes just as well. Listen to I Care 4 U!!! At end she hit F#7!!!!

  48. jasmine amer

    I'm sure she's got skinnier she's so pretty

  49. jackson chase

    She sounds like Mariah. I like Mariah. I LOVEEE Jordin. I just hope people would appreciate her more. I mean, I know her career had faltered a bit for the past years, but, CMON! Once a great artist will always be a great one!

  50. elvis rameriz

    good miusic good l love

  51. ShaneTheBest

    Jordin is so talented

  52. Manuel Nogueira

    she is such a good artist why is she making this crap, she's not even taking advantage of her voice and them dumbass lyrics ... noooo. staaaaaappp

  53. MsT

    What a beautiful song. Well done Jordin.

  54. yashia96

    Why does she need a nose ring like that? Is she a bull?


  55. cynnamon28

    Been playing this on repeat since I heard it on the mixed playlist at the hair shop the other day. I thought it was Tamia or an unknown artist. Very 90s feel to it and an underrated talent.

  56. Autumn Lewis

    she sounds like ciara in this song.

    Aaliyah E

    Autumn Lewis ewww no

    Autumn Lewis

    she does! put your bias aside! geesh. she has a beautiful voice but the beginning is low and breathy


    Autumn Lewis i

  57. Nashanta Stanley

    Actually some good music from her...

  58. bigg joe

    nice song!!!

  59. SingingHorse

    Fantastic song.

  60. ShaneTheBest

    I love this song

  61. Ziyed Hamrouni

    such an easy listening and enjoyable song. I just feel peace. I hope Jordin doesnt care about recognition and will keep focusing on making good music.

  62. CharlieCharlie91

    Yaaaassss Jordin! If these are the vibes your going to be giving in the future, then I am DEFINITELY buying your new album! Keep it up girl! 👍🏽👍🏽🤗🤗

  63. Emma Wong

    Why doesn't this have more views? Jordin has one of the best voices and she looks damn good.

  64. ellezc

    I wish she got more recognition as she did in the past...


    +Andrea Smeelie yeah but I'm not surprised because Jordon sparks always comes out with good music

    Andrea Smeelie

    @jeremy19175 She always does:)

    De Jesus


    Lucresia Lawsonsghsk

    ChelZemi 73pfd9e


    @Lucresia Lawsonsghsk What?

  65. Th3lite

    Beautiful song, very nice.

  66. GloriaNZ

    You might be going through an obsessed with Indian stuff but girl lose the septal ring

  67. Andre Lee

    Rnb, year 90s-2000 vibe. ❤️

  68. chinmia

    You better come smooth on through with that ol school r&b vibe mama. i half expected some throwback tamia or toni braxton to come on after this.

  69. Taura Turner

    more of a babyface feel, but I love it

  70. TheshayWest

    Love this!!!!

  71. delma kihoshinne

    i just understanding you in my right way,i like you ,your amazing!!!

  72. Veronica Evans

    love this song! !

  73. Brianna Williams

    Love, love , love!

  74. A Marie

    90's is that you reminds me of that song Aaliyah sang for the sound track on the movie Anastasia!

  75. Lupe Vicente

    LOVE this song! R&B IS THE BEST ✌❤ 2016

  76. rebfernan

    Amazing 👏👏👏 Why is this not on the radio right now?

  77. Yustina X

    OMG! This is absolutely gorgeous!! 💟💞💖

  78. Dasianae

    Yess, Jordin!

  79. Maine's world

    if Aaliyah was still living this song has her name all over it RIP BABY GIRL....

  80. U.P Johnson

    Love this song.

  81. Kaylah Nashae

    is this a good song to sing at a wedding? please reply

    U.P Johnson

    +kaylah ray I don't think it's a good song to sing to a wedding. Especially with the wedding party sitting and supporting the wedding. This song says, "They don't give an F about us."

    Kaylah Nashae

    +U.P Johnson thanks i mean i sing and i can make my own music... my sister is getting married

  82. Raiane Vieira

    muito show👏👏

  83. Sam -Artist

    still could do better than this..still love you jordi

  84. Author G D Grace

    love this

  85. Laniya Miller

    heard it an didn't stop listening to it.... 🎵😍❤

  86. William Lee

    does anyone know this the name of guy model in this video?please, tell me thanks guys :)

  87. Elizabeth Newberry

    where is your other earrings

  88. Missiheartentertainment

    I like her hair color and her black dress.Also, I like the way she has been featuring interracial couples in her videos.

  89. grace otuwehinmi

    hey guys i did a cover of a jordin sparks song. please check it out and give it a thumbs up if you like it thanks :)

  90. Bound4Earth

    The song sounds amazing, but everytime I see that disgusting bull nose ring I think about her getting rammed by many bull dicks.

    K R


  91. gina ochoa

    She sounds like Aaliyah here.

  92. Erica Davilma

    this is the real jordin sparks than on double tap

  93. Sandra Hammonds

    U must feel my pain loving someone is so hard when they around people they r not the same when they r alone wit u THEY NEED TO C WHEN THE DOOR IS CLOSED

  94. good night

    yes, now this is beautiful !

  95. Loca Baby

    She sounds exactly like Mariah Carey in the 90s to early early 2000s....


    A song like this makes you want to dance with that special someone.

  97. Jasmine Lapuz

    love it